AW77 Promo/interview

Interview with Rafa during the making of the AW77 promos:

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  1. Eliana says:

    Well, I’ve been watching this vid since yesterday, and when not watching it, thinking about it-I know, pathetic. After one whole day (and night), the right words elude me. What kills me (in addition to not having him) is his intense stare in some of the poses, OMG! Also his smile is sooo adorable. You know, Xisca has a lot of self restrain, because I’d be jumping that man all the time! Seriously, he would need some kind of medical assistance :P

  2. Atch2 says:

    I’m finding that every time I watch this clip I start to read the subtitles and then I forget that I’m reading them. I just get lost looking at Rafa and listening to his voice and noticing different things. It happens again and again.

  3. Nic says:

    Holy shit I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Just watched it again. Every bit of rafa in this video just made my heart race! Thank gahd I’m not the only one who’s reacting this way to the vid haha :) oh the gorgeous warm smiles and the killer stares at the camera, I want me some rafa bad! How can he be so drop dead hot!? So, anyone wanna take a trip to Mallorca over the next 10 days to help rafa and his tummy recover? I can think of many ways to make him feel better :p
    Btw I have to tell you guys that I caved and bought one of those Nike jackets that rafa’s wearing in the vid. The grey V track jacket. I swear it is soooo gorgeous. Got it from Niketown Ldn just last week, when I was on holiday, where rafa is plastered on the outside window and as you reach the second floor too. I’m in love. It’s a women’s version, just had to have it. And I think of rafa everytime I look at it :) worth the money haha. I love Europe btw. All you lucky lovely people in that region got a good thing goin!

    • CC says:

      I’m going up to London this weekend, so I’ll definitely go and drool over the Rafa walls at Niketown (I normally do). I wanna get the purple hoodie, if there is a ladies’ one, as it looks like it got some water proof stuff going on, no? Did you see it, Nic?

      Oh, Nic… I’d love to go to Mallorca and help the lovely man. Wait…
      *checks flight tickets*
      I AM going to Mallorca! But in four weeks. And not to help Rafa.

      • Atch2 says:

        I’m finding I’m buying more and more Nike stuff. I never thought I was a brand victim, but Nike just seems more appealing and personal that the other sports brand. Maybe coz I’m so use to seeing it on Rafa and seeing it look so good on him. This brand endorsement thing really works.

      • Atch2 says:

        CC can u take some photos of Giant Rafa and share?

        • CC says:

          Niketown in London is on the busiest corner of the whole city, so that would be difficult.

          • Atch2 says:

            Ok. Then can u just appreciate Giant Rafa on my behalf then? Thanks.

            • An says:

              I love nike outfits to, i have a lot off Nike tennis gear. Like adidas too but Nike is favourite and yes the fact that Rafa wears Nike is a plus in that!

            • CC says:

              I certainly will do, I promise. :)

              • Nic says:

                Hey there sorry late to respond to you both! I took pics of rafa on the front of niketown (yummo in the red hoodie!) and also snuck one on my iPhone inside the store (Nike usually is sticky bout that). But dunno how to share :( erm I’ll try twitpic if I get the chance and let you know :)
                btw I sooo agree with you atch2, bout buying Nike these days. I used to be a big fan back in uni days but got over it in adulthood. But rafa’s made me fall in love with the brand all over again. Or actually, the way they dress rafa so well makes me love them more. The colours do our boy so much justice. I bought heaps from niketown *blush* went bit nuts but couldn’t help it. Got me the logo tee that says Nike sportswear in gorgeous colours.
                CC you should get one! And yes I’m pretty sure you can get the purple hoodie in womens. I personally was dying to get the red one but bought too much already! It’s £58 I think. Yeah and it’s dri-fit technology so bit more stiff, slightly less snugly than without. But still gorgeous. Enjoy ogling giant rafa CC! he’s beautiful that man. I’m pretty amazed at how much coverage he got in the store actually. Hey btw CC I’m so jealous you’re goin to Mallorca. Enjoy. Why not pay rafa a visit :D did you go a little while back too?

                • An says:

                  Ah yes CC… i saw you mention it a few times before but did not jet comment on it i believe..

                  You are realy going to Mallorca, you lucky!!
                  For work or pleasure?

                  In 4 weeks i think Rafa will already be back on the courts but if not and if he is in Mallorca you dont think you can set up an “accidentaly” bumping in to him???

                  • CC says:

                    They’d taken big Rafa down from shop windows to replace with “Race for life” stuff. ):
                    Still some nice pics inside the store, though. Couldn’t find the hoodie I wanted, so didn’t buy anything. Glad you did, though, Nic! They do have some great looking gear, and with Rafa inside some of it, it sure does look even better…

                    Heh, I’d love to do a job where they’d send me to Mallorca. I’m gong there purely for pleasure, though. If I bumped into Rafa, that would be nice, but I will be nowhere near where he lives.

                    • An says:

                      Ah well. Better to go there for pleasure instead off work there i guess. I don’t think i would be able to concentrate on getting work done there when i knew Rafa was on the same island :)

                      But you never know, you might be lucky even on the airport orso…

  4. miri says:

    Ooo! Higher quality version of the vid. I’ll update the embed.

  5. mary says:

    Oh shit! I can’t believe me I keep watching this vid & so fixated I forget to download. Maybe cause I am sooooo uploaded & gaga I can’t move mouse to press download. ;)
    I think I’m gonna play it again. Maybe this time the arm will move.

  6. dutchgirl says:

    I can’t help myself: I keep watching it over and over again (like many of us, I understand :)). I simply melt by his intense look at 0:43, it makes my tummy go upside down.
    And ofcourse his georgious smile…