Scary-ass wax figure

I’m actually kind of sad I found this. At least it put me off food for the rest of the evening…

The wax statue of Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal sports a Madrid 2016 Olympics pin outside Madrid’s Wax Museum September 25, 2009. Wax statues of Spanish sports stars were taken out from Madrid’s Wax Museum to show support for Madrid’s 2016 Olympic bid.

I was serious when I said scary in the title. Very serious. Only click on this link if you have a strong stomach and are prepared to deal with the most horrid wax figure you have ever seen.

Ready? You sure? Okay… click.

Told you.


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  1. faeaki 7 says:

    we have a hanging and an acid bath plan for the “artist”; anyone cares to join?”

    Yep count me in!:(

    Btw Mary I wonder if Rafa’s trip has anything to do with Novak, he resides there doesn’t he? these two seem to be quite pally of court! just wondering..

    • mary says:

      They are both incredibly cheeky on their own as individuals. Put them together, yep they could be having a great time. (oh to be a fly on the wall right now). Hey, maybe they are talking doubles again. Now that would be cool.
      Btw, lots of tennis players live in Monte Carlo. It’s a tax haven

  2. Mary from Cincinnati says:

    Why didn’t I see this before I went to Madrid week before last??? I swear I would’ve put an end to that horrid thing! How can any Official allow this to be put on public display??? (Still laughing my head off….as Rafa probably has, too)

  3. CC says:

    Don’t know why, but I suddenly had the urge to create a version of Rafa in Play-doh.

    • natch says:

      Doesn’t taste as good. ;)

      • CC says:

        OK, marzipan then. ;)

        • Carol says:

          Are you thinking of Christmas already??? Now a Rafa marzipan figure for a pressie…yummmmm! The dilemma: do I lick and make it last or nibble gently?

          I’ll buy them for all my friends to show them what they are missing :-))

          • CC says:

            I’m thinking marzipan Rafabums dipped in dark chocolate, no? ;)

            • Carol says:

              Munchy, munchy… I.can.not.cope…*faint*

              Oh,OK, lets run with the idea. So long as we can have Rafabiceps too…

              (However, on the Christmas theme, I can’t cope with the idea of Rafa as the figure in the Spanish nativity scenes(Belen, I think they are called?) who’s doing a poo – it’s a sort of fertility-related concept, I believe). I have read (via the good ole internet) that one can get a Barack Obama and that a Tony Blair has been made in the past. :-)

            • mary says:

              No just two ripe round cherries with some frothy cream!!!! Cough, cough. *faints*

  4. SapphireSwell says:

    Apparently this awful wax figurine has been around for a while: even during the olden days of sleevelessness…

    Rafa does not look flattered. :P

    • Atch2 says:

      He looks like he’s trying not to look at it, hoping someone will make it fall over maybe?
      Hope he didn’t have nightmares after seeing that ‘Thing’ in person.

      • An says:

        Time to make a new one!!

        I volunteer, since i wanna do a good job i first gotta feel the real one before i can make a wax-one off course…
        I’ll promise that you can see that it was made with love;)