Toni interview

No idea what he’s saying…

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  1. kate says:

    heehee we will have to get someone to translate it!

    • An says:

      Sorry, i can’t make anything of it either, i can follow Spanish a little ( al be it not enough to translate for you ) but this is Catalan or Mallorqui, no?

      Maybe AnaR can help us out when she’s back?

      • Carol says:

        If it’s for a Mallorcan channel, it’s probably Mallorqui.

        I did catch “Masters serious”… hee, hee it’s infectious – Tio Tony says it too!

        Love the orange shirt and he looks so very relaxed (and huggable too).

  2. xta says:

    this reminds me of something that i’ve wondered about for a while now…three years ago i was lucky enough to go to the USO for one day…i sat in the front row of armstrong stadium where, due to weather delays on previous days, both roger and rafa were playing (along with other matches)…(i had sprung for a VERY expensive third row seat in ashe stadium, and saw a terrific match between safin and haas, but as soon as i found out that my faves were going to be playing in armstrong i left ashe…i’d never buy more than a ground pass in the future))…and sadly rafa lost to youzhny that day…
    but sitting in the next section to me was uncle toni along with team nadal, and as toni called out during the match he clearly called rafa “ra-fell” (as he clearly says in this video) not “ra-fi-ell”……so what i’ve wondered ever since is: why don’t people call him by his correct name ??? it’s so easy…
    but i suppose that if the likes of brad gilbert and killer didn’t even know that rafa had his stomach taped (which puzzled me no end) then i guess it’s no surprise that they aren’t careful about his name…

    • miri says:

      Yeah, I’ve always wondered why they use the Spanish spelling of Rafael instead of the Catalan spelling of Rafel. I believe his grandfather and uncle are both Rafels, so I assume that’s his actual name too (although, we know how dangerous assuming is). Maybe that’s a question for the blog! :)

      • Denizen says:

        On the third hand, Rafa clearly pronounced his name as “RA-FA-ELLLLLL!!!!!1!!1!” during practice last week.

        He’s always been professionally known as Rafael Nadal. Given that a lot of women here in the USA keep their maiden names for professional purposes, I’m not surprised that he uses the Spanish version of his name.

  3. johanne says:

    Whoa. I’m totally lusting after Toni in this video. He looks really really good, no? ;)

  4. mary says:

    Hay gals, we gonna have to pick straws. Uncle Toni is a hotty, it must run in the family. I’ve always thought he is yummy & ‘Rafel’ I think something could be arranged on the side. You got my email address, lets talk soon! ;) ;D

    • Carol says:

      They sure do have some good genes in that family…

      Sebastian & Miguel Angel are good lookers too from what I’ve seen. And Rafa’s mum’s pretty as well. Is it the Mallorcan water or what??

  5. faeaki 7 says:

    Nah I’m taking Rafel’ anyday with that bod *phew* …

  6. AnaR says:

    Hi all, I have returned from Prague .. I will summarize the interview because I don’t have much time today.

    Toni said that Rafa has gone fairly well, it’s true that in the last game was not a good level, but it was to what they expected, even slightly exceeded expectations.
    Quarterfinals and semis is well since the tracks were pretty fast and that for Rafa is a little harder. Endurance and hope because one of the strengths of Rafa is his physical. We’ll see the draw (on the Open USA), as it is to see if it touches people more affordable or more difficult. I hope that Rafa will be one of the candidates to win the title, not the most since they are Djokovic, Murray, Federer … but I think Rafa can be in this group. If he wins U.S. Open, Davis … the season will be incredible, but so far what has been won the Australian Open, 3 Masters Series and the Godó. It’s not a bad year for us, is a good year. Now, if we win U.S. Open will be “the milk” (it’s an spanish popular expresion that mean “the best”).

  7. AnaR says:

    And yes, he is speaking in Mallorquí that is difficult even for people from Spain

  8. An says:

    ThanX again AnaR for helping us out! I knew we could count on you..
    Youre so sweet to help us understand all about Rafael that comes out in the Spanish press.

    How was evrything in Prague?

  9. faeaki 7 says:

    Oh thank you thank you AnaR soo much, you always come through for us on here! I am always soo interested in Toni’s interviews..

  10. AnaR says:

    An, In Prague and for a wonderful concert of my son, everything has to be incredibly good .. So, everything was a success for him and a joy for the rest of the family. Prague is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, all art and for the Spaniards is very cheap by the change of the euro. The hardest thing was the day of the match against Berdych. On television the hotel there was no channel to watch the match, the Internet signal to see it was not safe, so we all decided to go find a bar or restaurant or whatever where you can view … Finally and only after the party had begun, we arrived at a site, full of Czech fans, T-shirts without sleeves, half-body tattoos, skinheads .. and there we were sat and we watched the match trying to pass unnoticed as possible, which was not easy because after we arrived there, everyone knew we were Spanish. If looks could have killed, neither my family nor I would be here, but we were not willing to leave without seeing our golden boy. So, we held firm with unabashed gesture and staring at the screen. We did not understand the comments of the television because they were Czech, but of course …only with the image and points, was enough for us. As soon as the match went very quickly, before it could be some reaction (OMG, how scary!) of the Czech freakies to us. At any time of year, Prague is full of Spanish because it is one of the favorite cities for us to travel to it, so in the same moment we left it seemed we are like at home. It was quite an adventure .. a bit hard especially for my young son who was really scared. But the trip was really wonderful. Thank you for your interest.

  11. faeaki 7 says:

    AnaR interesting read, Prague is an amazing city.