Round 2 match photos

Photos by DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images, REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine, and REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky

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  1. SapphrieSwell says:

    Wow, this match surprisingly became a nailbiter in the second set – ref. “D’oh” pic. Rafa got jitters, and I started cursing and muttering in my seat.

    But he pulled through, with a few Vamoses along the way :D

    Miri, I think your tweet about this match being a confidence builder is right. Hopefully he can remember pull himself back together like this during the next tough match!

  2. AnaR says:

    So what if Kiefer has won the second set. That’s not so important. People like me that we like the tennis from small and we see all the tennis that we can, we always knew that Kiefer is a great tennis player and one of the toughest on the circuit. It also has 32 years this means that he has a good control his body and his game and he is not so nervous as a very young tennis player against one number one as Nadal. I knew the game would be tough. Kiefer is almost saying goodbye to tennis and he could have done the best of his career have if he win to Rafa. All players who are facing to him are very motivated and play against him and in NY it must be quite impressive. The important thing is that Rafa has responded and he has won. That’s all that matters. And every time he’s better.

  3. An says:

    You are right AnaR but its so nerve wrecking when youre watching Rafa like that… And you aren’t able to actually do anything.. at least thats how i experience it!
    But verry proud and happy for the win, on to the next match!

    Thanks for pic 8, confirms that the treasure trail is unhurt after the taping in Cincy :-) :P

  4. CC says:

    Gosh, that boy has got really clean nostrils.

    I thought Rafa looked a little tired/rough when I saw him on court last night and looking at him in these photos, I still think so.
    It might just be the non-shaven face and I thought his eyes looked kind of darker than usual. I hope he allows himself some rest and a few ice-creams as well. We don’t want you to fade away, Rafa

  5. Atch2 says:

    Yeah, great no tummy tape.

    Trying to see if there really is mesh on the inner thighs of the shorts, and can’t see.

    And the boy is pretty clean, look at his hands. The only things that look ungroomed are his unshaven face and uncombed hair. His pretty neat abt most things, e.g., bandana, hanging the wet shirt out to dry after he takes it off.

  6. AnaR says:

    It’s true he was looking a little more tired than normal.. but it is because nobody until yesterday was so hard like Kiefer.. nobody on the last matches had presented so much fight.. like Kiefer. Kiefer played a great match and himself said that he saw Rafa more accesible than normal.. he never had won any set against Rafa but really Kiefer yesterday was a great tennis player..moving continuosly to Rafa from a side to the other side of the track.. and playing with a great style.. cool and hard. And the public of NY appreciate much this attitude especially when he had lost on the first set by 6-0. Great Rafa and great Kiefer.

  7. Atch2 says:

    Nike, what happened to the Black shirt option for night matches?
    But no matter, Rafa’s like sunshine in the night.

  8. patzin says:

    I think Rafa tends to play at the level needed. So after the 1st set he relaxed and maybe lost some concentration. then he had to regroup, which he eventually did. Started a strange match, but got more exciting to say the least. Initially I think Kiefer was overwhelmed playing in the arena. I remember Rafa saying it is so large you feel small there on court. An adjustment – Kiefer adjusted and started playing up to his level, and it made for an interesting contest. Rafa looked tired to me; a big test for him.

  9. faeaki 7 says:

    Would have been great to see Rafa in black but I love the mix up of the Jade/turquoise bandana and sweatbands, nice, this match is good for Rafa, he needed a bigger test to get him match confident and prove himself, its only going to get tougher out there. Rafa may look a little tired but he is looking stronger though than he had been before his injury! I didn’t see the match live as it was on so late, I just finished watching it on Sky less stressful but I thought he looked good although his serve % is a bit low and he is standing too far back, but was nice to see him take the ball on the rise and step in to attack!