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  1. Nic says:

    Wow how handsome does rafa look here *swoon*
    boo I’m so upset I couldn’t see his match. That just blows.
    At least getting to see him happy, with colm, and gorgeous here in this vid makes me happier. Darn eurosport in Paris :( hope can see his matches when I’m in Barcelona, not sure the hotel will have the right channel.
    Vamos rafa, sounds like a convincing confident win! So happy for that.

    • Josh says:

      Nic trust me; its Spain, its Nadal and its prime time. He will be on a viewable channel, he is too much of a national treasure to be not.

      • Nic says:

        Yeah I figure as much too. But so burnt by tonight’s scenario don’t know what to think :( anyway fingers crossed! Thanks Josh :)

      • Atch2 says:

        That is 110% for sure. When I went to Spain, I saw Rafa on tv more than the PM and royal family. Alot of replays too. The press luv him.

    • mary says:

      they only showed one set here, I guess better than nothing

      • Clare says:

        I sent in a complaint to Fox Sports about the endless and useless chat that took us away from the match at 6am’ish this morning, and the replay broadcast at 1pm this afternoon, in which they didn’t show more than a set and a half without charging off to other completed matches (which could have been broadcast by themselves later given the matches were being replayed).

        They replied saying that it was a mistake on their behalf, and that their aim is to show the top seeds as completely as they can, if not live then definitely on repeat the following day.

        Make of that what you will :) !!!

        • mary says:

          Oh you are a heaven Clare & I must do the same. I was so angry at the time I dare not write anything that might have got me arrested! Now that I have found my “colm” & worked all day to get rid of excess frustration (well I could expand on it Rafa,me) I feel better but not satisfied until it is corrected.

    • An says:

      Where do you live Nic?
      Here in the Netherlands they shown the whole match on Eurosport…

  2. mary says:

    He looks like he put a red rinse in his hair. It now looks exactly like my colour. I’m looking for the hidden camara in my room!!!!!! he, he

  3. mary says:

    Oh f*****k I just wanna play with his hair & well need I say more!! *faints*

  4. Nada H. T says:

    OoOoH … Watching … RAFA .. Speaking ..

    …. it is a luxury ..

  5. Atch2 says:

    He does like pretty gorgeous here, no.

    • Atch2 says:

      Sorry, meant He does LOOK pretty gorgeous here, no.

      • Carol says:

        Yes, we all get a bit jumbled when we’re concentrating on our darling Rafa. Fingers trembly on the keyboard I think!!

        Pretty gorgeous and humble Rafa. Ahh!

  6. CC says:

    “A few musicals…”
    How many is that exactly for you, Rafa?

    • An says:

      Leave him his musicals…
      I’d be happy to accompany him to it, even if i didn’t like the musical at all, i’ll enjoy myself by watching him enjoy it!

      • mary says:

        Well Rafa, you & me could start our own little recital. It’s amazing how high I can get my notes given the right situation. LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL.

      • CC says:

        I adore that he goes to musicals, don’t get me wrong! I just think it’s funny… ;)

  7. Atch2 says:

    How cute is that curl falling on his forehead?