Post quarter-final presser

AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Paul Chiasson

AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Paul Chiasson

Q. You had a good first set. After that you went a little bit down.

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah. Normal, no? I very happy with my first set, no? My best level after the injury, and I was playing very good, I think. So very happy about the matchup today, no?

It was a little bit normal after almost two months outside of competition. Was tough for me play at this level. I needed more concentration than usual.

Physically, too, mentally at the same time, was tough to be focused during all the match. I had big chance in the 5‑2. I played a great point for 6‑2, but he hit a good lob shot, no?

No, I’m very happy and everything was very positive today.

Q. The knees are fine?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, the knees are very good, so that’s very good. Yeah, I must be very happy about this tournament, yeah.

Q. So it’s better than expected?

RAFAEL NADAL: The level of today, for sure. Yes, no? I played against Del Potro. Del Potro is coming after winning Washington. He’s playing at very good level.

And I was at the same level as him in the first set, no? And I had big chance to win the first. So that’s a very positive thing for me. I’m very happy about that.

I thought, you know, maybe if I won the first set I can relax a little bit in the second and try another time in the third, no? But, yeah, was tough to be concentrate all the time. You need a little bit more, more hours.

Q. Do you think that you can be somewhere near your best at the US Open? Do you think you have enough time to be playing your best tennis then?

RAFAEL NADAL: We will see in two weeks. Two weeks, we will see. Well, better in three.

Q. It was good to see you playing in the tournament.

RAFAEL NADAL: Thank you.

Q. It’s a different question. Do you like or support an idea or a thought of a tennis All‑Star game like North American sporting of baseball, basketball, NHL All‑Star game? Same selection, same procedure by Internet voting, by the fan and journalist? Do you like or support or absolutely refuse this idea?

RAFAEL NADAL: Our All‑Star I think is the Masters Cup. I think that you can do a lot of things. It’s an idea. I don’t know. You can propose to the ATP.

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  1. loverafa4ever says:

    he did play pretty gud first set.. and I knew that it wud b tof for Rafa if he makes it to the quarter when I saw the draw.. Del potro is awesome form, fit and doing really well.. But Rafa can get back to his usual self soon.. he showed dat here at the Rogers cup. So I am happy abt this result like him. He will do better at CInci and will do awesome in USO.and I don’t care abt the ranking.. Rafa can get it bac netime. But he first gotto get better and start playing his bst..

  2. kefuoe says:

    WTF with that last question? Good answer from Nadal, I think.

    As for the match, I felt like there were moments of absolutely beautiful play. If he chalks up the inconsistency to concentration, I guess that would make sense. DelPotro was playing excellent tennis, though. His serve was better than I’d ever seen it and he seemed to be making few errors.

    I’m glad Nadal’s happy with his knees!

    • Atch2 says:

      Maybe that reporter was trying to be original. I don’t know what an All Star game, so it’s good Rafa had a response. Very short presser though.

      The knees are good, not we can look into the blister on the finger.

    • mary says:

      Maybe the journo has been reading our posts! He, he. Trying to come up with an original question. Ge how many days are there in a year anyway. As if their calender wasn’t overloaded as it is!!!
      I did like what the interviewer asked.
      “Q. It was good to see you playing in the tournament. ”
      Now that was genuinely sweet.
      See you in cinci wonderful and glad you came away feeling positive. Get those electrolytes (I think thats how to spell it) into you. You looked absolutely worn out mid way during the 2nd set. :) :)

  3. An says:

    If the knees are good, then all is good! Like i said… if he can keep up with the level of Delpo and the knees stand that test he won all he could winn in Montreal!

    Well done Rafa and well done knees…
    ( a blister on the finger could be expected holding the racket after quite long, its awkward but heals pretty quick )

  4. Thorfrost says:

    A generally positive presser from Rafa after a match that was always going to a massive test.
    Like he said he was matching DP in the first set which was more than any of us expected from him, we got 3 matches after such a long wait for recovery!
    I think he is pleased with how he’s done despite hating losing as much as he does, I see a change in attitude in him this week and he is all the better for it, he was leaving some balls that a few months ago he would have killed himself trying to reach, that shows a growth in his attitude.
    I am proud of him for this week and am looking forward to seeing a little more progress in Cinci next week!

  5. Delta says:

    Did anyone notice he seemed to somewhat be “rushing?” Meaning he didn’t towel off between every serve, he did on his face a bit, but not his usual M.O. wiping one arm then the next? May not have been hot, but I thought that was part of “his ritual” no? to “be with calm”? Me must be reading too much into it? Well, whatever the case, great to see him back “on court”! Another noticeable absence that I’m aware of his comment re; ) tape of the knees, that he doesn’t need to as being located in “superior patella” (above) & that it causes too much discomfort. He would know? Yet, Darrin Cahill commented on that as well, as a “preventative measure” like I stated as given the “wear & tear” the hard courts have on your body, ie; knees.
    Oh well he’s working with his people & that’s their decision. Medically speaking seeing “athletes” I think he would benefit. Maybe not so constrictive to whereas its uncomfortable. Just what all the best for Rafa!

    • johanne says:

      Cahill loves to talk about Rafa’s weaknesses. It’s pretty annoying. I try to ignore him but he talks and talks and talks…

  6. Carol says:

    Seems pretty chilled and positive even though, as Thorfrost comments, he hates losing. Best thing: he’s happy with his knees and that makes me so happy too! Now onto Cinci for practice…

  7. sia says:

    Still a little soft-boiled …blisters not unusual (probably why he seemed so frustrated at the end of the tie-break … well that and blowing a 5-1 lead.) There were some incredible shots from him and he will improve;
    quarter-finals is a pretty good result.
    It’s funny how he and Toni were so critised by some ‘journalists’ for playing down his chances … they are both, always, so truthful.
    He looked damn fine in his white shorts.

    • mary says:

      Floved him talking to himself. He seem to do that quite a bit. That made him more sexier than ever. Does it too me everytime.
      Walking, talking, sex adonis on 2 legs holding a racquet. Whew!!! I feel dizzy………. ;) ;)

  8. faecoleman says:

    Yeah he was dead sexy and sweaty yesterday wasn’t he? *phew indeed* I was gutted to see Rafa lose like that in the first set and for him to say “its normal, no?” No Rafa for you its not normal. But I am gonna say its because of his lack of match practice that he couldn’t concentrate? Lets hope he improves at Cincy, although the courts in Montreal suit Rafa better I think. It actually looked like the Nadal we know out there yesterday during the first set at most times and I think he did well considering the circumstances. Keep it up Rafa!!! The crowd seemed really nice @ Montreal by the way, really supportive.

    • mary says:

      MS I watched the entire match as did thousands of others. The eyes can play tricks sometimes. Maybe you need to watch it again. This is why you are getting these responses. Del Potro was nice to Rafi and consoled him with a gentle touch. Rafi acknowledged it, but was crushed at his own performance in the 2nd set not angry, hence his eyes stared downwards. Yeah you can gather I watched It as well!!!!!!!!!

      • Delta says:

        I saw a still photo by Randy at Getty Images showing Nadal & Del Potro shaking hands, looking
        directly at one another. We all know the “class” Rafael shows to his peers as well as everyone frankly.
        Not in his make-up to be rude or impolite. Another reason to adore him.

  9. MS says:

    Rafa was not happy when he shook hand with Delpo after the match. Then Delpo was trying to hug him and say something to him, but rafa just walked away like that??? Why??? I’m BIG Rafa fan, but not too content with the behaviour i guess…. :( :(

    • Atch2 says:

      That really happened? I didn’t notice anythg like that when I watched the match. Rafa and Delpo hve trained together and r pretty friendly from what i’ve seen previously.

    • Lou Lou says:

      Hey, MS, dunnu what you’r talking about…!!! From what my sister and I saw, Nadal sincerely congratulated DelPo, then moved to shake the umpire’s hand, and then quickly stepped aside to give DelPo his moment in the sun!! And so sweetly acknowledged the crowd when he was leaving.

      I mean.. come on… If he can hold himself up so well after losing 4rd at RG — look Soderling in the eye while shaking his hand… I mean… DelPo is Nadal’s friend… someone he practices with!!!!

      (And all of you guys… Important thing is he’s back!!! He’s PLAYING again!!!!!!!!!!!We know it’ll take a little while for him to get back into groove…. so CHIN UP :)!!!)

    • Atch2 says:

      Check out Miri last pic fm the Qtrs ‘Handshake’ and u can see Rafa is leaning to Delpo’s side to shake his hand, and not trying to avoid him. If Rafa loses he is angry with himself, and acts like a sportsmen especially at the handshake.

  10. loverafa4ever says:

    I jst read in the ATP website that Andy Murray will overtake Rafa if he wins today. How is that possible? The rogers cup points has already been dropped and Rafa did make it to the quarters. The difference in the number of points b/w Rafa and Murray is 1000 points. So how come Andy has more dan 1000 points now, just by reaching the finals. I don’t understand der math.

  11. sia says:

    Just remember Andy has to defend 1000 points from last year’s Cincinnati … he has a lot of work to do.

  12. Courtney says:

    Miri, do you think Rafa has started to update his Facebook account like Roger Federer does? ( ) It seems like it might actually be legit. If so, it’s awesome! Another way to get to know Rafa in some tiny ways when he’s not writing a formal blog (and maybe some inside videos and photos for his fans like Roger likes to put up occasionally).

    • miri says:

      I have no idea. I had used the contact links on his site awhile ago to ask if he had an official facebook page (because there are quite a few there) and never got a response.

      • Courtney says:

        Well all the info changed and he (or someone, I guess, but it does seem to be real) just started updating it a few hours ago. Still very early, so I guess I’ll wait to see if there is an announcement on his homepage!

        • johanne says:

          It looks legit! Good call, thanks! His post today about his loss yesterday is the cutest! :D

          I hope he keeps doing this!

      • mary says:

        I’ve just checked it out and of course added a number of posts. Can’t help myself. It’s a cheap addiction. He, he or maybe not, just realizing spending lots going to the AO. Deh!
        I believe this is a genuine facebook site.
        Just asked him did he employ a speed reader!! :) :)

  13. Suzanne says:

    It does seem as though the FB comments are directly from Rafi. Too cute that he posted a pic from Toronto last year and pointed it out. Miri, don’t worry about Rafi’s track record when you are at tournaments. Remember what he said about “being bad luck for Real Madrid”…he thought it was nonsense. You go whenever you want to and are able to and enjoy yourself! I truly think you’ve missed your calling and should take tennis pics professionally! I’ll bet you’d have dozens of “personal references” from this site!

    • Delta says:

      Agree, I mentioned in another post if she’s sure she’s not with the AP or SI? Should be or Getty no?
      I saw pics posted by a photog w/getty and Miri’s are sooo much better, catching him @ his best form and always “good-looking” self. If not profession by trade it should be! GREAT WORK!

  14. Atch2 says:

    From Delpo’s Presser after his win over Rafa. We can take a lot of positives out of here:

    Q. How does it feel to beat Nadal for the second straight time?
    DELPO: Good. I have a good sensation. I know since many years, Rafa. I’m happy to beat one more time, but I’m happy to see him in the court fighting until the final. You know, is very good for me and for everyone to see his comeback.

    Q. Did you get a sense of how Rafa was moving tonight compared to the last time that you played him? Better, worse, about the same? Can you tell?
    DELPO: Same.

    Q. Same?
    DELPO: Maybe he needs a few matches to feel better, but it’s normal with the competition. But I saw his movement was good.

    Q. It’s hard to tell sometimes because you’ve seen him on clay courts for two months where he moves so differently. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen him on the hardcourts. You might have been one of the last people to see him.
    DELPO: Yes. Of course he can play better in clay court, and he’s a specialist of that surface. But in this surface he won in every one and everywhere, so he’s a very dangerous player, too.
    But I think he play more matches, could be tough for me and for everyone.

    • mary says:

      Thanks Atch2,
      It’s good to see that Del Potro has that kind of respect for Rafa. He knows that Rafa can and will become much more dangerous.

  15. faecoleman says:

    Yes its nice to hear Del potro speak like that about Rafa. Rafa has always said that Del potro is a nice person and its obvious that he holds alot of respect for Nadal.