Rafa Returns

Photo by AP/Canadian Press, Graham Hughes

Photo by AP/Canadian Press, Graham Hughes

Rafa returned to action today in his first match in far too long. He played doubles with his sometimes-coach Francisco Roig. Sadly the match wasn’t available to watch anywhere that I know of but it all turned out well, as Rafa and Roig defeated the team of Novak Djokovic and Dusan Vemic 7-5, 6-4. Always nice to return with a win, don’t you agree?

I will be helping to keep the site updated while Miri is enjoying the sights and the tennis in Montreal (and hopefully I’ll be doing it correctly!). I’m not entirely sure she meant for me to keep up with the doubles, too, but who can resist a happy, smiling Rafa?

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  1. faecoleman says:

    Οh all this info at once is amazing and photo of Rafa sleevless *phew too much to absorb!!! how busy is this site when Rafa’s playing! What a nice way to start the tournament, keep it up Rafa!!
    Btw its the tight pants I loved,(pirates) showing Rafa’s *famous arse* great to see him smiling and happy playing tennis again and yes he does deserve most of the credit playing with a 41 year old still Francis must be fit lol.. Thanx for all the links everyone!!!

  2. An says:

    I think we must give Francis some credit too… Lets not forget he was a verry good doubles player in his younger days as you can read in the Wikipedia page AnaR linked to!!

    But verry proud off our Rafa, fo sure! After all it was Djoko on the other side off the net and this winn must give him some “colm”, also a big + for the positive aktitude is that seeing him so happy and relaxed must mean that the knees don’t bother him to much when he’s playing….

  3. CC says:

    Looking at the pic of Rafa I now know why I’ve been singing the same Dolly Parton line over and over again today. Highly annoying, but true:

    “Here you come again, looking better than a body has a right to…”

    Mmmm…Rafa, the things you do to me! ;)

  4. mariajessica says:

    The sleeves are back up? :)

  5. Atch2 says:

    Rosana’s report fm Rafa’s doubles match:

    • Suzanne says:

      That serve is lookin’ pretty tough! Maybe one good thing to come out of all of this will be some one-two points to get quicker victories (shorter matches a bummer on the one hand but longer career…worth the trade!!!). Miri I’m so glad for you that you got that press pass. How are you containing your joy? We’re hardly able to contain our joy at just seeing snippets of him online!!!

    • Suzanne says:

      Okay, so I couldn’t contain myself after reading the above article. She has such a way of saying something positive and then grabbing it right back. Where does such smuggness come from? In response to her article, I wrote the following:

      Do you enjoy being such a doom and gloomer? When Rafa gets the kind of joy from a win that he did from this doubles match, he is dangerous. Get out your knife and fork, because you are going to eat crow!

      I hope that this gets her attention and I hope that Rafa shoots down a bunch of crows and keeps her eating for a long, long time!!! By the way, Atch2, thanks for posting that link. The photos were great and I really needed to get that off my chest!

  6. Suzanne says:

    Hey all, just wanted to let you know that if you go to the ATP World Tour website you can see a little video of the action from the first day in Montreal and there are some nice video shots of our boy. I’ll paste the link here:


  7. johanne says:

    Anyone who’s in Montreal know if there’s an end in sight for this rain delay?? Hope it’s not too long…

  8. mary says:

    They’re not gonna show our baby anyways!!!!!!! :(

    • Delta says:

      Hi Mary, your getting his match 2morrow there right? Or whatever God awful time it is for you.
      I’ll see it on Tennis Channel around 8.00a weather permitting? no? Can’t hardly contain myself!!!
      Wer’e all in same boat no? Am re-watching AO match w/Fed, a common pastime for me! But OOOhhh how delicious to watch him be Victorious, I view that as a portent for the upcoming matches our Rafel; ( another name I read they call him in Catalan; ie; friends & famailia. ; (
      Don’t think I’ve ever been sooo anticipating a sporting event more, no? The one who passed away
      was a HUGE sports figure in the States, so I kinda have a taste of what Xisca is dealing with. As I knew him before he became a “household name” and would seem funny to me when people would come up at Airport or resturant asking for picture/ autograph. That was just his work to me!
      He knew of Nadal and His greatness & said he will surpass Fed at some point ; ( before he had cardiac arrest.
      He knew genious when he saw it!!!!

      • Suzanne says:

        What did I miss? Who passed away?

      • Delta says:

        Spelled genius wrong;( must be the Nadal match on my mind……… OMG! Tennis Channel just said Rafael Nadal is playing against “countryman Ferrer 1300 eastern, so those in USA on Westcoast will be 10.00a. Go Rafa! Suzanne it was the one I spoke of. He passed 2 years ago, too soon. Don’t want to discuss in detail as want to play by the rules. No off-topic. Only trying to convey the parallel I was in like Xisca, being with a ‘public figure’ they’re just like us,
        it’s just their work, albiet are adored & worshipped by many. Was a crazy life!
        Anyway, what a relief to finally see Rafa play, it’s been a long time coming. Enjoy all, in person or on tele!

        • mary says:

          Hi Delta, I got ya! Sorry Suz it’s off topic. Apart from chat line (still public) maybe find a way we can chat privately.
          As to your question about time. I’m not sure what time it’s on here. Did they start at 11am the first day? If so than we are 14 hours ahead. So Rafi’s match will start at or around 9am our time. They better bloody televise it! He’s back & we are still being starved of his presence. Btw Niemeyer gave Fed head a run for his money. Hope he tired him. Sick of media raving how he got his no.1 position back. Hmmmmm, Rafa wins 5 tourneys this year, Fed 3 & only bec our Rafi has an injury he gets his no. 1 spot. So why the praise? Dehhhhh!!!!!!

          • Delta says:

            Mary, No kidding, since his announcement to return to Montreal, I was counting down to 10. Aug. & here we are, weather allowing; ) He will be on, in all his splendor…..
            “Starved” is a great word, I’ve been using “drought”, w/d either way finally he’s baaaack
            to re-establish his presence & all his peers will feel it. Yes, I saw the Fed match and wasn’t a blowout, so sweet Rafael will “appear” and hopefully send shockwaves around the ATP letting all know he is ready to VAMOS!!! Yes to the 11a start] USA eastcoastime.
            Sweet dreams………

  9. Suzanne says:

    In case any of you wants to scout Rafi’s next opponent, you can watch the match between Ferrer and Troicki online live right now, and here is the link:


    • mary says:

      Yep, watching the live score at present and on the idiot box. Had to love one of the commentators stating that Fed head went overboard with the bling outfit, albiet the jacket. And the crowd are cheering for Niemeyer. Go Niemeyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Any man that wears a ring on a chain outside his t shirt signifying his love and respect for a dear one, has got my BLOODY vote. Especielly as he is ranked 400 something and faceing Mr. Ego himself.

  10. mary says:

    RAFI & fRAN won the first set. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS

    • mary says:

      But not the second. Bummer!!!! Still VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS we flov you Rafi & Fran. This will surely test our man, having to play a third set. We’re praying!!!!!!!!! <3

      • mary says:

        Obviously I know very little about how they score doubles. No third set. like a tie breaker. They fought well & went down fighting. Thank you Fransico for teaming up with Rafi. This may have helped Rafi find his form & given you an experience of a lifetime. <3 <3

  11. sia says:

    So they lost the doubles … I think this is actually a good thing; they put in a very respectable effort but now Rafa needs to focus on the singles play. If anyone was watching Ferrer play earlier today … he demolished Troiki … Rafa is going to have a very tough match. Fed just beat Niemeyer but Frederic played a great match … it was very close … I’m a proud Canadian.

  12. loverafa4ever says:

    They wr playing against the 7th seed… I was not expecting them to win, and I was happy dat dey got the first set… most of the singles players are playing doubles too.. and dat to with random people… Murray is playing… Nole tried his luck yesterday…

    I am really worried abt 2moros match… Rafa has a winning record against Ferrer… but considering his present state, I wonder how well he will b able to compete 2moro… He shud win by not spending too much time on court coz of his knee… He shud put less pressure, so he shud try and play short points… I hope he plays wisely… and I am sure he will…

    • An says:

      I think that he might be doing quite allright.
      I know verry well that playing doubles isn’t no where near the same as singles but what i got from the doubles matches is that he doesnt seem as rusty as the journo’s tried to let us believer or he is picking it all up fast!

      I have a good feeling about it but if it might proove to much at this time, well at least we have him back and at least he’s playing a nice guy like David, so…. Nothing to loose, all to winn!
      “He is Nadal”, he can do it!

  13. Atch2 says:

    Notice the great reaction and applause that Rafa got: