How much is Rafa’s outfit?

Never mind they don’t get the outfit exactly right, anyone have any idea why Rafa pulled his hand back so quickly when singing autographs? He looks shocked about something. The same moment is in the ITWF video – is it explained in either?

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  1. kefuoe says:

    Ummm… does it cost less if you get one that fits? Why would that reporter model such a poorly fitting ensemble. Anyway, I was just watching my recording of the Gasquet match, and I have to say, those black shorts are priceless!

  2. xta says:

    are you talking about when he drops the book that he is signing ??? for some reason they seem to replay it quickly when it happens — he signs, then drops it as he’s handing it back, then picks it up…then they replay it so it looks like he drops it again…that’s what it looks like to me…

  3. teejustice says:

    I think he might have been a little wary of getting his hand too far in the crowd. There were so many people around and no security. It can’t be comfortable getting tugged and reached at like that. I noticed that someone tried to touch his head and he quickly jerked back. Gotta be a delicate balance of toeing the line of accessible and careful.

  4. CC says:

    I think that boy stabs Rafa’s hand with the pen. The guy is saying something about that in Spanish, I think.

  5. faeaki 7 says:

    Yeah it looks like the pen stabbed him and he then drops the pad *sensitive Rafa!* There should be better security in the grounds, that stunt where someone tries to touch his head and he jerks away is scary!

    Hey not only is the outfit wrong but it sure goes without saying that the its not the clothes you wear but how! you wear them, best to leave it to Rafa himself to advertise his clothing, this guy definately does it an injustice!!!

  6. Carol says:

    Er, yes… I hope for Nike’s sake that some of the people paying 250 Euros for the full Rafa kit are wearing rose-coloured specs ;-)

    And, yeah, this has been said on the previous posts of this autographing video – WHERE is security?

  7. ally says:

    is that the smallest size they can get for him…he looks like a skinny monkey