Interview with Toni

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  1. mary says:

    God didn’t understand a single word & not particularily concerned as if Rafa looks anything like his uncle when he gets to that age OMFG. will he be one hot spaniard.
    Toni you looking mighty saucy. Yummmmm!!

    • natch says:

      You are SO right! I saw Uncle Toni up close and in person several times over the summer. He IS hot. I used to not think so. But now? *smacks lips*

      • CC says:

        Hmm, I’m yet to be convinced about Toni’s hotness. Mind you, I haven’t seen him up close and in person.
        *glares at natch jealously* ;)

        • natch says:

          Honestly, if you asked me in May, I would have been all, “Meh.”
          But he has some intense, experienced eyes. AND that adorable accent. AAAND, what is the rarest of all in men our age: a nice head of hair. *sighs*

  2. Atch2 says:

    Whatever u’re saying Uncle Toni, I hope it’s all positive and good.

    Hate seeing that lost face when Rafa’s being massaged by the trainer.
    But luved to see that fierce cheering fist during the Davis Cup.

  3. faeaki 7 says:

    Oh I wish I could understand what he is saying it seems so significant, I understand very little Spanish, I am sure AnaR maybe able to translate or somebody else with such skills! Thanx if you do!

    Btw isn’t Uncle Toni so nice and softly spoken? you cannot help but endear to this man.

    Really hope Rafa gets over this new injury especially for the season end championship and then the Davis cup which is soo important to him!

  4. donnaalba says:

    such a shame,i dont understand much…this is some kind of Spanish dialect :(

    • An says:

      Yeah, i can follow most of the inteviews when its spannish and if i understood enough i would be glad to translate a little for you but this is Mallorqui again and i do not understand enough off that!

  5. Mary from Cincinnati says:

    Casa’t amb mi, el tio Toni! Marry me, Uncle Toni!!!

  6. Vic says:

    Nothing new,

    Toni explains that Rafa has recovered from his abdominal injury which prevented him from playing well against Del Potro and has forced him to rest for a couple of weeks. He will reappear in Peking with the aim of ending the year as world number 2, wich is not too bad considering he was unable to defend his points in wimbledon etc. He expects Rafa to win the Cup Davies Final with the spanish team which will put a happy ending to 2009.