Rafa, Interrupted

Photo by AP/Canadian Press, Graham Hughes

Photo by AP/Canadian Press, Graham Hughes

Rafa and Francisco Roig lost their second doubles match to the number seven seeded team of Max Mirnyi and Andy Ram. They put up a good fight, but there’s no shame to losing a doubles match to those guys! Let’s hope Rafa got some good match practice out of it. On to the singles!

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  1. ally says:

    well he nearly won the match, so good effort

  2. Atch2 says:

    Rafa and Fran lost to the no.7 seeds in 3 sets and nearly won. How cool is that?! (Fran deserves a raise and big hug Rafa) I luv citrus-Rafa.

    Wed’s OOP is out:


    Rafa’s playing around 7pm Montreal time (6am my time).

    Why did he hve to get a tough rallying guy like Ferrer in his first match? The Gods were nice with the return of the sleeveless but were mean with the first opponent.

  3. johanne says:

    Great effort from Rafa & Roig against a great doubles team! Now Rafa can focus on singles. :)

    I’m actually feeling OK about him playing Ferrer. A good challenge right off the bat – Rafa should be plenty motivated & will def know what to expect from his buddy. And you know what? If it doesn’t go the way I’d like it to, well, I like Ferrer. But still, vamos Rafa!!!

  4. loverafa4ever says:

    Oh… Rafa’s match is at 7.00… I wanted him to play early… so that I cud see him a few hrs aftr I wake up…

    2dayz doubles match was gud… I was xited wn I saw them win the first set… I thot dey will win, but dey wr competing against hte number 7 seeds… Anywayz, Rafa got 2dayz of real practice… its definitely not the same for singles, but still its a gud experience…

  5. mary says:

    This is 3rd attempt at writing a post. Even though they lost Rafi and Fran should be proud. They went down fighting & only just lost. What an experience for Fran. Rafi fly well and free. Hope to see lots of Vamos’s.

    • mary says:

      Btw don’t care what you’re wearing. Be it full body armour or a loin cloth. Hmmmmm, imagines loin cloth blowing to and fro in the breeze!!! Say no more, well yeah I will. Tighty whitey’s ladies.!!!! ;) ;) *fainting now*

  6. An says:

    Good job Francis and Rafa, Rafa i hope you got enough “colm” now for youre singles! We have no doubt you can do it and are with you..

    The time suck 7.00pm over there is 01.00am over here and i have to get up verry early tomorrow, have a hard day at work and play a tennismatch myself in the evening, so, BIG dillemma!
    But even if i choose to go to bed i’ll be rooting for Rafa in my sleep.


    • dutchgirl says:

      I have been without internet for 2,5 weeks (I was in France for 2 weeks, got back and found out my internet was out, as was my phone…) and just this morning I got the connection back, so I’m definitely gonna watch. Even if it’s at 1 am Dutch time and I have a long working day ahead, I can’t spend another day (or night)without seeing Rafa! (well, I saw him on a poster at a busstop in France, for Lanvin…)

  7. AnaR says:

    It was somewhat expected. It is clear that Rafa and Francis do not have adequate experience in a tournament together and really to win to a couple that are at the top of the ranking. But the important thing was to remove Rafa’s tension of the first matches in his return and this has been achieved. Today we will all be with our golden boy … OMG, that tension!.

  8. faecoleman says:

    Omg the tension and worst of all his playing the night match, midnight uk time. It won;t be broadcasted so I won’t be able to watch it. how am I gonna sleep. David ferrer pulverised Triocki yesterday, common Rafa, he should relish the challenge though, just really hope he gets through. Vamos Rafa!!!

  9. AnaR says:

    Faecoleman, Unfortunately David is a very strong player and very agressive also.. OMG!… I have a bit of fear..for Rafa..It will be very difficult … and I hope that Rafael is with his mind sure because if Rafa goes to the track “absolutely determined to win,” you know that although he is not to 100%, he can beat anyone .. What a stress!

  10. alik says:

    Oh my!….i so hope that rafa can pull this win off! This is really a tuff first round opponent.
    If Rafa is ready..which i believe that he is then he can do this!

    Vamos Rafa!

    • mary says:

      Rafi knows any come back & he’s done it before is always difficult. He has fortunately been able to push himself in the last 2 matches & has faired well. He seems happy & comfortable in his surroundings, thats also a bonus. So we wait and pray for the best. Seems the crowds are behind him as well. Above all enjoy Rafi!!!

      • nic says:

        Yeah Rafa is just looking so happy to be back, and he must be feeling well physically which allows him to feel mentally well too. Good to see him smile so much and enjoy the tennis, the sweetheart. Really love how the crowd is embracing his return. And the media too. Everything must be lifting his spirits in Montreal. Just what he needs. Really wish he can win vs. Ferrer, wouldn’t that just be awesome?? Good luck my dearest hero.

        • SuzR says:

          Yeah, he definitely looks like he’s “with colm”. Just a few more hours and I can see Rafa back on court!!! I’ve missed him so much! TV in the UK won’t be broadcasting the evening matches but at least there’s the live stream. It’s going to be a tough first match. Hope he wins, of course, but I can cope if he loses because of being “rusty” etc, just pray there’s no issues with the knees.

  11. An says:

    I would say “no doobts” in our boy. He is Nadal, he can do it and from what i saw last days he’s absolutly 200% determined to winn…

    But yes David is a tough deal for 2nd round, that is “the true”
    Well, if Rafa might not succeed than there will be a next change soon enough!

    I’m “with colm”

  12. mary says:

    Just saw quite a few pics on facebook of his second doubles match. He and Fran were both wearing the blue Nike polo shirt with sleeves & white shorts. Rafa wore the bright yellow bandana and wrist bands. Looking mighty hot I might add. Not sure how to grab the pics and drag em over here without hastle. Not sure of their original source.

    • Atch2 says:

      There’s a photo of Rafa in his new gear and smiling in his official website. And he looks HOT!

    • An says:

      Mary, could you give us a link?
      I’m not so much into facebook, tried to look but cant find it!

  13. AnaR says:

    By the way, does anyone know why Manacor is famous? (I mean besides for Rafa) .. For its pearls. Manacor’s pearls are very famous in the world. So .. We can say that Rafa would be “the most wonderful pearl of Manacor”

    • Carol says:

      So poetic, AnaR. I think that’s lovely. Yes, I had heard about the pearls, also that Manacor is well known for olive wood furniture I think, (Ok, a little less romantic).

      Indeed “a pearl without price” (I think that’s Shakespeare??) Rafa is definitely the finest pearl from the oyster of Mallorca. (Sorry Carlos (Lopez), you are no 2).

      • Carol says:

        Oh, and his eyes are molten chocolate (without the churros) and his tanned skin is like Pedro Ximenes Sherry… (Sorry I’m getting off post here.)

      • Suzanne says:

        The “Pearl of Great Price” is from the Bible. Rafa is definately a gem! Maybe Charlie is like the olive wood furniture…ha, ha, ha! Oh, I can’t wait until his match starts; I’ll be on pins and needles until it begins and then watching anxiously until he comes out the other end a victor! He certainly seems to be full of joy at his return, and in having this aktitude must be considered “dangerous”!

  14. AnaR says:

    Oh, Carol you’re so poetic today! and Suzanne, definately Rafa is a gem.. and Carol, virtually all production of olive oil in Spain (the first producer of the world) is produced in the province of Jaen, Andalusia .. probably a little oil is produced in Baleares islands but here the best known is the oil from Jaen and from Andalucía.

  15. sia says:

    The doom and gloom reporter from the Montreal Gazette (I actually really like her blog and think she is only telling it the way she sees it), has some photos of Rafa and Roig in their tennis blues.
    … this is more CC’s sphere … but somthing about diving for pearls.

  16. An says:

    Well, at least she starts to sound a lot more possitive!

  17. Rafafan says:

    Face coleman

    I am hoping it’s on http://www.atdhe.net (for free)- around midnight

    Where is everyone watching it?

    The Skysports extra (if your in UK) sucks – they will show Andy Murray until the cows come home – broadcast anytime anywhere – but they know it’s Rafa’s first match and do they broadcast it at midnight – NO! but listen to this ……they say you don’t have to miss any of the action with Nadal – you can see the highlights tomorrow at 2pm!

    What the F…. is that all about. Talk about they don’t adjust or do anyting at short notice – apart from that stupid git of Murray – and wow isn’t he so entertaining NOT!

  18. Rafafan says:

    PS: Why oh why has he changed his attire? He was so gorgeous in the lack of sleeves – don’t like the blue – too hard for him and also doesn’t show him off just the stupid top with the collar – and what I can’t understand Rafa says he feels more comfortable and easier without sleeves. Why can’t NIKE take note – Come on Rafa let them know just like you are letting the ATP know with the scheduling.

    Vamos for later

    • dutchgirl says:

      I think he just looks georgious in the blue and yellow outfit. I even find myself used to the sleeves, where I first thought the sleeveless looked better on Rafa, I now think the sleeves (including the polo collar) is the better outfit. Somehow it fits Rafa at this stage of his development (as a player and in age).
      When I was watching him last night (my time, that is) I couldn’t stop thinking how wonderful the colors were on him.

  19. Atch2 says:

    Rafa won bec Ferrer retired with a knee thing. How weird is that. Rafa only got about 36mins play. Now I wish he got to play the whole match thru accumulate some match play and shake off the rust, whatever the outcome. The crowd must be disappointed as we r that we didn;t see more play.

    Rafa looked GREAT physcially! but still not playing like our usual Rafa. The serve wasn’t accurate, some shots he usually gets went thru, some indecision, he was broken in a game that lasted abt 14mins (?), …

    Xisca, Maymo and Fran was there, but not Papa Nadal.

    Miri I hope u were able to take come photos during such a short session of play.

    OOD is out and Rafa is back on court:
    Other interesting matches, Verdasco vs Roddick, Murray vs Ferreo. Fed vs Wawrinka, Simon vs Tsonga.