Fit for the Open?


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Well, that’s the question Reuters is asking in their headline and they even pump it up with the word “fear.” Of course, Reuters also isn’t good at understanding the standard Rafaeese of refusing to brag about his chances for any tournament.

“I can’t tell you if I’ll be 100 percent for the U.S. Open,” Nadal told Reuters in an exclusive interview on Friday.

“It depends on many factors but clearly, I’ll work as hard as I can try to be in condition there. But most of all, I want to make sure my knees respond well.

“Once I know my knees will respond well, I can train well, I can compete with greater calm and that’s what will give me, little by little, the confidence to train at the maximum level,” he said.

Yep. Standard pre-tournament talk for Rafa.

“I arrived at two very important tournaments this season, Roland Garros (French Open) and Wimbledon without my best condition but for the rest I am here and I am very happy to come back on court with the best motivation to work hard to try to play my best tennis as soon as possible.

“I know its going to be tough in the beginning because after two months outside of competition its always tough to come back after an injury but I am going to be ready to work very hard as soon as possible,” he added.

We know you will Rafa. And we promise to do our best to be with colm about any outcome.

“Well, it’s clear that the calendar can’t be perfect for everyone but I think that we — the players, the ATP — are working hard to try to develop the best possible calendar for the players and for the tournaments.

“I think that everyone knows that starting on January 1 and ending on December 5 is too long of a calendar but it’s not easy to fix because there are many tournament interests at play and everything is very difficult. We can’t scorn any tournament.

“We must try to find the best possible solution that more or less pleases everyone,” he said.

It ends on my birthday? Well, I want a shorter calendar for my b-day present. Got that, ATP?

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  1. mary says:

    I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the players and the ATP come together and debate those schedules for 2010. I somehow think Rafa isn’t the only one who wants certain changes. Will the ATP come to the party though!

  2. mary says:

    “Once I know my knees will respond well, I can train well………level”
    Rafa knows best and sums it up best. He and he alone can judge exactly on his condition and performance. I pray it goes reasonably smooth for you Rafa. You deserve to be back up there fully conditioned and aggressive on court and winning!!!!! :)

  3. Suzanne says:

    If these people don’t stop prognosticating about Rafa’s knees, I’m gonna HAVE A FIT!!! Why can’t they just watch and see what’s going to happen and wish him well? I hope they all have to eat humble pie (or crow) after this…Rafi will give it his best, that we know is “the true”!!!

    • An says:

      Yes, we know! And i think we can support him by letting him feel we know, he needs to know that his fans believe in him and are with him no mather what outcome.

      Let the press write whatever they want.

      Rafa will do his talking with the racket, if not soon… later, but he will do!

      VAMOS RAFA, we are with you!

    • mary says:

      “the true”!!!
      Right on Suzanne.
      Did you know that since Roland Garros, Rafi’s fan base on facebook has grown from just on 1.5 million to over 2.1 million, almost an increase of 600 thousand in roughly 9 weeks. My point is that these pesimistic journo’s need to get behind Rafi. Do they not realize how popular our Rafi is. How many of us do they want to piss off. We the public don’t have to support their sites, their mags or newspapers. I don’t now!! I read none of it. I suspect I’m not alone. Plus Rafi may become more selective about who interviews him.

  4. Carol says:

    Oh Dear, more doom-mongering. How can Rafa say if he’ll be 100% ready for the Open? How can any player for that matter? Doh!

    I wish the media would stop this useless speculation and just leave dear Rafa alone to focus, practice, play and get back to reach his top form.

  5. aRafaelite says:

    It’s interesting how this enforced time out has made a lot of non-Rafans (at least the ones I know) realise they actually miss him too. Tennis has simply been duller without him, and absence of Rafa has made everyone realise just how important he is to the game. And the ATP really does need to make some changes. I don’t think they need to cull tournaments, just reduce the number of tournaments players are required to play in, so that players have more freedom to arrange their schedules in a less punishing way. The demands are unreasonable. Let’s hope after all the time outs this year, particularly since Wimbledon, they learn that healthy players are better for the game than injured/exhausted ones. Rafa’s back and Fena Gonzalez is back… things are starting to look up!

    Vamos Rafa – our light at the end of the tunnel! Play well for Miri in Montreal, but save your best for the US Open ;)

  6. nic says:

    geez, what i hate about journalism is there always has to be an angle! and of course which angle will get more clicks? why, of course that rafa is rusty, fears he won’t be fit, blah blah blah. whatever. rafa take it easy! we know when the time’s right you’ll be back fighting fit and stronger than ever!! *muah*

  7. faecoleman says:

    I agree with everyone on here! tooooo much bloody speculation and negetivity about Rafa! Well at least on the positive side, the pressure is off, nobody is expecting him to do well so “relax Rafi, just focus on your game, and all will fit into place!”.. Importantly though, I really hope he is feeling okay so he can! focus just on his tennis and not on any further injury complications…. boy they are getting to me now! Go show em Rafa what your made of! ‘ye of little faith!

  8. mary says:

    Just thought I’d add this. More practice at Montreal

    • Delta says:

      Thxs Mary, seems like Rafa was hitting strong & w/confidence. My perception of the fans were “all eyes on Rafael”, with little mention of Fed. That in itself should boost his morale, but then again deep down I believe he will come out with his VAMOS spirit, patella permitting? Noticed wasn’t taped for practice, assumming will be for his matches no? (meaning plurals) come on Rafanatics NO DOOBTS :)
      Self-fullfilling prophecy here! If anyone can come back, it’s Nadal!!!
      Doom & gloom are not in my vocab, imagine Rafa’s neither. Pay no attention to all the so called pundits who will write anything for sensationalism. Mentally, Rafael Nadal will NOT come out head hanging low, ( not in his make-up) he’s a fighter & will have the adrenaline going and Nadalfans, and his NEVER give up acktitude.

      • Suzanne says:

        Agreed, he is looking a bit more like his “fighting” self. Just one thing; he won’t have the knees taped at all because he said that the pain is no longer below the knees but above them so the tape doesn’t help. That’s why he stopped wearing it at the beginning of the clay court season and why many people were assuming that his knees were all better at that point. I believe that our beloved Rafi will give it all he’s got and that alone wins more than half the battle. Opponents, start shaking in your boots!!!

        • Delta says:

          That’s what I thought, has been in the “superior patella” and yes to most not abreast of his status would assume that he’s okay, member Fed made comment re; “no tapping of knees’
          @ some tourny before RG. Sooory not as knowledgeable as you are, but love your post!!
          Learn much about Rafi. Thx for the confirm with tapping, however; seeing it’s “hardcourt season” whereas he usually has them taped just for preventative measure, no? Just want what’s best to protect that darling.

    • Carol says:

      Great – thanks for this: a real boost for us all and what a sight for sore eyes ;-))

  9. faecoleman says:

    This is the first possitive clip I have seen lately of rafa training, thanx Mary. Just praying he’s gonna do well.