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  1. CC says:

    The photos are fab, miri! Must have been tough being in the stadium, seeing Rafa freeze his cute arse off and not be able to go and keep him warm, no? ;)

  2. allyS says:

    Great PICS…especially liked the last one…hehe n the tag

  3. An says:

    Yeah Miri, great work with the camera!

    And CC, youre right… also with the impression on his face during the treatment from the trainer, he was looking still focused but so sad, i wanted to crawl trough the tv screen to hug him, never let go again…

  4. dutchgirl says:

    Oh miri, have you been watching the match through your lense again? I love these pics! Especially the *ready for the hoe down*, you’ve once again captured a great moment, with Rafa jumping up and the umpire still picking up the coin.

  5. Carol says:

    Oh, those calves…oh, those thighs…oh, that bum…Rafa, Rafa, Rafa…yum,yum,yum! Yellow Rafa-honeybee, what you do to me…

    Ahem, must go take my meds… :-))

    • Carol says:

      Oh, silly me – Rafa is all the medication I need :-)) Better write myself a script… Rx: Rafael Nadal Parera (rafa)100%. QD prn… (every day as required)

      Ah, that’s better!

  6. Atch2 says:

    My favourite is ‘“It’s not my fault, Rafa” “I’m not listening to you!”’

    Poor Carlos Ramos trying to make good with Rafa.

  7. Trish says:

    I was watching the match on tv when I saw Carlos Ramos talking to Rafa about the rain delay etc — and I loved Rafa’s expressions (eyebrow raising, lip pursing, smirking) — just precious!

    I wish him so much luck when the match resumes — and when he gets thru, enough endurance/stamina, focus, consistency, and accuracy to win it all the way to the finals!