Shout, shout…

…let it all out…

Posted by tpbluebird.

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  1. CC says:

    Good on ya, Rafa. You could’ve smashed that racquet into somebody’s face courtside whilst you were at it as well. Maybe to whoever said “smiiile Rafa” earlier…

    Off topic, but miri, do you ever sleep? :)

    • miri says:

      Only when I shouldn’t…I’m determined to finish uploading the “second day of press pass” photos before I go to sleep… I think I just have about 21 pictures of Rafa sitting in a chair and talking left to go. (And yes, that’s excessive, but I swear, I couldn’t whittle it down any more than that.)

  2. Carol says:

    Rafa!! We are pissed off with ourself here, dear one. Soo much Rafa-passion.

    Hey – better now than in the matches, OK?

  3. An says:

    I am at work… cant see the vid here but i guess it is of Rafa throwing the racket??
    I say, good on him! I know tio Toni’s opinion on it but i can tell you… it can be such a relieve sometimes to throw that f*****g thing!!

  4. mary says:

    Good to see that he can let it out. Wish I knew what he said.
    If Rafi smashed his racquet, it would make front page news. Uncle Toni would probably make him play with it at least in practice sessions.

  5. An says:

    If it leads to playing like he did in the 2nd set yesterday i would say… shut up Tio Toni. Not that he should make a habbit of it but when its necessary dear Rafa, go ahaed and smash it!
    Donate the price off one to charity when you do and nobody has to say annything anny more.

  6. loverafa4ever says:

    Did he smash racket in the second set yesterday?

    I don’t want him to smash racket. Thats so unlike him. He can scream, shout, howl and watever but I wud like him not smashing his racket.

  7. johanne says:

    Interesting. Not what I thought the shout would sound like.

  8. An says:

    Ah…. i see it now, he only threatend to throw it… he did not do it, he only shouted.
    Always the good boy!!
    Altough i wouldnt have mind if he threw it at all, i admire that he never does too.
    ( as i said it kan be such a relieve to do it sometimes )

  9. faecoleman says:

    No, I like it that Rafa has this much control, if he starts smashing rackets it wouldn’t be our strong diciplined Rafa’

    This is what Uncle Toni taught him, to have control of his emotions, its never a good thing on the court to let your opponent know that you are rattled! and vulnerable!
    They have always said that you never know what the score is when you watch Rafael Nadal, he playes every point like its match point! So intense, so strong in his mind.
    Racket smashing, nah, we’ll have none of that Rafa’! leave that to Fed please…

    • An says:

      You are right, off course!
      I didnt mean he has to start smashing rackets all the time… just meant i wouldnt mind if it happens one time when he realy is frustrated..

  10. whirling says:

    he shouted ‘rafael’ obviously annoyed with himself…amazingly cute, but then when isn’t he!

    • Atch2 says:

      Is that what he was shouting. Now I can make it out. And he used his full name, not RAAFFAAAA. At least he knows that if he makes a mistake, it’s his own fault, not the ball, racket, court etc …

    • Carol says:

      Ah, I couldn’t make it out.

      Not throwing. Just an almighty murderous swipe of pure frustration.
      “amazingly cute, but then when isn’t he!” Yes, and an angry Rafael also manages to be sweet & sexy as well. How he manages it… just glad he does.

      Semis… this practice obviously paid off, so shout all you like in practice sweetheart!