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  1. johanne says:

    This is all very very hot, I love it! So fun to have both Rafa & Nando there. Amazing that Rafa is the baby of the team (too cute). They have a really great group of guys. VAMOS ESPANA!

    Btw, love when Tommy flirts with Rosana in that first vid. Have I mentioned how she has the BEST job? ;)

    • lurkingna says:

      Oh! I was curious to see Tommy flirting with Rosana but, mmmmmm oh surprise!, he says: “congratulations to you for…” and he touches his belly! and then she thanks him. Maybe she’s pregnant!

      • johanne says:

        So funny you say that bc that was my initial reaction too! But since I don’t know exactly what he said (tho I thought I heard “congratulations”) I was like, NO WAY would he say that to her on camera. But maybe he did!

        • CC says:

          It sure looks like Tommy is congratulating her for having a little bump, yes. Can you imagine the whole Spanish Armada totally doting on Rosana if she is. Would be worth getting pregnant for… ;)

      • Carol says:

        She’s certainly wearing a loose top…

    • lurkingna says:

      And I agree she has the best job ever! :)

      Whoever are chosen to play the final it would be nice if they could all assist that day.

  2. CC says:

    Yep, that is highly concentrated hotness right there.

    There was an incident during the doubles, where one of the little ball girls was hurt and was crying. They lay her down at the side of the court in front of the Spanish team and she suddenly found herself surrounded by the whole Armada. Gosh, imagine that?!
    They all looked really worried and Rafa made sure that somebody got her and carried her off the court. They are such sweethearts…and sooo yummy. :)

    • Carol says:

      And I bet they checked up afterwards to see that she was OK…

      A 100% great bunch of guys (and yes, burnin’ hot too). They really deserve to win the DC! VAMOS!

    • Atch2 says:

      That’s sweet. Like a bunch of red hunky firemen coming to the rescue.

  3. CC says:

    BTW, the fifth picture, where Rafa is signing autographs, makes me chuckle. The girl in the straw hat looks like she’s about to rip her top off in front of Rafa. Judging by how mad some fans seem to be, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened sooner or later… ;)

    • Carol says:

      Rafa’s had to sign a bra before now, remember!

      • Carol says:

        Not an “occupied” one tho!

        • An says:

          Yep the girl with the straw hat deffinitly looks like Rafa as if she has some ……. plans with him. But could you blame here, i sure would like to see the impression on my face in a pic if he was standing that close to me…

          Ah, so sorry i was to late to sneak in and take the job as Rossana’s replacement, I’m sure you’ll do a good job CC but if you need assitence you know how to reach me!! :)
          (did i say i understand Spanish….. a little )

  4. Carol says:

    What a gorgeous set of videos and pics – the Spanish team are a set of wonderful livewire guys – I bet they were all little devils as boys, getting into all sorts of mischief when not playing tennis… Yes, Feli,I mean you in particular ;-)

    I have to say I felt a bit sorry for the Israelis, how could they concentrate with the band and the clapping. LOL! Must have been an electric atmosphere there!

    I know Spaniards talk rapidly, but boy, can Rafa talk at a rate of knots… :-)) And so good with autographs as ever, the sweetheart…

    BTW does anyone know what the cartoon was being drawn for. A newspaper? (Cos I want a copy!)

  5. CC says:

    Spanish?! Oh, heck An… Mine’s fairly limited.

    And I sure would have liked to have seen the expression on Rafa’s face, had that girl decided to strip in front of him. He is, I’m sure, “a little bit shy for this” as well, no…? ;)

  6. Atch2 says:

    The atmosphere seems amazing. The Spanish Armada really know how to celebrate. You can’t help but smile along with them. What I’d give to me in the middle of the scrums and group hugs.

  7. faeaki 7 says:

    Amazing, and Rafa looks sooo happy. What a sight, all the spanish armada with there stunning looks, charisma and athletisism, *phew* Bravo and Viva Espania.