Filming island commercial

I figured I’d better post this before the internet exploded with people emailing me about it. So, here it is.

Posted by meriko.

When I told my friend (who thinks Rafa looks 12 years old) that people were clamoring for me to post a video of him shirtless on a boat, she said, “bunch of pervs.” :)

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  1. johanne says:


  2. CC says:

    Rafa, I’ll be over soon, so in the mean time, get rid of that camera crew, strip off the shorts and shirt and we’ll sail out to sea, no…?

    *dies with Johanne*

  3. Suzanne says:

    Rafi on a sailboat…what else is there? I think we might need to see a full-length documentary of this sort…oh my…Seeing him play tennis is the best, but this might be my second fave. Thanks, Miri.

  4. An says:

    I love to sail!!! And i love Rafa!!!
    this must b haven….

    *died along with Johanne and CC*

  5. Delta says:

    So delicious, with the “unbelievable windy”! He’s charting his own course, relaxed & in his element.
    More so when his work is done. Great plug for the “Baleric Islands” too bad he’s not included? no?

  6. Delta says:

    So delicious, with the “unbelievable windy”! He’s charting his own course, relaxed & in his element.
    More so when his work is done. Great plug for the “Baleric Islands” too bad he’s not included? no?

  7. Suzanne says:

    Windy or colm, no matter, as long as he’s at the helm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Delta says:

      Yes Suzanne, “On top of the World” ( Titanic Movie, another one of his favs) He could very well be too, gets the “V” here, Cincy & US OPEN look out, He’s right back where he started from. My standby ; (
      “anythings possible!”

  8. sia says:

    I’m sure this filmed beautifully, but he looks uncomfortable to me. Ha ha ha Miri “bunch of pervs.”
    No way … our intentions are pure.

    • mary says:

      In which lifetime? I’m happy to be called a perv when it comes to Rafi anyday if that what it takes.

  9. mary says:

    Just let me be the wheel. He can spin me anytime

  10. mary says:

    Mary my mate from cinci posted these pics on this site but in another section. I’m posting them here now. Pics of Balearic isl commercial.
    :) ;)

  11. Atch2 says:

    We may be pervs but we are pretty harmless.
    I think the visuals are stunning (1st Rafa, 2nd sea) and the ad is working for us. I prefer it to the SFX ad they did of Rafa in the studio, at least Rafa is in his natural element here. And speaking of pervs there’s a great shot of Rafa on his official website for those who have a weakness for his legs ;) amongst other things.

  12. Carol says:

    woke up this morning…dum dum dum… island sun. Three little birds…

    and WHAT DID I SEE! Rafa at sea… (excuse incoherence)

    Wow – I didn’t think Rafa could get more delicious (or Rafalicious??)but oh oh oh!

    Certainly sails my boat… *thoughts not for a family site* I’ll hoist the mainsail with him any day…

    Does anyone know if he does sail? In real life I mean.

    Sorry Meriko, but its your friend who’s missed the boat (sorry couldn’t resist ha, ha). More Rafelito for the rest of us then!

  13. faecoleman says:

    I lived in the Med for 20 years and can understand Rafa’s passion for the tranquillity of the sea. He looks *colm* here too.

    Johanne and CC agreed! *just died too* Rafa is definately in his element here.

  14. Rafa Gal says:

    Good Morning Ladies!
    I can’t bring up any of the clips or videos you have posted here. Does anyone have any idea why they wouldn’t show on my PC? Any hints or tips for me to see them? Thanks so much! RG

    • mary says:

      What’s happening when you click on the vids or pictures?

      • Rafa Gal says:

        HI Mary~
        I click on the web address…link you have posted…then I get a blank screen…I wait but nothing else ever appears…and when I click on the little icon in the upper left corner…(which usually will open a picture) nothing happens either! Help!

        • mary says:

          I know this is off topic but it isn’t. It’s all about seeing our Rafi. You may have to diagnose the problem (should be tools on your pc), maybe even re-format your harddrive. It sounds as though it’s your pc. I’m no expert though. Sorry

  15. CC says:

    Heh, I just re-watched this as I’d not had time to watch it properly before (you know, like PROPERLY in detail, as you do) and reading through people’s comments is quite fun, as most of them are completely incoherent and slightly confused. I wonder why…? ;)