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Rafa signing after a match at the Rogers Cup:

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Rafa running in Cincy:

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  1. Atch2 says:

    Wonder if Rafa has taped his wrists at Cincy training bec of all the Rafa-graphs he had to do at Montreal.

    And luv seeing playful Rafa at practice. Weird for us to be watched with every step we make. Good he didn’t stumble here.
    And he ran to collect some balls for the next court. Sweet.

    • Carol says:

      He looks so sweetly intense and focussed doing his warm-up exercises. What’s not to love!

      “Weird for us to be watched with every step we make” Agree totally. It goes with the territory though… this is legitimate stuff. What really makes me sick is all the intrusive paparazzi stuff. Parasites.

      • dutchgirl says:

        This was my first reaction as well. I would certainly feel very awkward doing these exercises, knowing that so many people stand there to watch my every move. I know I would stumble for sure!
        I guess you have to get used to that, but I’m not sure I could. Good for us Rafa can.

  2. CC says:

    Right, this is almost Rafaoverload for me. I serioulsy need to come up with a plan for my day today, or I will be sat here oggling all day…

    He is the sweetest, though.

    *blows hundreds of kisses at Rafa*

  3. mary says:

    Oh the 2nd vid. He must think it’s so hilarious having to practice this run. Hey Rafi we could play hopscotch together! ;) :D You & me right!!!

  4. kate says:

    Hahah I have tried doing that ladder drill it isn’t easy – but good to see him enjoying himself!

  5. Atch2 says:

    Luved his jiggy-dance thing at 0.33 in the 2nd clip. Adorable Rafa in a playful mood.
    Wasn’t that Jankovic in the next court?

  6. Suzanne says:

    Yes, it was Jelena (or as Brad Gilbert calls her, “JJ”) in the next court. Notice how at about 1.15 Rafi looks over and sees the balls and runs over to shag them for her. Is it any wonder why everyone loves this boy so much? No prima donna action, no telling someone else to do it, he sees a need and handles it himself. What a gentleman!!! His “sportivity” shines through every time! What a little love bug!

  7. faecoleman says:

    Oh thats what he was doing with the balls! so kind of him… I haven’t seen him perform this one on court before! really funny, he seems relaxed though and happy, oh to be one of those fans side court! I was gutted he didn’t make Wimbledon this year, oh well one can only live in hope for next booked tourney *prays*..