Short practice videos and pics

Tennis Connected has a series of short practice videos up from today. Rafa practiced on the standard courts right next to the main stadium and then left. People thought he was done, but he took off running to the east courts to practice some more.

They also have some pictures posted here.

7 Responses

  1. Atch2 says:

    Highlighter-Yellow Rafa is back. He’s been practicing on so many outer courts. I hope they’ve let him practice on Arthur Ashe or the other big courts already.

    Missed watching that wonderful footwork.

    That Run Rafa Run photos is funny. But where the heck are his security?

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    Out of topic. but I was wondering did Rafa practice with Murray this time?

  3. CC says:

    Hah, I wondet who the guy groaning in the background is. Seems to put Rafa off a bit, no?

    The photo of Rafa running through the grounds is precious.

  4. faeaki 7 says:

    That photo of Rafa running through to the courts is great, but why is he alone, risky Rafa!!!

    Great practice vids, nice to see him working on the serve, now hows about keeping further in from the baseline!!!
    How I wish I could be there watching him, must be amazing. He is looking very handsome too here..

    • CC says:

      I don’t know if he is alone, but if he can’t be I find that so sad… People are scarily crazy. );

      • An says:

        Hey. If he’s running he’s so fast, nobody can catch him, hihi…

        To be serious, yes it would be sad if he can’t be alone around the tennis courts but he should be carefull indeed.

      • mary says:

        Yeah CC take you & me for example! He, he……..
        Did anyone btw actually find out why he was running. Was it just to get to another court. Maybe he thought f*****k it, no one will notice me at all. Very Cheeky Rafi!!!!!