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Fresh indeed

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  1. mary says:

    “Arrive too fresh.” Oh you have such a funny sense of humour.
    Maybe fresh from injury but bloody determined. Hell yeah!
    Like what JMac said about Fed & the bubble bursting. But I hope he is wrong in the timing. Hope it happens now!!
    As for Mooooooooray, like to see him go as far as he can, but want our man there at the end.
    Well I can dream & I know he has the ability to do it! Starting to get all excited now. The draw must be out soon!

    • loverafa4ever says:

      Yea… I want Rafa to beat Murray and Nole this time. That will be the ultimate test he has to pass to show dat he is back and he is here to stay. Not to retire at 23. I havnt put Roger in the list coz I want him to go out in the early rounds so that our Rafa can get more close to him in points. :P

  2. Atch2 says:

    U’re never too fresh for us Rafa :)

  3. loverafa4ever says:

    Its gud dat he is not the favorite to win the tournament… He was not the fav at the AusO. He said he is definitely more fresh this time and I think a couple of matches wud giv him more confidence and I think he will able to get bck his form. Well at least I want him to and I am hoping that he will. Roger is really super human. Even after changing diapers he was able to win cinci beating 2 out of the 3 top guyz.

    • mary says:

      Do you really think fed is changing nappies? When would he find the time. Btw Mirka had a caesarean. Can you fatham being pulled from piller to post after having been sliced open & stitched up. Maybe she should get the trophy. She is more deserving.

      • Carol says:

        Yeah, RF changing nappies? Hee, hee! This is a guy who uses a private jet… I bet they’ve got an army of nannies. Mind you Mirka will need a nanny with twins and trotting round the world with Rog.

  4. allyS says:

    love it they always talk abt andy murray…n he fails again…ahhahah

  5. faeaki 7 says:

    Yeah I don’t really believe its Roger changing nappies, as if? Love JM’s comments too, is it me or does Roger always wear red for the USO? like some sort of lucky colour? just asking.
    It must be tough for Mirka and the babies.. she is a bloody hero considering she has had a Caesarean!
    Anyway here’s to Rafa achieving the impossible!!!

    • mary says:

      Yeah couldn’t imagine Fed getting shit on his hands!! ;) ;D

      • Carol says:

        Hee hee dirty nappy in his kit bag… or is that getting too sneaky?

        • mary says:

          LOL I’m just picturing Fed holding a dirty nappy in his left hand & smashing the racquet his holding in his right screeming “not funny, the shits all over my lovely monogrammed no 15 or he wishes no 16 jacket” :) ;)

  6. AnaR says:

    This guy McEnroe, although his bad manners on the track at his time like player, he seems to me a nice guy and do not know why I like him .. maybe because it’s authentic in a world always a bit false I don’t know. And Rafa as always, spontaneous and sincere .. No idea about all of you are thinking but what I see is that Roger and Rafa always are delighted in this tournament and who sincerely New York .. New York .. OMG! .. is a special city .. I wish I could be there! .. I love NY, I love that city. Some of the best times of my life have happened there. So, Rafa is there at home. Sure.

    • aRafaelite says:

      I loved watching Borg & McEnroe as a kid, and although I never liked his temper tantrums on court, there’s always been something appealing about him – perhaps it’s exactly what you say. He’s always been authentic, honest, very much himself. With most players I can’t stand the hysterics, but with McEnroe and with Gonzalez, somehow I can’t help feeling they’re going to have a good laugh about it later and say “I can’t believe I did that”!

      • mary says:

        hey aRafaelite, must be the Aussie air but I flov Borg, JMac & Gonzo(Gonzetic according to Robbie) as well. Of course Rafael eclipses all of them combined. No wonder they named a star or was it a solar system(that be more appropriate) after him. :D :D

        • Carol says:

          I think it was an asteroid. Raf’s stellar whatever…

          • AnaR says:

            My dear friends .. after watching Roger Federer, the grand gentleman of the tracks (according to his fame) throwing his racket to the ground, beating furiously and losing completely his calm. Throw a water bottle in unpleasant way for that collect the ballboys .. etc. etc. Why I will criticize McEnroe again? .. I think there are now too many players who lose the nerves in the track and give us all a show certainly painful. But Federer? .. Maybe it’s his dark side. Then McEnroe was only one more of them.

          • Carol says:

            Here it is: “In 2003, scientists at the Observatorio Astronomico de Mallorca named a newly-discovered asteroid belt “128036 Rafaelnadal” in his honour”


  7. An says:

    He is saying : maybe i’m to fresh…

    Well girls, it realy surprised me that none of you already came up with an offer to tyre him a little then..
    Ok, i volunteer :) :P

    • johanne says:

      Oooh Serena gets kisses from Rafa at the net. Nice. ;)

      • Atch2 says:

        Lucky her. They shared the European double cheek kiss.

        And Rafa looks so sweet and shy. Our little boy from a small island lusted by so many men and women.

        Was Johnny Mac trying to show off his left gun?

        • AnaR says:


          Serena is a lovely girl. I have had occasion to see her personally in various tournaments and I repeat, She is a great tennis player, one of the best and it’s a great lady, very very nice and I think adore to Rafa I really like Serena, always I can I try see their matches. Serena, takes advantage and kisses to Rafa!.

    • Carol says:

      Lucky Serena! Sweet to see Rafa enjoying himself here. The shorter hair makes him look younger and cuter than ever…

  8. Atch2 says:

    Another clip:

    Everyone luvs Rafa.

    Why doesn’t Nike release an official clip?

    • Atch2 says:

      LOL. Johnny Mac was showing off his left gun. He and Rafa should have done a side by side comparison. He seems to adore Rafa, who would have found his fake tantrum funny.

  9. Suzanne says:

    Johnny Mac was tough to watch (and play against) in his prime because of his temper and he is the first one to admit that, but he is enough of a gentleman to really respect players who display sportsmanship (sportivity) and credit their upbringing…he loves Uncle Toni…and he also assures everyone that his parents had nothing to do with his own bad manners…Anyway, his knowledge of the game is pretty phenomenal, which makes him the best commentator there is, and he has great respect for the history of tennis. All that, and his self-depricating sense of humor makes him likeable, but the best thing is that he just seems to love our Rafa so much! Also, about Roger changing diapers (nappies), I heard him interviewed recently when he’d just won the semifinal in Cincy and they asked him if he really did change diapers and he said, “Of course!” He said something about both he and Mirka being hands on involved. He seemed sincere. Meanwhile, all of these vids of the fun leading up to the Open sure seem to be showing a Rafa who is hungry to win! Love the outfit, love the haircut (so mature), and love the aktitude!!!!!!!