Store updates

There’s a new design in the store – it’s a text only “Vamos” for those who are scared of the weird faceless Rafa line-drawing (as the person said who requested the design – heh).

Vamos Rafa! – US
Vamos Rafa! – UK/Europe

Also, I’ve added a bunch of long sleeve shirts (given the season), scarves and even toques.

UK/Europe store

The UK/Europe store is offering a sale on long sleeved shirts: use the code “Autumn2009” during check out and get 20% off. The sale is good until October 11th.

11 Responses

  1. kayM says:

    You don’t send to Asia, Miri?

  2. cookie says:

    Miri, I love the illustration of Rafa– with just a few simple yet very artistic lines it is immediately identifiable as no one celebrates in that posture on court but Rafa! VAMOS!!!

  3. faeaki 7 says:

    I too love the illustration of Rafa for the same reasons, its our one and only Rafa!
    Btw are these designs still available to purchase, I am a size UK 6 thanx…

  4. faeaki 7 says:

    Its okay I have ordered a small yoga t-shirt in Red and either way, even if Rafa doesn’t get to the London finals(and I really hope he does!), I shall be wearing it for everyone to see. Can’t wait!

  5. miri says:

    BTW, anyone got a picture of yourself wearing something you bought from the store? Send it in to me and I’ll start collecting them to make a gallery of us in our Rafa gear! If you have my email address already, use that. If not, use the form on the about page.

  6. faeaki 7 says:

    Okay Miri I will try and do that, I am not so great with these kind of things (downloading photos) but will give it a go.. It would be great! to see other Rafa fans as well.

  7. Carol says:

    This may be a Doh question,Miri: but is what do the sizes S,M,L correspond to in inches or cm? I can’t find any info in the store site or am I being dumb?

    • miri says:

      On each product page, you’ll see a link labeled “Size chart” next to the drop down where you pick a size. Click on that and you’ll get a pop-up with measurements and a more in-depth description of the product. Just keep in mind that manufacturers differ in their sizing, so I’d click on that link on every product to make sure of the measurements for that particular item before ordering.

  8. rafafan1 says:

    I ordered one. Hope it’ll turn out as expected.