Cincy pre-tournament interview

When the knees are 100%? Hmmm. And I love his little high pitched “mmmphs”

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  1. patzin says:

    Nice to see Rafa looking relaxed and happy. I heard one commentator mention that Rafa is more relaxed when Uncle Toni isn’t present. Interesting.

  2. Atch2 says:

    Same questions, but it’s still lovely to watch Rafa answering looking relaxed and smily. Luv how he says ‘Early’.

  3. dutchgirl says:

    Love his georgious smile!! So good to see him use it a lot.

    And about how good the knees are: I suppose he’s just building it up, so I guess that’s what he means when he says ‘when they are 100%’.

  4. CC says:

    “I always go slow, no?”
    That’s fine with me, Rafa.

    Ahhh…he’s so fantastically cute, I would have grabbed his dimpled cheeks and kissed him hard on that gorgeous mouth, had I been the interviewer. Then I would possibly have been sacked. But no doubt it would have been worth it.

    BTW, do you think somebody has given him a hairbrush? His hair seems to be back combed a bit more nowadays. Or is he just trying to hide going bald? ;)

    • An says:

      They couldnt sack you for that!!! It would be his own fault when that happens to him…

    • Carol says:

      Forget the hairbrush, my fingers are more than adequate… ;-)))

    • Atch2 says:

      And think when he is outside, the windy does that to his hair. He doesn’t look like a styling kinda guy, so his hair flies everywhere.

      CC, if u did that to Rafa, u would be a hit on youtube, and we would all envy you.

  5. Carol says:

    The way he strugs his shoulders and purses his lips makes me smile…

    I don’t know what the interviewers expect him to answer to the same tedious questions for heaven’s sake… “Look mate, my knees feel like s**t.” ? “Oh, God the no. 3 ranking’s killing me, I can’t sleep for it” ? “Yup, this tourney’s gonna be a walk in the park for me” ?

    Honestly. *fumes*

  6. AnaR says:

    I was watching the interview and of course, Rafa seems to be relaxed and in line with the current situation. It is gratifying to see him again .. in a recent interview and in a tournament that still does not start for him.

  7. mary says:

    His english seems to be expanding. Go Rafi!!! Now I gotta get my arse into gear and improve 200% on my espanola. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I get a sense that our Rafi is opening up a little more. He seems more relaxed around the media & the media are responding in kind.
    I gotta see this vid again. Flov the different percentages. 60, 70, 50%. Oh Rafi you crack me up! You’re one funny dude. ;) ;)

  8. kefuoe says:

    He certainly was smiley in that interview. So much so that it seems like he was thinking of his own private joke, like, “let me see how much I can frustrate these journalists.” He definitely looks like he knows something we don’t know.

    Still, when I see this one and the post-quarterfinals interview from Montreal, I wonder if Nadal is also happy to have a fight on his hands, to be “going uphill” rather than on the plateau of being #1. For example, his loss to DelPotro means that he gets to exact his revenge in the future.

    • CC says:

      I think you’re absolutely right about Rafa being pleased with going uphill a little. A poet called Karin Boye once wrote “The sated day is never first. The best day is a day of thirst.”
      I think it makes Rafa happy to thirst and hunger for it!

    • Atch2 says:

      He definetly was mentally elsewhere, like he was thinking naughty thoughts and kept having different grins and smiles to cover it up.

  9. aRafaelite says:

    Maybe I should be accentuating the positive like the rest of you, but it seemed to me that in this interview Rafa was acknowledging, rather painfully, that he doesn’t think he’s ready to win the US Open, and not in his usual downplaying his chances, one-match-at-a-time kind of way :( hopefully you all disagree and he’s going to prove me completely wrong…! And I don’t care if he says the same thing over and over again… it’s just so good to be able to watch his pressers again!

    • CC says:

      Hm…I don’t think I thought he was ready for win the US Open anyway. No new. But maybe that’s just me.

      “And I don’t care if he says the same thing over and over again…”
      Know what, I couldn’t agree more! If he looks like that, I’m afraid I’m not really listening anyway. Sorry Rafa.

    • miri says:

      I think he’s saying he’s still not 100% yet with his knees…which has me wondering.

      • Atch2 says:

        Needs more match play. Needs to really test them. Would have been better if he went to 3 sets with Delpo, bec it would’ve been a better indicator.

      • CC says:

        Then WHY is he playing?! I’m tellin’ ya, this is doing my head in! Why not take more time off? He says he has no pressure from anyone to come back, he says he doesn’t care about rankings…so why?

        • mary says:

          I’d be totally guessing here, but our Rafi may have missed the limelight a little. No he doesn’t need to play if he’s not 100
          %, but then again he may just be talking about a lack of match play and his knees are very good. Who knows except there will be one clear indicator & that is when he is back on court playing a match. A hard one. We’ll know then!

  10. Suzanne says:

    I didn’t hear it that way at all…I think he means he’s not 100% in general…the rythm, the game plan forming in his mind as he plays, the confidence in the knees, etc. Our boy said that he learned a painful lesson by playing too much with pain. I think that if he was in pain that was dangerous to his knees, he’d pull back. I don’t think that the “limelight” is an attraction to him, but the adrenaline rush of competing and winning is what he craves. Let’s watch and see how he does in Cincy. The main thing is that he is happy, playful, and enjoying himself. These are all ingredients to his successful comeback. Maybe for once he can “fly under the radar” at the US Open, and even win it! Every year for the past four seasons they have had expectations on him and done special features of him…Maybe this year he can surprize all of us like he did in Oz!

    • CC says:

      And I literally cannot hear anything he says. Seriously, if I want to hear what Rafa and the interviewer say here, I need to close my eyes so I can’t see him, because when he looks like that I can only watch…
      Luckily my teachers at school didn’t look like Rafa! ;)

      *closes eyes*

      He does say “when I feel OK physically with the knees, later…” Suppose he’s not sure about the knees yet.

  11. Rafafan says:

    Hi all

    I am guessing but having watched this interview he is so so happy and smily – something that all of us haven’t seen in a long time – pre Miami. I think a weight has lifted from his shoulders – he was able to say about the pain in the knees – enough is enough without pretending anymore (and not make it sound like excuses). He has played with pain for years – and now with the rest he suddenly doen’t feel the pain and somehow he can’t quite deal with it! (I could be wrong – but the fact he can’t feel it may now be a mental thing – do i try too hard or go slow – will it come back again – so thinking of his knees still). This is very foreign for him so he is trying to come to terms with it – but of course all too soon before US. I think he doesn’t know himself from one day to the next but the delight and smily rafa above all anything else is he realises there there is no pain. Practice, time etc. comes back but the hope of the pain doesn’t and I think that’s why he is so smily and relaxed x

  12. Rafafan says:

    PS: Has anyone notice that his left eyebrow seems to raise instead of the right one in this one – never seen that before!

    Anyone else know about why his wrists were strapped up in the pics?
    No-one has mentioned it in the interview…. and we noticed it in the practice session ?

  13. tenistafan says:

    perhaps xisca likes using handcuffs on him – remember he likes to punish himself lol

    • mary says:

      Oh naughty, naughty but nice, very nice. I ain’t gonna tell you what I’m thinking, but it goes somewhere down the line like, Rafa, xisca & me……… ;) ;)
      Btw “This is very foreign for him so he is trying to come to terms with it”. Mucho agree, Rafi you gotta find away to distract yourself from your knees. I know You, xisca & me………;) ;)