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Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

I’m not sure if Miri needed me to update the site while she is at the US Open (jealous!!!) but I shall until I hear otherwise. I didn’t see most of today’s match. Apparently he had to call the trainer for what appeared to be the same problem with his abs that he had in Cincinnati. True to form he battled through it and won over Nicolas Almagro in straight sets. Here’s to hoping that he rests and is in good form for his next match against either Jose Acasuso or Gael Monfils.

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  1. patzin says:

    Check out the photos of Rafa on Getty Images – there are a few showing his face closeup while being worked on – clearly in pain.

  2. An says:

    OOP for today is the worst we could hope for here in Europe..
    Rafa plays 2nd night match so app. 2.30 am on court.

    So… working hard on the dark circles without borders this night!

    • dutchgirl says:

      I’ve already prepared my boss that I may not be in best form tomorrow…
      But I’m definitely going to see this one!

      • An says:

        Me to, no other choice, bad luck for my boss!

        • CC says:

          I really, really, really want to see it, but worry about work tomorrow… Knowing me, though, I won’t sleep anyway, if I know Rafa’s playing. I’m sure I’ll be up!

          • mary says:

            I just told work I am having the day off to watch Rafa. I love my job, as it is flexible. I also got handed at least a dozen tennis mags most with our boy in it, two dating back to 2004. I’m gonna have a look in a sec as they have the rankings & some stats in them. Might find something interesting. I can’t F******g sleep too wired, so I may as well read them.

  3. Carol says:

    Rafa has just summed it up in his Times Online blog latest:

    “I will go out on Tuesday and compete. Play. There were lots of rumours today before I went to press saying I would retire. Well, that’s not going to be the case and you will see me paying on Tuesday.
    I simply I didn’t want to talk at the press conference about any injuries. I think I have done that to much lately (because I have been injured) but now I don’t feel I want to talk about it more.”

    Well, yes, Rafa you are a sportsman, not a chat-show host – Good for you! ;-)

    VAMOS Rafa! Just Do It…

  4. AnaR says:

    Hello … to all, Rafa is angry .. he does not want to talk about injuries or anything related to this. Must be hard for him to always speak the same thing .. In this article I have is the explanation. If there are problems with the Google translator, I could do a summary.

  5. AnaR says:

    Hello again.

    I put the link of a new video of yesterday in which we can see Rafa quietly with his uncle and to sign tennis balls. The summary of the video is: The journalist reminds us that today’s match Spanish time is on 3 am (OMG, Dark circles without borders in attack again!) And that Rafa is the most requested at the time to train and sign autographs (we already knew that). Yesterday also had a little scare when he signed autographs, which he explained later. Rafael thought someone had tapped because he noticed a small puncture in one hand. He released the booklet who signed and picked up when he realized that “was just the jab of a pen”. Poor how scary!. And the uncle and nephew were chatting a bit with Nole and seeing the complicated and strange exercises he does to prepare the matches. Also they were seeing to the young and beautiful woman with fashion look that was on the runway of Williams’s family, with a ring millionaire and with brand sunglasses, clothing inappropriate for the occasion and, surprise! She was there to collect balls of the Williams girls .. Seeing is believing!.

  6. Atch2 says:

    For u guys that might have missed the match:

    Rafa practicing with Murray playing tennis football on the next court.
    And Rafa with the medical timeout and The Shirt Change. Everyone went crazy and Rafa doesn’t even seem to notice.

    • mary says:

      God & I thought Rafa’s speech raced at a million miles an hour. I was trying to concentrate on watching Rafa instead I kept getting distracted by the two speedy gonzales’s. They just crack me up. I think they were excited to see our Rafa, practising, shirt off, anything.

  7. jimmy says:

    Nadal says in his blog that he wanted to play earlier against Monfils, but his request was NOT granted by tournament organizers.
    Tomorrow I don’t have to awake early. Total opposite since I am only coming to the tournament site at 4 pm, warm up and play last match. Once again I am playing last match of the day. To be honest we requested to play a bit earlier…

    I don’t understand this. Why didn’t they agree to his request. Murray-dent was a late night match on Sunday and Nadal- Almagro was a day match. So they should have kept Nadal -Monfils in the day and Murray-Cilic in the night on Tuesday. Why did they FLIP-FLOP the schedule? I don’t think Murray would be happy either as it gives him less time between matches.

    Is it only Roger whose scheduling requests are granted? He’s played only ONE night match so far, and even that was before the women’s match. He’s the only player for which this was done.

  8. mary says:

    There are probably a million features floating around discussing our Rafa & the stat of his injurys. I receiver this via facebook. It is interesting

    Just some more shit to read while we wait with baited breath to see our Rafa return to court & play well. Hopefully, definitely!!!!!

  9. AnaR says:

    mary, I think it is precisely so that all players can play at all times and not just always on the same time/hour .. imagine if a player touches only play in the hours when temperatures are higher … have to be rotated. What is happening to Rafa is that when he has to play at the last match he has to be very soon in the box and it gets too long and if you’re a little nervous because it is still worse. Too much time and also end up so late that you do not have nearly enough time to rest for the next match. Rafael always prefers to play soon, even with heat. and I am very nervous today … I’m worried about what might happen.

  10. Rafafan says:

    Hi all

    I think the scheduling is because the TV companies know that Rafa and Monfils could be exciting to watch – and being in the USA they want their prime time viewing. Also Rafa is such a favourtie – and I reckon they may think he will be going out tonight coz of the injury so they want the US crowd to be the “in crowd” – that’s my feeling and my opinion”as Rafa says!

    I am from England – and guess what MURRAY HAS LOST FIRST SET AND 3 – 0 LOSING IN THE SECOND!

    If everyone is doing there maths – I am being the schoolteacher! – if Murray loses and Rafa wins against Monfils he gets to no 2 ! Hurrary Justice is done. I am typing this at 8.20pm England time so it may all change by then.

    With regard to sleep deprivation – I don’t say too much to the boss – we are going through redundancies at mo so won’t look too good. Will have to say somethning like I din’t sleep all night (true!!) but was ill (with emotion watching Rafa)

    Will let you know Murray score later. Good that I have computer almost next to tele on sky!

  11. AnaR says:

    ¡vamosssssssssssss Rafaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!.

  12. AnaR says:

    Yes, you can!, Yes, you can… uncle toni use this phrase sometimes with Rafa.

  13. Rafafan says:

    Can’t believe it 1 set to Cilic and 4 – 0 to Cilic second set.

    Good for Rafa. Our man might just win on adrenalin knowing this if he is injured! Time 8.30pm British time

  14. Rafafan says:

    OK Cilic 8.50pm British time. Cilic 2 sets up and broken Murray in the 1st game! Howzthat. Hope you don’t mind me emailing about the game but can’t stand murray and want our Rafi to get to no 2. This is the biggest quick chance he has.

    PS: About the night gear for Nike and Rafa – I think it was gonna be black -but Potro is wearing it and I think didn’t want to still his thunder and Nike being Nike they have yellow and black to sell!

    Vamos indeed!(just gone out to get a few beers to celebrate hoping Murray loses and our Rafa knows the score!). I am so excited with the anticipation.

    • Lou Lou says:

      OMG!!!!! Cilic is just killing out there!!! OMG I’m soo happy!!!! If Marin goes through — then — Just One more Win for Nadal and he’s Back to where he belongs!! (Well one short of where he truly belong ;)!!) But YAY!

  15. Lou Lou says:

    5 – 2 — CILIC one game away!!!!!!!

  16. Suzanne says:

    Wooohooo Cilic! Now our boy’s fate is in his own hands. Let’s go tonight Rafi…you are the one! Here’s hoping the tummy is feeling good.

  17. Ch F says:

    It’s unbelievable!!! I don’t want to sound mean, but it’s good that someone else is in trouble as well, even without injuries, cause it seemed everyone was a star all of a sudden, everyone but Rafa! The fact that a non-injured player supposedly in great form was disqualified puts thing in perspective, at last. I don’t mean to underestimate Murray or anyone else, but I’m sick and tired of reading excellent critics about players that have never won a grand slam and average evaluations of Rafa just because he was unlucky enough to get injured doing too much of what he likes most.

  18. Lou Lou says:

    He’s done it!!!! He did it!!! He Did it!!!! OMG!!! Cilic BT Murray!

    Tonite, All Nadal has to do is keep his serve up…. keep his service returns in – Beat Monfils —- Get into QF and We’re back to the good Ol’Days of the 1 – 2 , 1 – 2 .. then by clay season next yr No.1 !!

    Nadal FTW!!!

  19. Lou Lou says:

    He’s done it!!!! He did it!!! He Did it!!!! OMG!!! Cilic BT Murray!

    Tonite, All Nadal has to do is keep his serve up…. keep his service returns in – Beat Monfils —- Get into QF and We’re back to the good Ol’Days of the 1 – 2 , 1 – 2 .. then by Oz or clay season next yr No.1 !!

    Nadal FTW!!!

  20. Rafafan says:

    Just have to let you know I think Murray was injured too – wrist injury – notice the bandage and his pressy. If you look at the replays he had his wrist strapped up – and to be honest he wasn’t that great tonight – alot of errors which you wouldn’t expect but at the same time (Rafa’s cue here!) Cilic played hot – all you Rafa fans let’s make sure that Monfills doesn’t play hot. He could be hot or inconsistent – whhich is it do you think tonight?

    Anyway VAMOS VAMOS from a Brit!!!

    • mary says:

      SENDING BAD VIBES NOW TO MONFILS.:) :) Nothing personal Monfils, but we want our man back knocking at the fed door, then back to numero uno asap!!!!!!!!!!!

    • glors27 says:

      Vamos Rafa! how nervous we all are…but tonight lets all have very positive thoughts – let’s not talk injuries, no?
      Our Rafa will win and be back in No 2 spot!Positivas todas!
      everyone with positive acktitude!!
      Can’t wait…
      Gonzo playing now – even at 1 set apiece with Tsonga –

  21. glors27 says:

    have just broken out with horrible allergy – my eyes swollen and can’t stop scratching! something I ate or nerves…rafa, please play soon…
    Serena hasn’t started yet…this will bw a long night.

    • Suzanne says:

      glors27, take some Benadryl and bathe your eyes with cool water. Also, drink as much water as you can. Can’t have you suffering during a Rafi match! Feel better… BTW, Ganzo just won set #3 against Tsonga. May it be a marathon so that when Rafi faces the winner (after beating Monfils tonight!) he’ll have one tired puppy to play against in the quarters! Oh Rafi, we all want you to win this tourney so badly! Serve up some more crow to the doubters. I have to say, however, that Brad Gilbert, P Mac, and Darrenn Cahill all have said that Monfils will be a good person for Rafi to face if his tummy is hurting as he doesn’t go for bombs in returning serve. He looked peaceful and happy when they showed him practicing on Ashe before the Serena/Panetta match (how cool is it that they let him practice there…a rareity!). Oh I hope that set two of this chick match flies by…I can’t wait to see our boy. See some of you on in the chat page soon!

  22. Suzanne says:

    RAFA rocked the planet!!! Love it!

  23. Courtney says:

    YES! I am so pumped up with adrenaline from watching this match and it’s after midnight (and an 8:00 class tomorrow!). But still: YES! VAMOS!!!

  24. Eliana says:

    Oh God, I had to take breaks from watching this game! Beautiful seeing Rafa so pumped up and improving his serve. I’m in such a high I can’t sleep, more Rafa, VAMOS!!!!