USO photos

I’m finally uploading the last of my USO photos. With any luck, the upload will finish while I’m asleep! Here are links to the sets:

  • Monday – the day of no luck on the practice courts and weirdly boring matches
  • Tuesday – more wasted time near the practice courts, a wonderful Gonzo/Tsonga match and the exciting Rafa/Monfils match
  • Wednesday – Rafa practice and Nando/Nole match
  • Thursday – Rafa practice, a bit of Cilic/Del Potro and then the Rafa/Gonzo match (if this set doesn’t end with Ramos on the phone, my flickr upload died mid-way through)

Various oldies can be seen throughout the sets because: Tuesday seemed to be “seniors on the practice court” day; there were some fun seniors matches going on next to the practice courts Wednesday and Thursday.

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  1. Atch2 says:

    Grt pix again Miri.

    U were able to capture the movements of the crazy fan approaching, but the security team right on court didn’t. USTA and USO should use more of that sponsorship money they get and put it into better security.

    And that woman in black that u said was stroking Rafa does seem creepy. Did she think he was her pet or something?

    Luved the shots of Rafa hitting the balls into the crowd. He always looks so enthusiastic and happy to do it.

    I like ‘Grumpy Gus face’. He looks like he’s throwing a tantrum.

    And the bottle throwing is just CLASSIC.

    And why does it seem like our Rafa is always in the worst side of the draw when there r rain delays? Grumpy Rafa is still Rafadorable.

  2. CC says:

    Wow… Looking at the photos has just made a pretty ordinary Monday evening much more exciting.

    Love it that the pics are so sharp you can almost count the hairs on Rafa’s legs. And a couple of the shots of Rafa’s cute arse is the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a long time. Oh, to give that bum a slap… ;)

    BTW, the lady in black should be given a slap, how DARE she “abuse” the sweet, lovely Rafa like that!

    • An says:

      Realy great work again Miri!!!

      There comes a day where you and i can take pictures of Rafa together, No? I would love that!!

      And yep, do not like the lady in black either… I warn her…keeps youre hands off Rafa! He only should be touched when he’s asking for it!!!

  3. faeaki 7 says:

    Great pics, love the stary ones and the rrrrraaafffa one is gr8, my faves have to be the all white ones, he is wearing his Winning Wimby vest, he looked so crisp and clean in that all white get up, his hair is lovely short and the yellow headband breaks it up nicely, Rafa looks lovely here. Damn those knees now the abs, for sure he did too much too soon but to stay out of competition too long its always difficult to come back after, I think we will see Rafa come back better after the off season but if I saw him biting a trophy before I wouldn’t mind especially if its in London..O2 pleeeeeeeease Rafa!!!

  4. johanne says:

    Yaaaaay! Can’t wait to look through all of these. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. natch says:

    You should have waved! ;) Great pix!

    Atch2, I LOVED the crazy fan on court. I know it is such a dicey situation. You never know what someone’s intentions are. One second delay could be one second too long. But he just seemed to have such a sweet demeanor. I think the security woman that was there first halted herself when she saw the fan’s hands empty, and she saw Rafa reacting in a positive manner. I know it’s no excuse, because anything (bad or good) could have happened, but I was happy for him (the fan) that he got to express himself. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but it seemed to me he just wanted a hug. I felt kind of bad for him that he didn’t get one. It looked like Rafa was willing to give him one.

    I guess I’m torn on this issue. I don’t want anything bad to happen to Rafa or any other player, but I also dislike the *barriers* that have gone up, further seperating the players from their fans.

    • miri says:

      I actually agree. It’s awful that there have to be barriers, but it’s also scary what can happen without them even when people have good intentions. It’s a difficult situation.

      And waved? You were there? Hmph.

    • Atch2 says:

      Crazy Fan should have kept to the fan side of the barrier though. He seemed to have crossed Rafa’s personal space and Rafa wasn’t aware of his approach, but had he been aware I think Rafa would have returned the hug.
      But then again that black topped woman went too far with the stroking, like the woman at the Spanish airport that gave Rafa a kiss on the cheek after his AO win.

    • CC says:

      Yeah, the crazy fan wanting a hug doesn’t annoy me, but the woman stroking Rafa reeeaaally does.

      • miri says:

        And she was stroking him like a kitty. Freaked me out.

        I’m finally almost done uploading my non-tennis pictures from NY! Woooooo!

  6. sia says:

    The city scape sunset is so great Miri … I love your little asides … although please don’t stop taking tennis/Rafa photos. I’ve been working on a film so have little time to post but I’m here reading as often as I can. Thanks for keeping ‘our barriers’ to info about our fav player respectfully thin.

  7. rafafan1 says:

    Miri, thanks so much for sharing these. I also saw your Rogers Cup pictures, is there any chance you can unrestrict those so they can be saved/download? there are a few photos that I’m dying to save. thanks again.

  8. An says:

    Miri, now i watched some of youre pics again ( and read the tags )..
    I do have exactly the same Cannon zoom lens as you do;)

    (useless info, i know, just wanted to say that )

    • miri says:

      You have the DO? I didn’t think anyone had that odd little lens. I prefer the 70-200L, but the DO is stealthier. I’m trying to save for the 100-400L (even if it weighs 3 pounds) even if I really want a brighter long lens…but who can afford those?

      • An says:

        Yes. I chose the DO because of its size ( bringing that big lenses with you evrywhere means so much package ) over the “normal” 70-300 and over the 70-200L because i wanted 300 mm zoom. I’m pretty happy with the DO, you?
        And yes over here the bright long lenses are way toooooo expensive for me to :(
        My next buy would have to be a Macro lens, but i have no ideas jet wich one, first have to save me some money..

        • miri says:

          The only reason I’m somewhat happy with the 70-300 is its size. Image quality wise, I prefer the 70-200L with a 1.4 extender for almost the same reach. (Also, since I have the cheaper f4 version, it’s actually lighter than the DO!)

          There are so many lenses I want…macro, wide (I miss my EF-S super-wide that I can’t use anymore on my full-frame camera) and ultra zoom. I want it all! ;) Now, where’s that winning lottery ticket?

          • An says:

            Yeah that would be a good solution, a winning lottery ticket!!

            I have nog compare for the 70-300 since the only other lens i have is the 18-55 kit lens from canon:( and the DO is the first lens i got extra ( as a present from my parents for my birthday )Photography is an expensive hobby… but i’m still young, there must be goals in life :)