Rafa blog & Q&A: Sep 04

Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty Images

Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty Images

Rafa’s doing steady blog and Q&A work so far this year. Here’s today’s blog.

Today I practiced with Ryan Harrison who is an American kid that is only 17. It is good to hit with these kids since they are helping you out and allowing me to work on specific shots or movements. For example my serve and backhand worked really well yesterday so I played a bit more of forehands. I prefer when my forehand is not working since it is a more natural shot for me and it comes back earlier. I suppose you know what I mean, right?

Then this afternoon I took it easier and stayed in my room for some time. At around 7 I decided to have a walk by the 5th avenue and did a bit of shopping. Bought a few things I needed. I don’t usually go out there shopping during tournaments, and definitely not when I am on holidays… and things like this but felt like it today and a bit of walk is also nice to clear the head.

Sounds like a pleasant enough day.

And the Q&A.

You said before that you failed P.E. once at school. Why was that, and what subject were you best at? – Julie Westbrook-Finch

RN: It is not really like that, true that it happened, but it is a long story. Maybe one day I’ll tell the whole story…

He’s never going to tell that story. :) And remember, if you ask a two part question, he’ll ignore part two!

Is it true that you asked All England Club to let you have the net used during 2008 Wimbledon final? If so, what are you going to do with it?! Use it on a court, or just keep it safe as a souvenir? – Afsaneh

RN: Yes and they very kindly gave it to me right after the final. I have it back at home as one of my favourite souvenirs.

Interesting souvenir.

If you had not become a professional tennis player and also not a soccer player, is there any “ordinary” profession you can imagine you would have carried on? Maybe anything with fishing? – Annika

RN: I think I would have always been a sportsman. Don’t see myself in an office.

I can’t picture it either. Well, let me try harder…okay, Rafa running around an office, seeing his head constantly popping over the cubicle walls because he’s jumping up and down, accidentally yelling at the online soccer game he’s playing on company time, getting potato chip and muffin crumbs all over his keyboard. Nope, I can’t picture it.

Do you smoke and have you ever been drunk? – Axèle

RN: never smoke, I really hate it, and I have not been really drunk.

Yeah for the no-smoking! Although, the state of his pupils in some of the Mallorca basement photos makes me wonder about his answer to that last one…

What do you think about the return of Kim Clijsters to the womens tour and how much her return will affect the level in the WTA? – Zainab Salrafi

RN: I think it is great. I really like Kim a lot and I am happy to see her again. She is very nice.

And the tour needs more splits.

You alway’s bite the trophy when you win a tournament. At what tournament did you bite the the trophy for the very first time and why did you bite it? – Val

RN: I did it at my first event title (Sopot)

Ah, so not first Masters.

I read an article that said that your haircut looks like Roger Federer’s now. Were you aware of that? – Sneha, Canada

RN: No, not really. Does it?

No, it doesn’t.

27 Responses

  1. Debbie says:

    ROFL Miri @ your bit about Rafa working in an office-You nailed it!! And, yes, when will people learn, Rafa will answer ONE question, not 2 or 3. One.

    And, um, I think there might have been a little tequila on board when he was dancing on the bar with Carlos too. Just sayin’. :)

    • Carol says:

      Bet Carlos is a fun guy to go partying with ;-))

      Rafa in an office…

      The space will seem minute with that presence there.

      Well, if he can’t learn to put his mobile on silent – he’ll surely break the photocopier. Every day.

      He’ll empty the watercooler by mid-day with glugging so much water (oh but he’s the ideal person to lift those awkward full replacement bottles on top [I’m only 5 foot tall and its a bugger to do]).

      He’ll NEVER sit still through a ghastly department meeting.

      He’ll be doing wheely chair races across the office or paperclip tennis across the partitions. (You use a ruler as a racquet).

      As Miri points out, IT will be replacing his choccy muffin-guncked up keyboard monthly.

      Lucky the department footie team who gets him!

      He’ll never lack a partner at the annual dinner-dance… and he’ll never get pissed with the sales team.

      EVERYBODY will love him!

    • miri says:

      I forgot the parts where he’s always late and gets in trouble for making “ppppphhhhft” noises and faces whenever the CEO makes a suggestion he thinks is stupid…which would be often.

      • Carol says:

        I so wish I had the guts to do that hee,hee:-)))

        Oh yes, and he snuffles all the biscuits provided at meetings ;-))

        • An says:

          Oh you girls, you cracked me up…. You realy described what our Rafa would be in an office perfectly!

          And what about all the women that constantly needed to look over his shoulder trying to explain the next spread-sheet in a way that he would never understand it, over and over again.
          Ah no, make that 1 women!! I’m verry patient in explaining spreadsheets… ( Not )

  2. Atch2 says:

    What a cool souvenir. A net fm Wimby. Shows how much that win meant to Rafa.

    And never get drunk Rafa. Too many women would take advantage of you in those types of situations.

    I hope he didn’t go shopping at 7pm to avoid the crowd of fans. It’s a shame he can’t have normal time out.

    And no musical?

  3. tiemyshoe says:

    Note that he says he has not been “really” drunk. Rafa’s got more sneaky qualifiers than a White House press release. ;)

  4. johanne says:

    So awesome that he has the Wimby net. Of course they gave it to him. :)

  5. CC says:

    Ah…you wait 20 years and Rafa will be a chain smoking tennis coach who plays doubles with his “trainee”.

    What does “really drunk” actually mean? Is that Rafa’s-friends-have-to-ring-papa-Nadal-to-pick-Rafa-up-from-gutter-drunk? I can imagine that. Definitely. ;)

  6. Nada H. T says:

    Oh so Sweet..

    I love his half answers ..

  7. ally says:

    i bet he is not telling what he bought so that the fans can ask him.

    • Nada H. T says:

      It crossed my mind too :)

      I hope he’ll say it next time

    • Carol says:

      “Bought a few things I needed”. On the surface it could be something boring like toothpaste, but, as you suggest, ally, it might also be Rafa being a tease. ;-)

      On the other hand, if it was something like underpants, he might be a bit shy of saying so!

  8. faeaki 7 says:

    Oh thats funny, I didn’t know that, the net at Wimby? well he did have to give his winning racket away didn’t he? bless!!!

    Nice to see him out shopping a bit through the town, in Australia he was too self disciplined really concentrated on tennis, ok he won the tournament but shopping therapy is as good as any isn’t it? Love to know where he shopped, he likes Hugo Boss doesn’t he? *drools at thought of Rafa kitted out in a smart togs*..

    • Carol says:

      Ah, isn’t that just like Rafa to apologise for not updating his blog. Reason no. n (where n is an infinite number) why we love him!!