Rafalint – post USO edition

Photo by Nick Laham/ Getty Images

Photo by Nick Laham/ Getty Images

Some stuff that’s popping up or that popped up while I was out of town.

Tignor’s USO Report Card for Rafa:

Making his second straight Open semi was an accomplishment. Enduring another, very different injury immediately after the knee problem was troubling. Getting run out of town by del Potro was embarrassing, and a possibly a reputation-diminisher in the locker room. But he’s been here before—remember Tsonga in Melbourne?—and returned stronger than ever. The down moments in his career just seem to make him hungrier. If that’s possible. B+

Rafa recognized by the ITF (Google translation)

AW77 Commercial:

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Greetings from players scheduled to play in Shanghai:

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Rafa visits with a director and a porn star:

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Here’s a google translation of the subtitles:

“We struggled a little the second set, but well, well.”

“Well, well, we paid the entrance saying this is going to fuck and leave us without German tennis”

“always the same”

“But well, a girl fotito my memory”

“I become one with you?”

“Yeah, right”

“This man does porn, eh”


“True, their website putalocura.com”

“You know with whom you made a picture, then do not say …”

“Tonight I”

“Well, listen, to follow. On Sunday, give strong and nothing …”

“If you want to come another day …”

“No, we will see the final on TV. At home ”

“Well, I hope I do not see it at home too, like you”

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  1. kefuoe says:

    Who has the job of going to Rafa after a match and saying, “So there’s these people from the porn industry who are really big fans and want to meet you. Let’s go! Oh, yeah, the camera man should come, too.”

  2. tiemyshoe says:

    Did Rafa congratulate that guy for doing porn? Heh.

  3. Denizen says:

    The guy with the hat and the beard is Santiago Segura, a regular non-porn movie actor/director (check his Wikipedia page). His friend Torbe (per the comments)”makes porn” (hace porne) and has a site that Google translates as Crazybitch.com. Rafa evidently knew of Segura. Google translate sucks, though. The “But well fotito” sentence really means something along the lines of “Could you pose for a little picture with my girl for memories?” Also, I can’t quite figure out the sentence about the German, but I think it’s along the lines of, “Well, we paid our ticket saying we’re gonna get fucked by the German and leave us without tennis.” Maybe your Spanish commenters can elaborate, but in the meantime, hope that helps!

    • miri says:

      I think my intro was confusing – I didn’t mean a porn director and actor, I meant a regular director and a porn actor. Thanks for making that clear!

      This was after the Kiefer match, so I’m guessing that’s why there’s a German reference in there…like they were worried for a bit Kiefer was going to win.

      Torbe has a blog entry (google translation) about meeting Rafa – this is his blog, not the porn site, but there are some adverts on the side bar that might not be to everyone’s tastes.

      Looks like he was asked to take down the photo of Rafa and himself by an “image consultant” – for now, you can see it here.

  4. Denizen says:

    Yep, Kiefer was the German in question.

    I wonder if the “image consultant” was Benito, who asked the guy “can you teach me?” when he found out the guy did porn. LOL!

    Thanks for the links – the photoshop near the bottom of the message board page switching the faces of Rafa and the porn guy is priceless! And Rafa has the goofiest grin in the real photo. Too funny.

    Oh, one line you left out of the translation is where Rafa says he will check the porn site out that night. ;)

  5. Atch2 says:

    Another statue for Rafa’s cabinet. What did the ITF give it be him for?

    Rafa’s fan base is pretty varied isn’t it? Hope they’re not trying to sign him up. LOL. And how come that porn guy gets an El Toro cap? I got lost in that google translation. Benito was there, so maybe he set up the meeting.

    Rafa looks fierce in the Nike ad, and featured twice! Hope the print ads come out soon. Anyone know who that other female athlete is (not Maria)? She looks really cool.

    Trust Rafa to be wearing a white top to do Chinese writing with black ink.

  6. johanne says:

    Wait… the ITF award is for him being awesome after coming back from an injury? I love Rafawards, but am I missing something?

    LMAO the porn thing is super random. Rafa looks embarrassed and the bearded glasses kinda gives me the creeps. :/

    Oh and Rafa is super cute in the Shanghai vid. I hope he kicks some ass at that tourney!!

  7. CC says:

    What Rafa said in his blog about meeting the actor: “One of them was a famous actor in Spain that did a few very funny movies. He was there with other two people I didn’t know who they were.”

    Heh, he’s very careful pointing out that he does absolutely not know anyone who would be in involved with porn… I love it! :D

    • Carol says:

      LOL at the comment that he’d check out the website that night though ;-)
      Dunno if he found that overall scenario funny or embarrassing and was covering up. Mind you when that guy was introduced as doing porn, what could Rafa say?: “Oh, do you find your job fulfilling?”

      Ooh, how yummy in that orange T-shirt getting the ITF award…(he’s surely going to have to get another cabinet soon), and the chinese painting – so huggable and focussed… How many times did he try it? (What does the symbol mean BTW?)

      The Nike ad did NOT have enough Rafa… Bad Nike ;-)

      • SapphireSwell says:

        The characters say “Shang Hai” :) hehe, and yes, he does look really focused and adorkable. LOVE IT.

  8. CC says:

    Ahhhh… Rafa is super-duper cute when he’s painting the Chinese sign. The middle picture with him with his concentrate face on is lovely. Like a little boy at school…

    • tiemyshoe says:

      I just came back from China, so seeing Rafa write 上海 makes me melt. The Very Concentrate Face is priceless.

      • An says:

        And that smile after saying the chinese phrase correcto…. ( how manny try’s Rafa?)
        I could eat him when he smiles like that!

      • killian says:

        Absolutely—so sincere in his effort—and the white jacket and black ink made me hold my breath, but our boy did beautifully!!

  9. Eliana says:

    That Google translation is CRAZY! Don’t worry Atch2, the regular director is the one wearing the cap, although I’m sooo jealous, I freakin’ want one!! Rafa looks a little embarrassed, loving when he congratulates the guy for doing porn and saying he was going to check out the site tonight, that made my day…

    About the “image consultant” that asked Torbe to take down the pic, that’s kinda crappy, because the same photo w/ the same goofy grin(jeje!) was posted in the OFFICIAL Rafa site the next day-lmao when I saw it since I’ve previously watched the above clip!

    The Nike ad is great, everybody looks amazing; Rafa left me speechless (flove when a good boy goes “bad”, *drool*)

  10. AnaR says:

    Santiago Segura, this short man, ugly and with long hair .. is very famous in Spain, first gained fame as an actor, but also as showman and suddenly! became producer and film director and launched a series of movies “comic” of a police officer a bit stupid and those films have been so successful at this time that Santiago is a multimillionaire (he has more money that Almodovar who is better director of course). He’s a very nice but quite far from what may be the normal environment of Rafa. But Rafa is always so nice. He did not know at all when Santiago present to his friend like porn actor .. anyway, does not seem very concerned and this video is really funny to see Rafa’s face when Santiago tells him he has a picture with this guy porn star … is almost sure that can be a joke because Santiago is famous also for his jokes a little heavy.

  11. AnaR says:

    An, Claudia is a very nice woman.. really.

    • An says:

      Ah AnaR, i directly believe that! Sorry if i made an impression that i tought otherwise… that was not the occasion!
      She verry kindly replied to my e-mail about the cap saying that Nike was working on it and that the cap will become for sale and that she hoped it would be soon.

  12. AnaR says:

    An.. I personally know Claudia and i just wanted to support your opinion .. I understand perfectly what you said .. is only an opinion supporting and corroborating that Claudia is a very nice person as you said.

    • An says:

      Ah ok… then all is clear now:)

      Sometimes its hard communicating over the web in a language thats not youre native tongue..

  13. Nic says:

    Ahaha Rafa is sooo cute when he’s painting. That concentrated face is so adorable. Ah what a sweetie. And yes he does look delicious in that jacket. Yummy Rafa.