Post USO interview

AnaR pointed out this interview and gives us a translation:

It is playing in a very high level … I have my problems but I would rather not talk about my problems when I just lose because the end is always an excuse .. I feel is ugly talking about my problems. Just congratulate him because he has been better than me and from now on, I’ll try to cure me so that when I play again, I’ll try to play with less pain than I’ve had these two weeks here. For everything else, I realize I have to improve a bit .. to win big tournaments .. because with all that has happened during the year, the bad luck of injuries, the truth is that I lack a bit to be better and obtain the level I need to qualify for all great tournaments … and not only positive, we must be realistic in this situation and also when you comes back from injury of two months with the knees you have a lot doubts .. I would had signed this tour before starting and even with worse results because you never know how you be .. for me it was vital that the knees do not hurt me at any time during these tournaments, I’ve running freely and this at the end gives a lot of life to me and the truth is that in Montreal quarterfinals, semis in Cincy and semi-finals here is a very good result, but one always want more.

(Video posted by luneworld.)

12 Responses

  1. Dale C. Avellanosa says:

    please get well first, will have a lot of time to get all those titles….
    love you..take care

    VAMOS !!!

  2. dutchgirl says:

    He must have been very unsecure about the knees when he started to play in Montreal… It’s so good to know at least the knees are doing great!

  3. Norma says:

    We were fortunate to have Rafa in the tournament – and the trounament was fortuate to have him in.

    He adds so much to the sport – great playing, great style and an outstanding attitude. The sport would not be as interesting without him. I was not such a fan before, but now – don’t want to miss a single match Rafa is in.

    Take care of yourself, Rafa !!

  4. zombina says:

    Glad the knees are okei, too. I understand why he didn’t want him to talk about injuries, but at the same time it’s an unavoidable subject, no?

    Love that he wants more than quarterfinals and semifinals *roar* – so do I for him. Victory will taste so sweet the next time, and there will be a next time. Vamos Rafa!

  5. loverafa4ever says:

    Next yr, I hope he really takes care of his knee and his health in general to make sure that he doesnt arrive at any of the Grandslams the way he did this year. Even if he has to skip a few tournaments, pay penalty, watever, he shud keep his health prior to anything. Delpo took a break rit before USO. That helped him keep up the energy level till the end. I hope Rafa will successfully defend his title at the Australian and will get back him French and Wimbly next year. He can do it and he is the only other guy who can do it. But its so unfortunate that his knees or something else comes in the way.

  6. mary says:

    Never arrogant are you Rafa & always speaks with much humility. Everytime you open your mouth & say anything, I and probably thousands of others love YOU THAT MUCH MORE!!!!!! You are simply & utterly amazing! <3

  7. Atch2 says:

    Steve Tignor gave Rafa a ‘B+’ for his USO efforts:

    “Making his second straight Open semi was an accomplishment. Enduring another, very different injury immediately after the knee problem was troubling. Getting run out of town by del Potro was embarrassing, and a possibly a reputation-diminisher in the locker room. But he’s been here before—remember Tsonga in Melbourne?—and returned stronger than ever. The down moments in his career just seem to make him hungrier. If that’s possible. B+”

    • Carol says:

      Reputation-diminisher? I somewhat doubt it! Rafa’s not at the top of the tree for nothing…and everyone knows it! :-)

    • Kym says:

      Especially in the tennis locker room – the players will well know it was the injury. Rafa is such a class act, not wanting to diminish his opponents win by mentioning his abdominal injury which clearly made him unable to compete at anything close to his top game.

      Rafa will be #1 in my heart for a long time.

    • Ch F says:

      Was that written before Del Potro actually outplayed Federer and won the title? He lost to the eventual champion and I think that is important for his mindset.

  8. AnaR says:

    Ch F, This interview was done.. before the match between Federer and Delpo.. sure. And I think is not the same situation because Rafa has lost against the new champion of Open USA tournament.. of course it’s not the same that if Rafa lost against another player.

  9. faeaki 7 says:

    I agree at least Rafa lost to the winner of the US open, no shame in that!