On the loose

Meant to post this earlier…oh well. Rafa on the loose and dealing with fans.

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  1. patzin says:

    People sticking cameras in his face. I applaud him for his patience.

  2. Atch2 says:

    The security at the USO is non-existent/ridiculous. Maybe Rafa’s holding the racket for self-protection?

  3. Trish says:

    Where IS the security!? Goodness.

  4. Carol says:

    That is creepy. Yeah, where is the security?

    Heck, I feel embarrassed for the human race, sometimes.

    I *know* it’s exciting to see Rafa, but some people just have no couth. He’s a human being, with feelings, for God’s sake: not a bloody freak show.

    He must feel absolutely hounded sometimes, and it says a lot for him that he doesn’t have a posse of hulks in black suits and shades around him.

    Rant over. :-)

  5. mary says:

    Is this the second time Rafa has gone for a merry excursion? He doesn’t seem to mind the spontaneity, just seizing the moment type thing or is it a spare court comes up at a moments notice. Whatever, it’s just a thought but maybe he doesn’t give the security enough notice & decides I’m going for it!!!!!!!
    Maybe on court he has set routines, but any other time he might just like the buzz of just doing it.
    Hey after spending what nearly 2 & 1/2 months having physio & therapy for 5 hours a day & sleeping with a machine all night (where did xisca fit?)no wonder our Rafa is on the run!! ;) ;)

  6. aRafaelite says:

    That really is quite scary. I remember waiting for Martina Navratilova’s autograph one afternoon in Eastbourne. I patiently waited about 2 hours for her to come on court. Despite her being the No. 1 women’s player at the time, I was the only person waiting for an autograph, and yet her security guards pushed me (gently) aside. (She apologised)! Over 20 years ago, and she had better security than Rafa does now. Mental note to self: confine close encounters with Spanish tennis players at next year’s AO to my illusions.

    • mary says:

      So you going too?

      • aRafaelite says:

        Hoping to get tickets for middle weekend through to QFs but just missed deadline for priority tickets so will have to wait and see what I can get (and afford)! Hopefully coming with a crazy friend from Peru who’s a Rafa & Fer fan too (also of Fed but am trying to overlook that). Fingers crossed it’ll all work out. Wish u could buy tickets for players not courts though. Gonna be hard to watch Rafa, Fer, Fena, Nole, Tsonga, Robredo, Ferrer, Monfils, Murray & Monaco (my current Top Ten men) plus Sammy, Jankovic, Dementieva, Suarez-N, Ivanovic as well. I’m not good with crowds so a bit nervous. That’s why I’ve only been to smaller women’s tourneys before. But regret not going to Wimbly all those years in London, and have to see Rafa play at least once, so am gonna be there with bells on!

        • mary says:

          Hope it won’t be crowded like NY, but I suspect it will. So be early for everything.
          I’m there from Qtr’s to final. All centre court tickets, however costing lots for privilage. So f*****g worth it if he is there. You should go to the Brissy Int. smaller & more personal. No Rafa though, bugger. Getting personal with him would be sooooooooo nice. *mind & body melt down happening here*

  7. faeaki 7 says:

    Even though the fans here are over the top I think that Rafa really doesn’t mind at the mo, he seems so happy to be freeee again lol.. he has been through a couple of tough months and is relishing the moment. I hated to see him suffering like before.

  8. Suzanne says:

    He so sweetly clasped the hand of that one guy who stuck his hand out. What a gentle man he is, not understanding why people are so bonkers about him, but accepting it anyway. How lovely it is to have someone like him to watch and root for!

    • mary says:

      Suzanne that word ‘root’ has a totally different meaning here. *faints*

      • aRafaelite says:

        :D – I wonder if the girl with the famous “Casate con migo Rafa” sign at the AO will try “Rooting for Rafa” next year?! *falls over laughing*

        • mary says:

          I must of missed that. What did I miss?

          • aRafaelite says:

            I think it was the final, possibly the semi-final, that a girl was waving a big sign asking Rafa to marry her “Casate con migo Rafa” and Jim Courier thought it was funny and kept referring to it.

            The next day I had an email from the online Spanish course I signed up to a few years ago (in pre-Rafaelite days I might add) with the subject line “Marry me Rafa”, commenting on the sign, and noting that several people who’d recently signed up for the course, when asked why they wanted to learn Spanish, had responded simply, “Rafael Nadal”!

            He does seem to have that effect on people, doesn’t he?!

            • mary says:

              guilty as charged I am now studying Spanish!!!

              • Delta says:

                FYI;- as if I know anything? You’ll want to learn “Catalan” closest “Spanish” as you can get if want to understand Nadal. Albeit, even that, he has his “own words” in the Village he grew up in, so makes it interesting. If speak English, he’s easier to converse with now, especially in last 1.5 years or so. Fun to know Reg. Spanish anyway as it gives you “the basic language” always helpful…RosettaStone.com is a great source for online tools in any language e.g; Catalan A bit on the pricey side though.

                • CC says:

                  Rafa speaks both mallorqui (variety of catalan) and castellano, so learning what we call “Spanish” will be absolutely fine if you want to speak to him!

      • Delta says:

        What does it mean? We assume “cheering”, no? LOL!

    • Delta says:

      Just a overall genuine “nice guy” that Rafael is! It is refreshing, no? Floves to be free. Something that has eluded him in past 4-5 years, unless he’s back home in Manacor/Porto Cristo. Has to “unleash’ somewhere, where else but “on the grounds” of Flushing Meadows!!! Again, he’s just an QD (everyday)
      guy right?