Rafa blog & Q&A: Sep 03

Photo by Nick Laham / Getty Images

Photo by Nick Laham / Getty Images

Today’s Times Online blog and Q&A are up. First, the blog.

I did play Montreal and Cincinnati which are important tournaments and so I had a bit more rhythm. But still this was the first round match and Richard I am sure was also expecting to play after those horrible 3 months he’s passed. So I have to say I felt great and at a very good level.

Yeah, “very good level” might me one way to describe 10 unforced errors in 3 sets.

Tomorrow I will practice in the morning at 11.30 am and that will allow me to have the whole afternoon free. I might do some shopping here in the city or I might go again to the Mamma Mia musical. I’ll see after the practice and decide.

Maybe he’ll get to see the whole thing this time.

And the Q&A

I was wondering if the All England Club at Wimbledon have ever asked for an item from you to display in their museum. If so, what was it? – Julie

RN: Yes I have but I don’t remember exactly what. Not sure if it was a shirt I used or the shoes.

I think it’s a shirt.

Do you think Andrew Murray will win the US Open this year? – Mahesh Patel

RN: Sure he can win it… but I hope that’s note the case… you know what I mean… :-)


I just wanted to ask, this was a rumour, but was it true that you and Novak Djokovic were going to play doubles together in Cincinnati? If you were, do you hope to play doubles again with him anytime soon? And are you and him good friends off the court? – Ivan

RN: Yes, we were going to play in Cincinnati. We talked about it some time ago, I think it was in Rome. So we decided to play in Montreal or Cincy. He had already arranged to play with Vemic in Montreal so we entered in Cincy. Unfortunately I had some minor problems with my abdominal so decided not to risk. Another time.

Hope so, because that would be fun!

Do you prefer day or night games at the US open? – Hiromi

RN: I prefer day matches.

And the US networks prefer night…

Do you think that Uncle Toni is a harder coach on you than Francois Roig is? – June

RN: I think Toni is harder.

Shocking! ;)

If you were ever to play mixed doubles which of the ladies would you choose as a partner? – Val

RN: I don’t play doubles at the Slams so I won’t answer this one… and I know what you wanted to hear :-)

He’s a mind reader now!

I heard that you may possibly be returning to your signature ‘sleeveless’ kit sometime next year? Can you please confirm that this is true? – Trish

RN: I had a good time in Montreal playing the first round with it. Felt great. We leave this open. maybe yes, maybe no…

Wear whatever the hell you want, Rafa – just keep enjoying the competition.

20 Responses

  1. Atch2 says:

    “and I know what you wanted to hear :-)”
    I bet Rafa’s thinking that everyone would think he’d chose either Serena or Ana. Cheeky grin back at u Rafa.

  2. Carol says:

    I read these on The Times online site earlier today and had a good giggle! Rafa knows just what he is doing… LOL!

    Rafael Nadal Parera …I think you can be a bit of a flirt, you naughty man ;-))

  3. johanne says:

    They totally burned him with the title “Why I hope Andy Murray doesn’t win the US Open” – sounds meaner than he said it. Pfff, journos.

    Def would LOVE to see Rafa & Nole play together soon! And I would guess he’d play mixed dubs with Kimmie.

  4. CC says:

    What the heck! I want to know what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Rafa! What’s going on?!

  5. An says:

    O: “he’s a mind reader now”… Well i better watch out then cause sometimes my toughts would be enough to get arrested i think!
    But yes I’ll accept an invitation to play mix-doubles with you anny day Rafa, i totally love to play mix-doubles!

    Return of the sleeveless, “maybe yes, maybe no… we leave that open”
    You do that Rafa! Whatever, if you feel comfortable in it..
    I can be a tease too!

  6. allyS says:

    rafa getting cheeky

  7. Wooffie says:

    I got my question answered, the one about what he gave to the Wimbers museum. Yeyyyyyy for me!!!!! It is soooo exciting as it feels like Rafa is talking to you *love*

    By the way Rafa, you donated the shorts and shirt you wore and the Spanish flag you were carrying at the end of the match … all have been autographed. (Some kind person posted a link in the comments *winks*).

  8. Shar says:


    I just love his answers, but about the Wimbledon museum, I visited it this summer, and they spent a whole section on the 2008 final. Both Rafa and Federer gave stuff:
    Rafa: shirt, shorts, shoes, spanish flag, wrist bands and his racket, all with autograph.
    Federer: cardigan, short, bag, shoes.

    I have pictures of it if anyone’s interested!

  9. Kalliopeia says:

    Aw. It’s nice to see Rafa feeling a little playful. Usually his answers are so standard, you could almost give them for him.

    Must remember to set dvr today…..

    • Carol says:

      Perhaps Rafa’s answers are usually so standard because he’s asked the same questions so many times, he could recite them in his sleep!