Semifinal presser

Rafa’s presser is up on the US Open site.

Update: They have now posted the presser on YouTube.

And there’s an excerpt from another angle on YouTube:

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  1. reme says:

    I just cann’t help but to ask . You guys seem to have been fans from along ago. Do you think , from a logical point of view , he can get back to his amazingly outstanding performance .. did he ever have a down time in performance and then came back strong again ? .. I certainly hope he does

    • Atch2 says:

      Rafa has a Champion’s heart, mind, and body. If anyone can come back from injury or other adversity, he can. He’s come back to win from 2 sets down before in grand slams, from tough career-threatening injuries, from a 5hr semi-finals match at AO to beat Fed in the finals, from having to play in the dark then winning at Wimby 08, from personal family worries, thru bad knees he won Monte Carlo/Barcelona/Rome this yr.

      Rafa’s been the most consistent and best number 2 in the world (winning 5 Grand Slams) behind The Mighty Fed, and then number 1 thru sheer hard work and brilliance (+ another Grand Slam).

      With Rafa, it’s not an ‘if’ he’ll be back, bec he will be. And STRONGER.

      (U look really HOT here Rafa!)

    • allyS says:

      rafa needs more him in 2010..sure will be PERFECT

  2. Zoe says:

    Here’s the link to the full transcript of Rafa’s press conference, including portions not in the video.

    Ever a champion; in victory or in defeat!

  3. CC says:

    And the award for most huggable arms goes to…Rafa. OMG.
    Urm…what was he talking about, again? ;)

    • CC says:

      Or…would that be “the award for arms you would definitely want to hug you really, really tight”?
      Gosh, I’ve confused myself now. ;)

      Anyway, Rafa’s arms are something else!

    • An says:

      Yup, i agree…

      That arms could make me forget. Evrything.

    • aRafaelite says:

      And he really looks in need of a hug in this interview! His his voice and his responses are colm and resigned, but his body language shows the disappointment, arms folded, leaning forward, stroking his right arm (did anyone faint?!), very much the in-need-of-comfort posture. If only the power of healing thoughts alone were enough…

      But Atch2 is right. He’ll come back even stronger and we’ll be treated to near perfect tennis again next year. Bring it on!

      • johanne says:

        This looks like Rafa’s normal presser body language – win or lose he generally crosses his arms and does that stroking thing. He seems OK to me. Disappointed, sure, but totally accepting that he lost to someone who played much better on the day.

        Get the tummy better, Rafa. :)

  4. Carol says:

    Rafa would have to be inhuman not to show disappointment today – but as always he’s handling everything with dignity, even if he does look defensive here. What hell to be obliged to give a presser right now, in mental and physical pain. :-(

    *sends hugs through cyberspace*

    Treat him kindly, Toni.