Times Online Q&A day 2

Photo via the Times Online site

Photo via the Times Online site

Day 2’s Q&A is up. Excerpts:

Great to see you back playing tennis, you’ve been missed. Looking forward to see you play at US Open and will be cheering and supporting you all the way.Do you have any routines to relieve the anxiety, on the night before a match, to ensure a good night sleep and rest? – Anne Buchanan

RN: No, I have no routines at all. I sleep well.

Why do I find it difficult to believe that he has no superstitious routines the night before a match? Oh yeah, he’s not superstitious at all. ;)

You have been greatly missed. I wanted to ask you about playing doubles with Francis in Montreal – how did it feel to be playing with your coach? From the little we saw it looked like a fun experience. Is Francis still with you in New York now that Toni is there? Buena suerte. – Belinda Shaw

RN: I thought it as a lot of fun to play with Francis and it also helped me to get more rhythm of competition and prepare Montreal. Very good experience.

And so much fun to watch!

If your ipod broke down and all but three songs were erased, which songs would you hope were left? – Carin, Brighton

RN: Back to you – Bryan Adams; Bon Jovi – In these arms; Julio Iglesias – Vuela amigo,vuela alto

Oh god. We must really do something about his taste in music.

I’m so glad to see you back! These two months that you’d been away, tennis became bland and boring…I was wondering if you’d lost some weight in these two months, because you’re looking slimmer now… Here’s hoping you’ll do really well in USO. All the best! VAMOS! Love you always and forever. – Mohona

RN: Many people have asked me that and said it. The truth is that unless all the balances in the world are wrong, I have not lost any weight. I am the same

The same. Always the same.

23 Responses

  1. patzin says:

    Interesting photo – grrrrrr! Rafa is so good at not answering questions.

  2. mary says:

    Scales, thats what I say, “all the balances in the world are wrong”.there must be a wire tap in my house. LOL!!
    Rafa you are one funny b*******d.
    As to the music, I think I would have prefered he reference “the phantom of the opera instead”. Rafi stick to La Oreja de Van Gogh, they are way cooler.

    • Carol says:

      I don’t give a poo poo about his musical taste as long as it pleases him.
      “as long as he loves me” – Nancy from Oliver! Fat Chance, but ever optimisitc.

  3. Atch2 says:

    Rafa what’s wrong? You look frustrated in the photo. Maymo bandaged your finger too tight?

    I read somewhere that Rafa likes to fall asleep while watching a dvd. But I can imagine he sleeps like a baby. Wonder what he wears to bed. Pjs, shorts, …

    And leave the man to his music. Thank goodness he didn’t say he liked Paris Hilton’s crap.

    • mary says:

      tighty whity’s darling. Drooling a little here.
      It’s your fault Atch2, your post distracted my pure thoughts!!!!

      • CC says:

        Yeah, didn’t somebody ask ones what he sleeps in and he said underpants? I find that intriguing, do people sleep in their undies and…why? What’s wrong with sleeping…ahem…naked, Rafa?

        • Atch2 says:

          He would look cute in boxers too. But maybe he was being modest, bec he does seem like an au naturel kinda guy.

        • mary says:

          Maybe he does, but just doesn’t want us droolers to over excite ourselves. It could be hazardous to know the truth.
          PS I pinched all the bath towels, he ain’t got nothing to wrap around that famous arse when he sleeps now. ;) ;)

  4. An says:

    That music is not my taste either but the text of that songs…

  5. CC says:

    Heh, that was my question, with the three songs in the ipod… Why am I not surprised with his answer? ;)
    Although I have to admit, if I were to pick one Bryan Adams song that I like, it would be that one!

  6. mary says:

    Btw the person who asked about the cookies & cream lives here in aussieland. No, not me if your thinking, but I could’ve come up with a Q. like that. Maybe. He, he!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. faeaki 7 says:

    I thought the cookies and cream one was the best, considering Rafa indulges in such things..
    Ok, his taste in music ain’t mine but it could be worse.. He seems to like his rock and is a romantic at heart, notin wrong with that!! kinda sexy actually.. * fans self*

  8. Suzanne says:

    I love the fact that he is so romantical! What a fun combination…Mr. Testoserone, mucho muscles, with a sweet and tender heart…Love it, love it!

  9. kalliopeia says:

    Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi and Julio Iglesias?

    Oh Rafa. I don’t know if I can love you anymore.