Rosana reports in Cincy

Looks like the TVe crew made it to Cincy after all. (I saw them in the airport and think they missed the first flight. I saw them get stuck in carnet and then heard them being paged for the flight DelPo was on. They ended up in my terminal waiting for the next flight. I told Rosana about the wrist tape people were tweeting about in hopes she’d ask him about it…)

Posted by rtve. (And here it is on the TVe site.)

6 Responses

  1. dutchgirl says:

    Okay, since my Spanish isn’t what it used to be ;), did she ask him or not? I got the impression that she didn’t, but I could just as well be wrong.

    • Eliana says:

      Dutchgirl, Rosana didn’t ask him on camera but she does said at the beginning of the piece that his physique is not top-notch at this moment so that’s why he has had some muscular problems in Montréal and why he’s “giving some love” to his wrists. I just think he’s still a little stiff from the weeks of inactivity(at least I hope so!)

  2. ally says:

    i like her top

  3. faecoleman says:

    Oh does he have a wrist strain or something, too many whippy forehands perhaps? hope alls okay and someone can find out whats going on, *worried, gulps*…

  4. Atch2 says:

    Rafa pretty in pink and sweet in pale green. Rosana’s so lucky to get paid to follow Rafa and the Armada around. And she does always have nice tops.

  5. Carol says:

    The TVe site also has a short clip of the Seppi match.

    “Rafa pretty in pink and sweet in pale green” – Atch2, just like an ice-cream, yummy.

    Rosana is really pretty, I think.