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  1. reme says:

    Seeing those practice vids, I feel like he is playing better, somehow more natural than the bi stiff movement in the USO vids. Is that really true , do I see what I wanna see ?

  2. Kathy says:

    Lots of excited females watching him. Squeals and laughter and giggles and “oh, I see him”–that cracked me up. Lucky ladies! I will see him in my dreams! Gotta go check what time he will be playing as it is already tomorrow in China and I don’t know the time difference.
    Vamos, Rafalito! And to reme above–yes, he looks great…um tennis wise and of course always great otherwise.

  3. johanne says:

    LOL at all the fangirling in the beginning!

  4. CC says:

    Hm, it MUST be weird to have people always looking on like that, ooohhhing and aaahhhing.
    Love the shorter shorts!

  5. An says:

    Somebody already mentioned it on another thread…. i noticed now too that the shoes are all white. Usually Rafa’s shoes give an indication of what his outfit for the matches will be so we gonna see him in a white (see truogh when all sweaty ) shirt?? YES. PLEASE.

    • Eliana says:

      From what I’ve read in his official site forum, he will be wearing for Shanghai and Paris a white polo from the collection he’s been wearing this season with the dots in green and what looks like blue or black. The shorts will be black with the grid pattern and the sneakers will be white. So maybe he will use the same outfit for the China Open.

      For London it will be a green polo with the dots going from black to gray to white and white or black shorts w/ the grid pattern. For the shoes he has the option of wearing the same white sneakers from the previous tournaments or some black and whites w/ the Swish logo in green. Really loving this outfit.

      AND…for the Spring 2010 he has a little bit of everything: polos, t-shirts and sleeveless. Just to warn you, the clothes are NOT even a little bit boring, some of it kinda loud, which I freaking love : )

      • An says:

        I always love what he’s wearing, sometimes when i see the clothes before he is wearing them on court i have “doobts” but they always look gorgeous as soon as its Rafa wearing them!

      • dutchgirl says:

        I can’t wait to see him in all different kinds of colours! I’m very curious for the green polo you mentioned Eliana – Rafa has been wearing green more often, but I think a slimmer fit than the sleeveless shirts will even look better on him.
        I never thought I’d say this, but I just love the polos on Rafa (not so much on other men).
        But then again: I will take any outfit he’s wearing (except maybe for the outfit in the Stuttgart final 2005 that’s been posted recently…).

        • Eliana says:

          Yeah, that Stuttgart outfit was bad :). I love the green on him and it seems to bring good luck to Rafa, even though he says he’s not superstitious. I’ve gotten used to the polos, and the ones that he uses are a great slimmer fit, which IMO are way better than the loose ones everybody else wears. I still favor the sleeveless because he looks a little more menacing and the t-shirts are a good compromise. But as Rafa says, the important thing is the game and I completely agree!

  6. Rafafan says:

    Mm would like to have seen his new serve. Surely that’s what is needed for practicing. Yes the outfits are always interesting. Nike has done a good job in marketing them but let’s hope they will listen to Rafa now (and all his fans) for next year as he feels more comfortable in sleeveless.
    Love the bright colours and the matching bandanda and wrist bands but not keen on the black shorts. White shorts/capris is always great on him as it shows his beautiful curved famous arse. With black it sort of camoflages it. I know he has admitted he has a bigger than average bott – so maybe he wants to conceal it! Anyone know what the link is to see his outfits?

    Been watching some of the reruns of his matches on DvD – FO over the years AO and USO. I saw the resemblence in the Sod match and the Del Pot match how he played. I think Rafa needs to flatten the forehand and be very agressive. Anyone who is tall its true – the bounce is so easy for them. Also the backhand needs to be very flat and not looped. And Rafi no short balls in the middle please!

    I hope he meets the Sod in the final and wipes him clean 6-0 6-0. That would help a bit over the FO exit.

  7. Atch2 says:

    Is this vid on normal speed bec it looks like they r playing really fast shots.

    Also how annoying it must be for anyone practicing with Rafa (don’t recognise the guy) to have to play thru the Rafanatics noise/cheering.

  8. Rafafan says:

    There is some other practice vids loaded up on / Breaking News/P.41 / posted by rn09.

    Am slightly concerned here. If you look under Rafa yelling out something. He looks very agitated and about to lose his temper.

    Even more worrying under Team Nadal and Ferrer talking. Rafa is doing a lot of gesturing sitting down and appears to be holding his right knee. When he gets up he is sort of showing how he is bending. Am I reading too much into it or has anyone noticed? Please no more problems with the knees please……

    • Ch F says:

      OMG no, please, no more knee problems. I didn’t see the video, but i totally agree with you on that.

  9. faeaki 7 says:

    Oh please no, he looked so much better in this clip, which video do you mean? its on Vamos brigade?

  10. faeaki 7 says:

    Yep after some searching I found the vids on Vamos posted rn 09 page 41. It is a bit worrying, also when he is waiting for serve whilst playing Ferrer he seems to be leaning down on the right knee. You can see he wants to practice at optimal level and the damn aches and pains are not letting him, its no wonder he is frustrated. Really concerned for Rafa, it must be so hard for him, I hope its nothing serious, was really hoping he would find his best form soon!!!

  11. Mim says:

    Rafa looks fab in this practice video. He looks focused, crisp and absolutely determined. Simply amazing to watch.

    The first thing I noticed (and this is sure to make you happy JoshDragon) is how he’s actually doing his little footwork to get into position to hit a BACKHAND. Normally, he’d do his awesome little adjustment steps and rip one of his forehands. Not in this practice session. Fantastic to see. I (as well as MANY others, including you JoshDragon) have always felt that Rafa’s backhand was underrated.

    It’s extremely lethal when he hits through it. The angles and depth he can create off of that wing is phenomenal (no need to get into his forehand, that stroke is so magnificent, it should have it’s own nameplate and ranking.)

    Anywho, I’m absolutely ecstatic to watch Rafa play. I head over to the VamosBrigade site and I was welcomed with great adorable stories from a ball kid, chef and the press. Rafa’s only been to Beijing twice and he’s seemed to have made a deep impression (typical Rafa <3).

    Here's to Rafa making it 3 for 3. VAMOS!

    Oh, as for Rafit. Here's a few interesting posts on his official website that shows pics and talks about his potential Rafits!,450_offset,180

    Awesome stuff! Good luck in your match against Baggy Rafa. Just remember to play your game and have fun! All of your fans love and support you! :D You can do it!