Another Toni interview

…and I still have no idea what he’s saying.

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  1. Carol says:

    This must have been shot at a different time to the Mallorcan interview. Hey, Tio Toni’s almost as much in demand as Rafa!

    …And we get the added bonus of some Rafa fist pumps and gorgeous snarly court face in this.

    Me wanna, wanna, get let loose in that garden.. I soo love that garden at the Porto Cristo house and the views … with Rafa as part of the landscape. (I’m not going further than that, ‘cos some thoughts are private) ;-)

  2. AnaR says:

    Hi, again

    This interview is costing me a little more to understand (I don’t speak in Mallorquí) as I do not have time now, I will make an effort on the afternoon “to understand it” and then I will translated to all of you, OK?.

    • Carol says:

      Ana, you are an absolute gem. *hugs*.

      Since Mallorqui is a a separate language to Spanish, you are wonderful to attempt it. Vamos to you!

  3. faeaki 7 says:

    Oh AnaR you are a genius! and I cannot wait, its soo frustrating when I don’t know Spanish let alone Mallorqui.
    Thank you soo much for all your work and contributions to this site its much appreciated.. * more hugs*

  4. AnaR says:

    Finally I am here!.. Can you believe that I prefer translate English to Spanish that this Mallorquín closed to Spanish? .. it has been a suffering and me cost much and the worse is that I am not sure of some things. The sense what says this video yes is succeeded, some words I am not sure. Uf, uf!.

    Toni starts by saying that: The U.S. Open is important enough to worry about the others, the big tournaments that Rafael has begun to win (I guess that refers to the Grand Slam), and for us I reckon he will play better (actually I have seen the video like 10 times and I still have doubts what Toni said). (Now talk the reporter): already warned his coach, Rafael Nadal facing the U.S. Open with the maximum illusion of reaching the final, the Spaniard has exceeded the two week of prove in Montreal and Cincinnati and now is the time to try the great American tournament .. (keeps talking Toni): these two tournaments have been positive and Raphael is in better shape .. comes a grand slam and is one of the possible candidates to victory but we must play to a very high level because be a semifinalist or finalist that does not makes anyone (now the journalist speaks again): after the stop and he has recovered the knees, Nadal will have a disadvantage that is abdominal pain due to inactivity of these months and it mainly affects the service (serve), (still talking Toni): It all started in Barcelona, and then it worried to Rafael a little (talks about the knees), the pain in abdominal theoretically it is not important and Rafael will be doing 3 days rest and two days without playing .. (assuming that training but without playing any match) and hoping whatever comes .. (I’m not sure of the latter) (keeps talking the reporter): raise the semifinals of last year against Murray, it would be very good for Nadal, but he is not satisfied with it despite the difficulty in achieving it the goal is victory. Finally Toni says, is that numbers are only numbers, after must be won, but if you can .. fine.

  5. Carol says:

    Thanks! You are a star! Any info about Rafa is worthwhile :-)

  6. faeaki 7 says:

    Thanx AnaR whats with the abdominal pain? He’s serve indeed against Djokovic in Cincy was bad, I hope he gets through this, he serve gets him cheap points its important to his game and during the Seppi match this really helped his confidence.

  7. faeaki 7 says:

    Thanx AnaR whats with the abdominal pain? He’s served against Djokovic in Cincy badly, I hope its nothing to serious he’s serve gets him cheap points its important to his game and during the Seppi match this really helped his confidence.