Party on, dude

Rafa and the Spanish DC team certainly enjoyed celebrating their quarterfinal win*. Google translation of the photo caption:

Like any boy his age, Rafa Nadal left to burn overnight. The former number one tennis world were allowed a night out with his friends, and so it seems, it is not nothing wrong happened. We know that to celebrate their triumphs, the tennis player, toasted with orange juice, but we do not know is whether this meeting of friends changed their healthy habits.

*This may or may not be after the most recent DC tie. There are reports it’s after the first round of DC this year.

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  1. SapphireSwell says:

    I’m so glad that he acts his age, sometimes!

    However, I question the comment about orange juice, since his nose is a bit red ;) Maybe it’s just a slight sunburn from sitting in the sun? Maybe…

  2. mary says:

    Gee I use to drink vodka & orange. :) ;) Btw thats not the only party he went to. He,he!!!!!

    • Delta says:

      No question Mary, you and I know the “private bash” he he. Just glad he can “let his guard down, “so to speak” with his mates and a few girls. He needs to “get on” b4 he comes back and attacks his nemesis;
      Fed-head! So deserving, will make up for his absence @ Wimbly, don’t count FO loss as he was mum about his patella problemo. Should come back and conquer!!!! VAMOS……………..

  3. An says:

    Oh, its my ultimate dream to end up in a night club one night with Rafa and his friends having a real big party…
    Bring on the tequilla an who knows what can happen! :P

  4. faeaki 7 says:

    By the looks of things thats some orange juice, he does look a touch out of it.
    Nice that he can relax and enjoy himself. Btw the way alot of women too I think, naughty Rafa!!!

  5. Atch2 says:

    Rafa, u will always b innocent in my eyes, innocent until proven guilty that is ;)

    • mary says:

      Hey girl you haven’t seen the pics I’ve seen then. Party hard Rafa bb.
      It wasn’t me, I didn’t see anything, I haven’t got anything in my possession. It’s all rumours. ;) ;)

  6. Eliana says:

    In my opinion the only orange juice he may have drank that night was as part of a screwdriver ;). Love seeing him behave like a 23 year old guy! Makes me think he could hang out with me and not feel out of place…now I really want to hang out w/him. What to do???

  7. Maru says:

    Love it! he seems to be having a blast, young happy Rafa, me likes :)

  8. anna says:

    well even uncle tony couldnt control him now……a guy who once said doesnt like that much partying and also doesnt like to travel the places like monoco….doesnt like luxuary cars…….this life his life i cant blame him…..i always love rafa it think he is very good person and great player but this promotion of rafa camp through out the years that rafa is just like you simple person thing BEGINS TO COME TO AN END…..he was never like you and me he is a multi millinoire wants enjoy his money and success THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT…i dont blame toni for what he did before he was just trying to protect him and keep his concentration full…but i dont think he can control rafa anymore….i hope rafa will not lose ground on tennis because his new fast life style…

    • mary says:

      Hey anna I think you may have summed up his present situation perfectly. But take into account he also knows the responsibility on his shoulders as a role model & I believe he takes it fairly seriously. He has had a lot of time away from tennis, so he has made up on the social scene that he usually couldn’t otherwise.
      As we have already seen, he is again training, so it is back to business as usual now. :)

  9. sunset says:

    Ah…don’t be too harsh on him Anna…It’s not like he parties everyday…goes to Monoco every week…buy a luxury car every month. Poor kid plays tournaments all year long and spends the rest of the time training, doesn’t seem like there is much room for wild behavior…New fast life style? Enjoying his money and success? Maybe in 10 years but definitely I don’t see it right now…He is too busy getting back to his game. Remember the US open 4th round with Monfils? Remember how fatigued Monfils looked half into the 2nd set, now that’s what I call consequence of lack of daily 5-hour gym work to build up stamina…which Rafa took–the daily 5-hour gym work–before his August comeback. That’s why he looked perfectly poised and calm while Monfils was panting and sweating throughout the rest of the match. Let’s feel happy that he can loosen up once in a while and think positively and put our trust in him. Vamos Rafa!

    • anna says:

      i am not too harsh on him SUNSET…..and i said there is nothing wrong with to party sometimes to buy what ever he wants…but rafa camp throught the years showed he isnt like this he also gave interwiews like that….thats what i dont like THE FALSE IMAGE…there is NO NEED for it….he can buy private jet go on to vacation EVERYWHERE…leave luxary life he earns his money right he didnt steal from people….that doesnt make me love him less…..BUT TO TRY TO CREATE FALSE IMAGE makes me angry….i think what he is doing right now is MORE NORMAL…yeah more normal…..trying to show him a person like a guy whose living next door trying to show him like you and me thats what i dont like……no need for that…..I BELEIVE HE IS A GOOD PERSON VERY GOOD PERSON A GREAT PLAYER….but i never liked the kind of image rafa camp trying to create thats what it is….if things go wrong people blame him that he changed a lot….which i did it in my previous post just for example but deep in my heart i know that disipline and commitment can never be a problem for him…..only injuries can stop him not a fast life i know it…..but they have to stop trying to show like saint a guy who is living next door…..a person like you and me….

      • johanne says:

        False image? He talks about going out with his friends when he’s at home or not training. And hasn’t he always used the word “normal” to describe himself? This looks like normal 23 yr old behavior to me. He’s never described himself as a saint.

        • CC says:

          Not a saint, but you must admit that he has come across as being mama’s good little boy many a times. No?
          The fact that we might not believe him is a different matter…;)

          • johanne says:

            Not to me, no. I know a lot of Rafa’s fans think he’s unable to pick out his own clothes or make decisions on his own or deal with consequences/life situations in any sort of grown-up way, but I’m not one of them. I think being a nice, down to earth guy doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good little mama’s boy. He’s an adult, he’s a 23 year old GUY – he’s not a baby.

          • tiemyshoe says:

            Hrmm, I think the only people who seem to think that he’s a good mama’s boy are the fans who want to think of him as helpless and without agency. (The same folks who get personally offended if he, like, cuts his hair without issuing a press release asking for their permission. Ahem.)

            There are plenty of quotes from Rafa mentioning that he parties like a normal young guy. IMO, as much as Rafa is portrayed as down-to-earth by his PR guy, whatever goody-two-shoes image he has comes much more from fans concocting their own fantasy of him … and then getting disappointed if he violates them.

            • tiemyshoe says:

              P.S. – CC, not to say that you’re one of “those” fans. I’m just musing that some people prefer thinking of Rafa as innocent based on very little evidence, and then get huffy when he’s not.

            • CC says:

              I actually DO think Rafa is a fairly good boy. However, I DON’T think he is helpless, unable to choose which jeans to wear, make decisions about his life and I sure do not need to know when he cuts his hair. Does that make me the exception to the rule? ;)

            • johanne says:

              Or thinking he was actually scared to get his hair cut. Scared. JFC.

              • CC says:

                Oh, I’m sure he cried when his mum cut his hair last time at the kitchen table. Because surely his mum cuts his hair still, no? ;)

      • sunset says:

        I understand your point better now Anna…glad to know you also think that ‘discipline and commitement can never be a problem for him’…just the thought of a fast life stopping him from moving forward is too hard to take for me…and thus the long post. Sorry if I overreacted…

      • Atch2 says:

        I don’t think the Rafa camp have tried to create a false image or that Uncle Toni has controlled Rafa. Rafa’s image of his life is genuine but like everyones lives, it changes and evolves. I’m sure he still drives the Kia but the Aston is probably like a reward and male fantasy, like an expensive bag or diamonds for women. He worked hard for the money so why shouldn’t he reward himself. He seems like a genuinely good person, not just an image from how he acts on court (apologizes for net cords, mishits, solid handshakes, insightful interviews and humble speeches etc…).

        As for the fast lifestyle, I think Rafa is still far from living that. His pleasures are playing golf, fishing on his father’s boat, playing beach football and partying in the basement with his old school friends, watching DVDs, playstation, going to watch Real Madrid with his Dad and sister and musicals. And Xisca seems just as friendly and shy and down to earth like Rafa. Compare this to the footballers with their model girlfriends encrusted in brand names, frequenting nightclubs and brothels, a garage full of fast cars etc…

        And I think Uncle Toni knows his teaching domain is tennis and not Rafa’s whole life.

        Over the 3-4yrs that I have become a Rafanatic I like him more and more as I get to watch and read about him and get to know him as an improving tennis player and person.

        • An says:

          Totally agree….

          I think he’s pretty much a guy like me and you realy, except for the one obvious thing, he can play tennis thats not normal, for the rest, pretty normal 23 year old guy, love him!

      • kalliopeia says:

        I don’t see what is false about his image. It is possible to be a good, honest person who is close to his family and all that stuff that everyone thinks Rafa is AND a normal 23 year old guy who likes his fancy car and likes to go out and party with his friends. His image may not be a complete picture of who he is, but no famous person’s image tells that story. It doesn’t make it false, just incomplete. And it’s never been a secret that he does this sort of thing anyway.

  10. An says:

    I just now read the line:

    “*This may or may not be after the most recent DC tie. There are reports it’s after the first round of DC this year.”

    It must be after first round, look at the hair, much shorter now!

    • An says:

      Such a party after 1st round winn… What will happen if they winn it! More reason to be tempted to go to the final!!

  11. nic says:

    Am I the only one who thinks these pics are intrusive? It’s obviously taken from a camera phone, so dodgy. It’s like someone was hanging with them and nicely taking these pics to sell. I dunno. Hope Rafa doesn’t get into trouble with Xisca for these :P
    It’s really nice to see Rafa partying and just letting loose (cos we never really see that do we?) but just a bit yucky I think when it’s this kinda paparazzi style coverage. He should be able to have fun with his friends without people putting it up online and commenting about it.

    • miri says:

      I debated whether or not to put these up and am still debating. :) I don’t consider these to be regular paparzzi pics as these clearly weren’t done by pros (they suck to much for that). They also aren’t that much different from the pictures he poses for in that basement-looking place in Manacor. In the end, I think I was just so happy to see him happy that better judgment was perhaps overridden.

      • mary says:

        Look, what ever pics, vids we see of our man is all done by either individuals or the paparazzi, apart from his matches which are covered by media moguls. We don’t judge, its not our place. We love the man. He is human & so what if he enjoys himself at a party every now & again & we happen to chance a few glances of him enjoying himself. I think that most of us are in agreement that it’s nice to see he is a young man enjoying what young people & some of us slightly more mature people like to do every now & again. Intrusive in this instance, I don’t think so!!

      • nic says:

        sorry miri, wasn’t talking bout the fact that you posted it. just found the way it was covered on that site, and the pics a bit, like i said, um, intrusive. yeah, but he is having fun which is just awesome to see. just me no likey these camera phone piccies, makes me think someone got close and purposely took them to sell for dosh.

        • miri says:

          Hey, it would be okay if you were talking about me posting it. It’s an issue I struggle with so am appreciative of feedback.

          • CC says:

            This is an interesting subject. These photos are obviously not paparazzi, so I’m sure that Rafa is absolutely fine with them as they just show him having a good time with friends, “normal” behaviour. However, I dislike for example Facebook because people I know can put photos of me on there without asking, so… It’s difficult.
            I don’t like paparazzi pics, yet if I see a pic taken of Rafa’s naked bum then I can’t stop myself from looking. And I will look more than once. And I will like what I see. I guess this makes me a person with double standards (double standards, is that it in English?).

            • An says:

              If its english or not, i’ll join.

              I have a lot off respect for Rafa and for his privacy and i can totally understand him being mad at papparazi pics and i don’t like paparazzi… but i admit that i can’t help myself, i want to see all i can get to see off the man/boy/guy i can find and that i’m trying so hard to find the pics Mary talks about.

              I know its double and i should probably not try but then i think, well if the pics are already there it wont hurt if i’m looking.
              Yes i know that the more people look for the pics the more market there is and the more papparazi will keep making them…
              As i said, its double!

              • mary says:

                Sorry An but I no can give you pics or tell you where to get them even if they are avaliable anymore. I actually got them off the person who took them & trust me when I say, Rafa enjoyed himself with a few drinks, a bit of dancing & got hot & very sweaty. *fuck, faints*

          • Mim says:

            Miri, as for whether or not you should have posted these pics…

            I think that the fact that you were debating whether to post them or not even after you’ve already posted them speaks volumes about, not only the nature of the pictures, but about you as a Rafanatic. It’s obvious you weren’t/aren’t completely comfortable with posting them and I think if you followed your conscious and your initial gut feeling, you wouldn’t have been in the wrong.

            But it’s not that bad. I respect you for not posting the extremely invasive paparazzi pictures. Also, according to a post I read on another fansite, those girls are friends of his and Tomeu’s.

            My opinion? I’d rather you didn’t post them. They seem invasive to me. I prefer to see the official footage and pictures of them celebrating on court and in the locker rooms.

            That being said, I think a ‘thank you’ is in order for all the other great posts you have been making.

  12. CC says:

    Is it the poor photo quality or has somebody spilt something green and sticky looking on Rafa’s and Tomeu’s shirts? :)

  13. Mim says:

    One time when Rafa was facing many inquires about his personal life and girlfriend, and he was asked why he doesn’t talk about his relationship with Xicsca and why he isn’t seen partying and going to clubs, Rafa responded: “I’m known for my tennis. I don’t see why I should be known for anything else.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sports superstar or celebrity answer to the fans as much as Rafa does. His hair cuts, his clothes, his taste (or lack thereof :D) in music, his injuries, his vacations…..There is an affection and love for Rafa that is so genuine and so true, that it is as if everyone’s adopted him as a family member! I’ve never witnessed such protectiveness and instinct over a sports star/celebrity before!

    Vamos Rafa! We all love you! I’m sure you already know that we are all out of our collective minds, but really, it is mostly your fault!

    I hope you had a safe trip to Beijing! I’m sure we are going to get vids of you arriving there soon. Take your time at that tourney and have fun! Your fans just want you to be healthy and happy!

    • anna says:

      well watch out for three or 5 years later we are on the begining…..HE IS THE BIGGEST STAR SINCE BJORN BORG even american media begins to admit this…even agassi cant match with him…even my grand mother loves him who is 81 years old didnt care abaut tennis before rafa….some people think that people loves him because he is sexy or handsome no far from it….to be great player is someting TO BE STAR IS ANOTHER THING HE HAS A STAR MATERIAL…fed sampras these guys are great but not have star power….something in this guy makes him so special…..i dont what it is i still dint find correct answer to that….

  14. Mary from Cincinnati says:

    Well said, Mim! I couldn’t have chosen any better words. Rafa is loved for who he is, not what he does in his spare time. I would be wondering if something was wrong with him if we didn’t see the occasional party pictures. And all of the people in the pics are the same as he hangs out with in Manacor. No surprises there! We all have nothing but love in our hearts for Rafa!

    • Atch2 says:

      Heck when I see photos of Rafa let loose I’m happier bec I see him as a normal guy who can have fun and not let tennis be consuming his whole life which is serious enought when he gets onto a court. And anything about Rafa off-court is usually Rafadorable/Rafadorkable.

  15. CC says:

    When I read all our comments on this topic I really cannot wait for Rafa to play some TENNIS again. I think we need it…

  16. Jills says:

    Can I just say I love that Tommy is lurking in the background in pic #6?

    And I’m testing my avatar. FML if it doesn’t work.

  17. JoshDragon says:

    Spain is going to win the Davis Cup.

  18. Carol says:

    Rafa, sweetheart, you can come to my parties any time! You look like the sort of guy to enjoy them!

    Show me a 23-year old (guy or girl) who doesn’t like going to a party or two,or having a drink or two with friends, even if not alcoholic and I’ll show you a pretentious bore or a total geek…

    From what I can tell, following through the ATP circuit isn’t exactly a picnic, so hurrah that Rafa can let his hair down now and again(sorry, no pun intended!) *He* isn’t likely to forget what it takes to remain at the top, I reckon, so Uncle Toni or not, I doubt our Rafa will lose his focus.