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  1. reme says:

    His official site states that the plan is to play in Bangkok. While this is a great news as it means the abdominal is not very serious, yet I hope it is not a rush back while still injured

    • johanne says:

      I saw that too. IMO, he has no business playing a tourney in 2 weeks when he’s trying to recover from an abdominal tear. Hoping he’s just “planning” on playing.

      • miri says:

        Especially since it’s a completely OPTIONAL tournament. They are promoting his attendance heavily, however. I’m sure he’s feeling pressure to go. And, what would they do with all those personalized towels and robes? :)

        • CC says:

          Urm…I don’t really know what to say about those towels… Maybe he can go for a holiday?
          The robe, obviously, is only there to be taken off.

        • johanne says:

          WTF is all that! They went all Federer on him! Even more of a reason NOT to go… LOL

          I’m sure Rafa will always be the type to feel bad about not playing a tourney he committed to (he’s too nice) but he needs to get over that. And fast. If he didn’t learn his lesson this spring/summer, well I don’t really know what to think. My guess (and hope) is that he wouldn’t publicly pull out of a tourney 2 weeks ahead of its start time. But still, why announce his plans on the website?? *nervous*

          • CC says:

            Awww… Nothing Federer about those towels, just kinda sweet, no?
            It hurts my tummy to think how bad Rafa would feel about saying “no” to this tourney (although I totally think he should) and how upset the organisers would be.

        • dutchgirl says:

          This suite looks just slightly bigger and with slightly better view than what I’m used to… ;)

          • Carol says:

            Slightly bigger, hee, hee – it looks like you need a sat-nav to get around it!

            The bedroom alone looks to be as big as my first apartment, and I’m not even going to comment on the bed…;-)

        • reme says:

          Well honestly, I would say that given he is 100% healthy, then it would be a smart move to compete. He said it himself , a slower start to get him into rythm would have been better. Well another tournament (it would be a practice actually) with out all the pressure of the big ones would get him back on track. But what I dont like is for the decision to be made before the medical check

        • Atch2 says:

          We have really gone overboard on welcoming Rafa (not that he doesn’t deserve it).

          From the news here, Rafa’s suppose to be arriving in Thailand on 23 Sept with an posse of 12 (minus family & Xisca) and then flies to Krabi province and will be staying at Rayavadee Resort (=heaven) for a wk and will do some much needed promotional events for Southern Thailand. He’ll also meet our PM and start his first match on 1 Oct.

          BTW the hotel suite cost about US$ 3,500/night, is 250squ m, has 6 TV terminals, a 24hr butler (great for midnight snacks), a Jacuzzi, and a 42inch TV (great for Playstation matches).

          As much as I would luv to see Rafa play ( I have tickets for every round), I hope he doesn’t if it’s going to prevent him healing properly or if it will affect the Masters tournaments that are following. Afterall, an ab tear is not the same as a paper cut.

        • Carol says:

          Keep them for next year, of course ;-))

  2. An says:

    Girls. Lets be with “colm”
    I’m sure Rafa and the team will decise wisely!!

    The towels…. hmmmm…. No
    The robe, mmmmmmmm… i can imagine myself that.
    Rafa, just out of the shower, his bronze skin against the white robe… of course i hided the belt… Nah, just take it off Rafa..


    • CC says:

      Rafa, with the robe, no belt, slumped in that comfy looking arm chair… Yeah, I can live with that image for today. :)

  3. Mim says:

    I cannot believe Rafa was playing with that kind of an injury! My first reaction was amazement at how he can not only compete, but get deep into a Grand Slam tournament while competing with such an injury. Then I thought, he can tolerate pain like no one else. He has such a high-tolerance for pain, too high for his own good. I wish he’d stop it. I hate seeing him hurt and struggling. I bet if we took his pain and injuries and transferred them to any other player, that player would recoil in pain.

    I was thinking about something. Rafa has always said that Uncle Toni is strict and we know how much Rafa values his opinion. But do you think that Rafa’s is at the age where he’s starting to rebel? Like maybe he isn’t taking the advice of his team and Uncle like he should be? No doubt Rafa is (among MANY wonderfully beautiful things) stubborn as a mule. And I think that he’s beginning to rebel against is team’s (most possibly better and more mature) sense of judgment. I can’t imagine them allowing him or advising him to play in this condition.

    When Rafa said he didn’t want to bring it up because “I didn’t really want to stop and wanted to play no matter what. I DIDN’T WANT IT TO BE CHECKED after I did the last one a week before the tournament started.” Does that mean that he hid the severity of it because he wanted to continue playing? I swear I don’t know what to do with Rafa! He worries the heck out of me. He has such passion for life that it just kills him to have to SLOW DOWN and take the time necessary to heal fully. That’s where his adorable (yet frustrating) immaturity shows. I just hope he takes the time and makes the right decision this time.

    In the mean time: VAMOS RAFA! Get well soon and comeback strong like we all know you can! We all love you very much!

    • Atch2 says:

      I don’t think it’s a rebellious streak. More about being responsible for the commitments he’s made and the luv of competing.