Rafa withdraws from the Thailand Open

Photo by EMMANUEL DUNAND/ AFP/ Getty Images

Photo by EMMANUEL DUNAND/ AFP/ Getty Images

Rafa has withdrawn from the Thailand Open and won’t be taking a holiday in Krabi. Seems like his tummy problem is worse than he thought it was.

An ultrasound found that Nadal had an “acute rupture of his right abdominal muscle” that will require physiotherapy, rest and medication for “two to three weeks,” the chief doctor of the Spanish Tennis Federation said in a statement released by tournament organizers on Monday.

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  1. Nic says:

    Oh no, poor thing. And pity for the tourney and thai fans. Sigh. Just hope he rests his tummy well and is able to play well in china and the London finals. It would be great if rafa could come back with a roar at the year end. How I long to see my champion biting another trophy and giving that most gorgeous smile. Rest up rafa xxx

  2. Kate says:

    oh boy this has not been a good year for him. Never mind rest up and be ready for year end at 2010.

  3. Rafafan says:

    Sorry Miri – I posted this on the wrong site but the above wasn’t posted up yet when I knew about Rafa withdrawing.

    Just seen on the website our Rafa has pulled out of the Thailand Open next week – acute rupture to the abdominal muscle. Our poor Rafi not now going for a beach holiday but staying in Spain for treatment. He will be out for 2 – 3 weeks so they say. Gonna miss Beijing I guess as well and may or may not be in time for Shangai (which he must do – that’s were all th big boys will be and he could win or lose points as a result). Rafi is being a bit of a naughty boy again and not listening to his advisers – he obviously ruptured it during the US open. He didn’t want a scan on it before coz he just wanted to play!

    How can we tell our boy to LISTEN and not run before you can walk!

    Let’s hope it doesn’t upset plans for the 02 which I am going to! He missed it last year coz of injury too. I am being optimistic but I do worry about our Rafi’s body breaking down. He must must listen and if he is injured just shouldn’t play. Maybe this is a last warning?

    Does anyone know how bad an acute rupture is? He needs lots of hugs (but not too tight) and he shouldn’t have been celebrating too much or jumping up on his team mate doing piggy back but don’t you just love him – and the spanish armada “boys being boys”

  4. Atch2 says:

    Of all the places that Rafa could get hit with a bouncing ball, it just had to be there:


    Heal well before Shanghai Rafa.

  5. faeaki 7 says:

    Oh boy this is worse than I thought, but I am glad he has withdrawn he has some points to gain in Shanghai and then London, oh he has to make it, I have tickets, what with Wimbledon, awh Wafa!!!

  6. patzin says:

    Interesting that Rafa’s website doesn’t mention the change of plans.

    • Carol says:

      It does now! Owie!
      “Manacor, Balearic Islands, Spain – Sept 21, 09

      Rafa won´t be able to play in Bangkok due to the stomach injury he’s been suffering since Montreal. He will remain 10 days inactive. This is the second time is not able to play in Tailand due to injury.

      “I am very disappointed not to be able to play in Bangkok. I was looking forward to this tournament but the injury I have been suffering during the North American summer swing needs to be taken care of. I am really looking forward to playing next year in Thailand where I have a very loyal and big fan base.””

      “acute rupture of his right abdominal muscle” – Jeez, no wonder he was taped up like he was. And the playing on after Cinci made a possibly minor issue worse. No wonder he’s in pain, poor darling. Well, acute = severe but not ongoing for ages as chronic is. That’s the positive view IMO.

      I hope he *again* makes sure he takes the time for *his* bod to come back to 100%. Pain is the body’s way of saying “hello, there’s something wrong here”, so despite the determination and courage, he needs to listen.
      Go fishing, Rafa, but don’t try to fight the big un’s, OK?

      Was he really wise to go to the DC? Dunno, but I suspect he’d have been totally gutted to miss it.

  7. Josh says:

    He has some sense.

    Playing Thailand, then China, then Shanghai would have been murder on the tummy and the knees.

  8. Kym says:

    Oh, dear Rafa, I hope he takes care of himself. He has many more years if he doesn’t permanently injure himself. What a loss to any tournament to not have him in it, but better absent than injured.

    Rafa – you are loved.

  9. CC says:


    *sighs again*

  10. loverafa4ever says:

    I am glad he withdrew from Bangkok. He should not risk his body again. These people are saying that he will need 2-3 weeks to recover and Shanghai is in three weeks. I don’t know if this period of recovery is calculated according to the time left for the next tourney. Anywayz, I hope he gets well soon and will get to play at Shanghai.

  11. johanne says:

    Smart move! Even without knowing the diagnosis (until now) it’s obvious he’s in no condition to be playing tennis. If he has to miss Beijing & Shanghai too, so be it. The important thing is for him to get healthy – not to try & add points to his ranking as a hobbled athlete. Look what good that did him this spring/summer. Rest up, Rafa. Can’t wait to have you back (again). :)

    • CC says:

      I seriously think he should just take the rest of the year off (heck, I was surprised to see him back so soon after the knee injury), then come back fresh for the Australian Open.

      • An says:

        I seriously think you probably are so right but also i seriously think that our boy is the most stubborn and harsh on himself man alive on this earth and i’m certain we will be seeing him on court again this year.

        If its anny consolation, my experience is that muscle tears, taking care off by physiotherapie, heal pretty quickly and completly!

        Rafa, i beg, come back when 100% fighting fit ( again )

      • johanne says:

        I don’t necessarily think he should throw his hands up and give up on the rest of the season because of this. I just don’t think he should play while he’s injured, that’s all.

      • Clare says:

        “…..then come back fresh for the Australian Open.”

        That worked pretty damn well for him last year!!!

        Although I don’t see him quitting on the rest of the season, too many big tournaments to play and he would be itching to play them given what he has already missed in 2009. Just as long as he doesn’t push when his body isn’t up to it.

        I’m glad he pulled out, not glad that he had to (and that injury has to be painful right?), but glad that he and his team will be able to take some time and precious care of his rehab.

        But for all of our sakes get well soon Rafa ;) !!!

  12. Rafafan says:

    Rafa won’t miss the London ATP tournament – my guess he def won’t play China and keep us waiting for Shanghai and although he will be advised he will be stubborn and say he will do Shanghai and ATP. Does anyone know when the Paris indoor event is. Dunno how the crowd will react after RG – won’t be able to handle it if they boo him.

    Rafa listen to your advisers – prefer you to put in a fab performance (particularly against Del Port) in London and not under an injury cloud – you should learn your lesson by now. I know you are only 23 and mature in a lot of ways but not when it comes to making decisions on your own about playing when injured! When injured, you don’t play. Full stop. Coz your gonna lose because of it and maybe damage longterm in other ways. ie. Paris (good decision Wimbledon)and injured Cinci Montreal and US! Rafi – you promised us (his fans) “will learn by your mistakes, it’s been my fault” etc. but I don’t see any let up. OK the knees were really bad – career threatening and that’s when he decided. Therefore any other injury you will “try my best” but not pull out unless of course it is serious again. LISTEN to your body before it cracks Rafa and listen to your fans on the website. We all love you and want the best for you. Want to see you in every tournament but now I have decided not to be selfish and want you to do the best when fully fit! xxx

  13. donnaalba says:

    it’s probably for the better that he withdrew for now… like almost everyone here , i want him in full condition & not just to make it into the semis in every tournement…i mean everybody wants to see him play the big matches against delpo and federer & eventually kick some serious ass! so rafa rest up & come back when you are ready 100%

  14. Ch F says:

    Incredible he went all the way to the semis in such a condition. Let’s just hope this doesn’t happen all the time…His confidence will never be the same if every time he comes back from an injury he suffers another one…He will never trust his body anymore. I know he is a fighter but I can’t help worrying. I hope this is the last one, and that it heals completely…

  15. miri says:

    And with all his talk about learning “when to stop,” it made me sad that he’s saying that he didn’t even get the tummy tested because he was playing the USO no matter what. *sigh* I know he really wanted the USO and I know he’s used to playing in pain, but seriously. To not even get it tested because you are going to play anyway? Just stop that.

    • Ch F says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Being a fighter is one thing, and I really admire Rafa for that, but this is really pushing his luck.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Totally agree. It’s the equivalent of stuffing his fingers in his ears and pretending to ignore the problems. I guess he’ll make any physical exception for a slam, but isn’t it better to err on the side of more knowledge about an injury?

    • CC says:

      “To not even get it tested because you are going to play anyway?”

      Hm, I don’t know if I believe that he didn’t get it tested at all. If he didn’t…it just sounds incredible to me. I really don’t understand all this.

      • miri says:

        Well, this is what he said:

        Q. How long do you have to rest now because of the injury? How long do you have to rest?

        RAFAEL NADAL: I have to see everything, no? I have to see the doctor in Spain. I have to do another test, because I didn’t ‑‑ I didn’t want to do a test during the tournament because anyway I gonna play.

  16. Rafafan says:

    Miri – you took the words right out of my mouth or stole my thunder! I tend to ramble on but you said it in a nutshell. Yes he did say “learning when to stop” – but he is a stubborn mule and to be honest I don’t think will ever learn unless it is career threatening -which his knees were and he knew it. That is why he has to have Toni on his back all the time. As much as we think he is the ideal sweet mature boy I think he is far from that. You only have to watch him at playstation or footie or something he is passionate about to see. Also somewhere I found the decision he made about footie and tennis was coz he couldn’t work in a team for each other.

    Rafa – if you are looking in we all love you but if you want to win trophies be no. 1 and get back to your awesome self you have to put your body FIRST – of course all your fans will give you all the physiotherapy and massage you need xxx

  17. mary says:

    Not surprised!!! But a bit surprised why he took so long to have it checked out. Was he avoiding the truth (probably) or did he have to wait this long for an appointment? Well he must be sooooooo pissed by now. Knees & now abdomin. Well Rafa you are only human & unfortunately you hurt like the rest of us. Take care buddy & listen to good advise. There is always next year!!!!! Maybe I’ll come too, just to keep you company. :-) ;)

  18. Dale C. Avellanosa says:

    that’s ok, Rafa, i want you to be well and healthy…rest and recover for now
    I miss you, Rafa
    i shall wait for you in Beijing
    I love you
    VAMOS RAFA!!!!!

  19. Dale C. Avellanosa says:

    may i volunteer to be your private doctor?? hahaha

  20. Rafafan says:

    Anyone in England see an article in the Daily Express Wed 23 P.21 with a gorgeous close up picture of Rafa shirtless smiling in the sea with Xicsa? (Middle pages not back pages)

    The article not only talked about him not pulling out of Thai but also there was rumour that he was going to propose to 20 year old Xicsa!He had booked the five start Thailand resort of Rayavadee picking the 3 bedroom villa facing the sea. Had reserved a private boat for a day, private plane and 3 dedicated butlers! The trip set him back £50,000 and a source says “It was to be a very important holiday for the two of them and Nadal wanted everything to be as romantic as possible” Thought he liked the simple things in life. Anyway we know he has a very romantic side xx

  21. Rafafan says:

    Sorry I meant tha article says about him pulling out of Thailand

  22. Rafafan says:

    I don’t normally get D Express – normally a D Mail. But the news/rumours have appeared on the internet under one or two tennis links – just the same way as the separating of his parents this year.

    Anyway if he does propose wouldn’t that be great for him to an otherwise rather bleak 2009 year frustrated by injuries and he must be really down at the mo after his knees have healed and now yet another injury. As much as we love Rafa to be single if he is happy with Xisca all our fans must be happy for him – we can still drool over him and he will still be the hotest, sexy, steamy, tennis player, humble person on this planet forever