Rafalint: August 28th

Time to gather up some of the Rafalint that abounds on the internet. Don’t want those dust bunnies to get too out of control.

39 Responses

  1. johanne says:

    Nice delivery of his lines on the Todos con Rafa video thingy! Very relaxed & natural. I’m impressed. :)

    • CC says:

      Yeah, but you can’t hear a word he says! ;)
      To quote my nan: “Young people nowadays don’t A-R-T-I-C-U-L-A-T-E. You MUST articulate!” Heh, my nan need to have a word with him.

      • Atch2 says:

        To me Rafa is always going 100miles per hour when he’s speaking in his native tongue. Don’t understand any of it. He looks great though. Great montage of people returning his shots.

        Lookg at that Kia behind the scenes again, that’s not Rafa pushing the roll of hay by himself. And LOL they showed Rafa stumbling on the road.

  2. CC says:

    I think Rafa could have treated himself to some dessert, if he’s as skinny as he looks in those dinner pics! Blimey… Suspect it’s the black shirt.
    He looks fantastic, though!!! The hair looks…awesome. Me wants to touch. And smell. So much.

    I don’t believe a word when Rafa says he’s been partying. Apart from going to your local basement club, we know that you haven’t done any partying, Rafa. It’s OK, you don’t have to try to look cool in our eyes! (We know you’re a complete dork, anyway.) ;)

    Oh, he’s sweet.

    • johanne says:

      I’ve never met anyone who likes tequila that didn’t also know how to have a good time. ;)

      • CC says:

        True. But I’m not convinced that he likes tequila, either… ;)

        • An says:

          Me neither, not buying that…
          She just try’s to make us jealous ( and its working!!! )

          Shell i go and investigate if Rafa realy likes tequila?

          • CC says:

            Yeah, An, to really convince me, can you do that, please! ;)

            • An says:

              Right away, but there might be a chance that i’m not coming back… Might enjoy partying with Rafa…

              * off to pack the suitcase and take the first plane out to NY *

          • Delta says:

            You all are so funny w/comments. Re; tequila? Rafael does “infrequently” have uno/dos
            but not big on “alcohol” in general. Loves his soda; coke. H20 always!!

        • CC says:

          Ah, my bad. I couldn’t see the comment from that lady first. Now I believe. Well, party on then, Rafa!

        • Carol says:

          What about the worm in the bottle if Raf doesn’t like creepy-crawlies…? Yuk.

  3. Atch2 says:

    Rafa had tequila but didn’t have dessert? Very strange indeed. Maybe it was cheesecake. Or he was saving room for dessert time with Xisca.

    If I have dinner with Rafa, I don’t think I could eat. Would be very distracted by him.
    And his hair is shorter than I expected.

    Intelligent, supercute and shy? That’s our Rafa, charming everyone that meets him.

    And Rafa already has his AO 2010 outfit planned. I have trouble with what I’m wearing to work in the mornings. But not liking that Salmon/Orange combo Nike. The colours don’t complement each other.

    • An says:

      Had i bin on that dinner table i only would have appetite for one thing……. To unbutton that black shirt of him, suits you verry nice Rafa!

    • dutchgirl says:

      I don’t like that outfit either – not the right color of orange for me (it makes me think of the outfit of the Dutch soccer team, and i hate soccer…).

  4. mary says:

    I think that AO outfit has gonna have to grow on me, cause I think Nike has got it wrong, except I like the fact it’s a T. I think Rafa likes the T’s better.
    As to the Kia add. Weird! Can’t even get the right coloured ball, green at one stage or it’s my pc or me. LOL. They had the right concept but it looks soo amateur. The only thing they got right is Rafa. That wouldn’t be hard.
    Rafa does look thinner, I don’t care what he is telling us the world, I see what I see. He doesn’t have a ounce of fat. Any thinner & I will start taking up a collection for a food parcel, especially since he is knocking back a yummy sweet.

  5. An says:

    JMac’s comment on Rafa’s outfit:

    “You’d have to be a real macho man to wear those colors.”


    • dutchgirl says:

      I like that, same with the pink shirt at RG. Not at all like Roger, who sticks with the obvious colours over and over.

    • mary says:

      “You’d have to be a real macho man to wear those colors.”

      If it were anyone other than Rafa you’d wonder what their gender taste was. Oh he can wear anything & it looks delectable, although I think less looks soooo much better. Jumping over the dinner table ripping that silky black shirt off, omg. *feeling sticky hot now*

  6. Carol says:

    Well, next year’s kit colour combination is… er different.
    1. What funny stuff was the Nike creative director smoking?
    2. Who signed off on this kit?
    3. Who will actually buy this, Nike, as anyone other than Rafa is going to look like a plonker?

    But, Rafa looks horn.. er hotter than ever.

    And I suppose he can’t in practical terms wear a silky black shirt on court… er God, yes he could: rip, tear, popping buttons…exposed biceps, rippling chest… Practical enough for me…*faints*

    • Atch2 says:

      Carol, u’ve got to be a Brit. ‘Plonker’ is such classic Brit slang. LOL. I prefer to call anyone else wearing this AO gear a ‘dag’.

      • Carol says:

        Yup, I am British (not Brit pleeese *praying hands*)…and er, I used plonker instead of something more pejorative that wd not be suitable ;-))… but hope you agree with the sentiment, that hell, Rafa would make a bin bag sexy!

  7. AnaR says:

    I have heard in Spain.. “Rafa is a petite suisse”… (Petit-suisse is a fromage frais; an unripened, unsalted, smooth and creamy cheese.

    Petit-suisse may be consumed with sugar, as a dessert with jam or honey, or salted and peppered with herbs. It is also used in meat stuffings. A mixture of petit-suisse and mustard is sometimes applied to rabbit to prevent the meat from degrading (falling apart) during cooking)…

    And it’s funny by the meaning of “suisse”.. he,he,he. I like it this sentence.

    • mary says:

      AnaR, you is precious girl! I think that could be the most perfect description of our delicious, delectable, decidable scrumptious man I’ve ever heard. “Rafa is a petite suisse” unsalted, smooth & creamy cheese. Oh f***k I truly did die & went to heaven. Only with one exception. He is sooo sooo so ripe & ready for the picking, I wanna pick him yesterday & taste that smooth & creaminess flavour that only Rafa can provide!! :) :D

      • Carol says:

        Rafa=petit-suisse…consumed… *cold shower*

        “smooth & creaminess flavour that only Rafa can provide” sounds like a delectable ripe Brie oozing out of its box… ahem…back to salty, sweaty kissable victorious Rafa just off court… mmmm…nibbly, nuzzleable, unshaven Rafa…*Rafaheaven beckons*

        • CC says:

          Ladies, I am shocked. ;)
          Heh, if Rafa read this I think he would quite happily be over in a second… Or scared to death!

          • Carol says:

            Heee, heee – I can only add “or an obscenely creamy Gorgonzola” to quote my favourite food writer and cook, Nigel Slater. Perhaps enough said, poor Rafa?? Pity he hates cheese.

            • killian says:

              And again I ask: how can Anyone hate cheese? Rafa, this one has me baffled!

              • Delta says:

                Killian, I’m another who dislikes cheese & know others as well who don’t care for it.
                Something to do w/textures & flavor going down. I know sounds strange as that could apply to any number of foodies.

      • aRafaelite says:

        Cute description, but I still think the best description of Rafa ever = Mowgli. Which makes Uncle Toni = Bagheera, Moya/Feli = Baloo, and Fed = Shere Khan ;)!

        • mary says:

          Interesting tit bit. Rudyard Kipling wrote jungle book, he also wrote the poem IF which was used in the 08 vid made for wimby, staring none other than our sweet Mowgli & the vicious Shere Khan. We know who won!!!!

          • aRafaelite says:

            True. Kipling is one of my favourite writers and lived not far from where I grew up in Sussex. The characters in the original story were a little different from their movie versions… Rafa is definitely more the Mowgli from the films! Sweet, bold, shy, fun, and secretly feared by Shere Khan! ;)

  8. faeaki 7 says:

    Loving that black shirt and love the comments, Rafa does look thinner, it wouldn’t surprise me if he is on some strict diet regime to improve his fitness etc, he really must be disciplined now.
    The tennis world needs a healthy Rafa, the greatest competitor to walk on a tennis court..