Rafa blog and Q&A

Photo by Beth Wilson

Photo by Beth Wilson

Double dose today! First up, his blog entry.

Let me tell you first that I am very happy to be doing this again. I was going to do this from Wimbledon but you all know what happened. I have talked about this a lot lately but once more you should know how sad I was for not being able to compete this year at the Championships. No one more than me suffered for not being there.

But now I am back, I am in NY ready to go tomorrow against my friend Gasquet and feeling good physically and mentally. Maybe it is not the best first round I could have, actually it is the worst or one of the worst since Richard is a great player and one of the best out of the seeded players. I have been in NYC since Sunday after Cincinnati, that’s more than a week and as I always say always looking forward to the start of the competition.

Many thanks to all of you for the support and for following me. Let’s hope tomorrow I am back with more.

We are definitely hoping!

And now, the Q&A.

I read that you will cut some tournaments out of your schedule next year, is this true? If so I hopefully Queens will not be one of them. The British fans really missed you there this year. – Cedrine

RN: No, not really. I am still working in the calendar plan with my agent Carlos Costa and my uncle. The mandatory events are there and not much we can change. I didn’t really play many other events this year either apart from the time I was injured.

I’m just not going to comment. ;)

Do you and Uncle Toni ever fight? – Mary Robinson

RN: Let’s say we disagree on things sometimes.

Heh. Ever the diplomat.

I saw the shots you did for Vogue, and I was wondering if you had a favourite designer, and do you have a favourite outfit? – Siobhan

RN: No, not really. I use a lot of different designers.

Just don’t ever let them talk you into gold lame bags that look like they should be holding some rich starlet’s toy poodle.

Your mother once said that she doesn’t recognise you on court – do you feel like a different person when you’re on court than when you’re off it? – Emma

RN: I think I am different. I have been told I look very agressive on court but I am very quiet outside the court.

You’ve been told that? You had to be told?

Has Maymo ever accidentally let go of the elastic bands (during your warm-up routine)? – Karen

RN: Maymo no, but I have done it once by mistake… :-)

Poor Maymo.

Have you played Andy Murray at tennis football? Are you better than him? – Louise

RN: Yes, I have played with him in Paris Bercy. He is good, I have to say.

No answer answer!

You are a fan of singer David Bisbal right? He was also in New York. Did you meet him? – Guis

RN: No, I didn’t meet him, didn’t know he was here. I like his music.

Given his recent musical confessions, I’m afraid to Google this guy and take a listen…

14 Responses

  1. Atch2 says:

    Well I dared to google ‘David Bisbal’ and got a curly haired pop/rock dude singing back at me. Looks like another version of Ricky Martin.

    Luv the Maymo question. Agree, poor Maymo. Getting slapped with the elastic band and stuck carrying the heavy loaded backpack with massage bed and a tub of Haargen Daz cookies ‘n cream.

  2. MAITE says:

    i never write here but i feel i have to worn you all: never ever (even if Rafa says he’s a good singer) listen to David Bisbal! ;)

  3. mary says:

    “You had to be told?”
    Do you think he’s playing Mr. innocent here? His persona on court is his absolute alter ego. Dr jeckel & Mr hyde.
    Glad we get to see & hear the off court you, otherwise you’d be downright scary, but gorgeous at the same time. Wouldn’t that be confusing!!!!!!!

  4. AnaR says:

    Atch2.. Sorry but David Bisbal not look anything absolutely to Ricky Martin … personally do not like neither David or Ricky it’s not the kind of music I like but .. David was a finalist in the contest in Spain Bloopers and he sings very well … he has a great voice and moves very well, very comfortable on stage. Ricky Martin running very well on stage but in no way has a great voice. That’s the difference. I did not know that Rafa is fan of David Bisbal.. What a surprise!.. really Rafa and me we don’t have the same musical taste.. And with respect to both faces into the track and on life.. of Rafa.. I repeat that he’s Geminis.. two different faces…

  5. Suzanne says:

    Yes, and let’s not forget the Rafi who began to weep at the SF match in Australia, when he had his good pal Verdasco down 0-40 triple match points. He has admitted that he struggles with feeling bad when he’s beating someone he likes. No matter how fierce he is, his sweetness comes through one way or another.

  6. faeaki 7 says:

    Personally I love his on court demeanour, its awsome, he has been called names from the assasin, the raging bull to good ole relentless Rafa.. I love his snarls and stares and the way he yells si! when he gets a good point and then off court he is the perfect Gent, the humble champion.
    I too acknoweledged his tears and emotions at the A/O, if I could put together pics of Rafa winning each championship point it would be amazing.

    Love the way he answeres with no answer and who the f**k is David bisbal??? Maybe Rafa was being polite lol….

  7. Iliana says:

    You know how some people have some some guilty pleasures…Well maybe Rafa likes pop songs that have a contagious beat. I like some of Bisbal music but especially because of the hint of that trademark flamenco falsetto voice (i don’t know if that’s what its called) and Rafa is Spanish. Anyway, hi to everybody

  8. Nada H. T says:

    I love the 2 faces of this particular Gimini ;)

    Since I am a Gemini myself ,, I know how it feels!

    Rafa is fierce and determined on court, Yet friendly and dreamy

    off court..