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  1. Atch2 says:

    I luv hearing Rafa speak in his native tongue bec it sounds like s guitar being played at an upbeat pace. He doesn’t seem to take any breathes in his sentences.
    Nice top again Rosana.

    • mary says:

      Doesn’t he look happy with himself! He should be. Ge he just might upset the applecart. Wouldn’t that be a shocker, so unlike Rafi! ;) ;)
      Yeah Atch2, I feel like I gotta do the breathing for him & I’m out of breath by the end. He leaves me breathless as always(I wish, Hmmmm naughty thoughts happening here).
      Yep Rosana’s top is bloody nice. Wouldn’t look good on me though. There might be an extra layer of skin floating around. He, he

    • Carol says:

      Is he speaking Castillian Spanish, Catalan or Mallorquin here?
      Whew, he’s talking so fast and those lovely shoulder shrugs.

      Rosana looks so excited and upbeat, good for her! I’m afraid those pleats on her top would make me look like a circus marquee. (I just have to do plain above the waist ‘cos of what the Man upstairs dispensed *sighs*)

  2. Delta says:

    Had the same thought, speaks so fast hard to take a breathe. Sooooo adorable anyway, whatever he is saying? My Espana has a long way to go as Catalan a whole different dialect, much more sexy…Suits him just fine. Problemo? may not ever understand a word he says, as long as he’s smiling and confident in his play, and conquer’s the Tennis World again, like he did in 08/early 09′ It’s possible.
    Is Rosana the main “anchor” to cover all things Nadal? Must wake up lovin her work, no?

    • mary says:

      We all got the wrong career going here. We should be journo’s and follow the tennis. Just imagine continuous summer, no making the hotel bed & stuff. Meeting new people all the time. Learning about different cultures and amp; languages. Meeting tennis players mainly Rafa, Rafa & Rafa. Where do I sign up!!!! ;)

      • Delta says:

        If you know the language, your good to go Mary, as you have all the wit & commentary already!

        • mary says:

          Awe, thats so sweet Delta. Better get my espanola study on the move then. Rafi I’ll be gunning to interview you first, maybe challenge you to a game of PS soccer as well. Of course in your tighty whity’s, anything less will be totally acceptable! ;)