FB – let’s go to the mall!

Feli and a very baby-faced Rafa go shopping in 2004. You can tell Feli was considered to be the bigger star at the time.

Posted by veyonce77 and sent in by Johanne.

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  1. johanne says:

    I’m sorry, but I’d like to get into Feli’s dressing room in this one. Damn! Besides, I’d prob be arrested if I went into Rafa’s… he looks so young!

  2. ally says:

    i think i have watched about all his clips on u tube already

  3. Carol says:

    18 year old Rafa doesn’t look so sure of himself here, a bit like a kid “am I really let loose in this sweet shop?” or maybe it’s just his English. Love it when he hitches his jeans tho – he certainly had the X-factor even then.

    • Clare says:

      You’re right Carol, he looks a bit deer in the headlights here, but was still polite enough to take off his cap as soon as he walked into the store. Sweet boy!!!

  4. Atch2 says:

    Rafa was not a clotheshorse then and he isn’t one now. He looks a bit lost in that shop. He should’ve invited Mama Nadal.
    Give Rafa some shorts and a t-shirt and a smile will automatically pop up. He’s a cutey to us, whatever he wears.

    • Carol says:

      Yes indeed, Rafa + formal do not go. Do not like him in a tux / dinner jacket – well, as far as one can dislike Rafa in anything…

      On the other hand, one of the VamosBrigade galleries has some pics of him at the Spanish Embassy in Paris (after one of the RG wins) and he does look very sexy hot in a dark suit with a white shirt and orange silk tie. *mmm…*

  5. nic says:

    omg baby rafa again. aaawwww. what a cutie! hehe.
    too adorable. and a little awkward.
    as for feli, extremely comfortable with the shopping haha.
    well, he’s a hottie too.

  6. An says:

    Imagine yourself that you could be the sales-women when Rafa ( and Feli ) come to shop in youre store..

    Sir(s) can i help you????


  7. faecoleman says:

    mmmm young goofy Rafa, and gorgeous Feli lopez, two hot looking spanish stallions! Can you imagine being the Sales lady, “I think I’d faint* phew, two good to be true, Rafa and! Feli, there just pure sex on legs….”dream on fae, dreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaam indeed!” Great way to exploit Armani clothing.

  8. Suzanne says:

    How could one small country produce so many hunks? (and the hunkiest of thems all, our Rafi!!!)

  9. AnaR says:

    Both very young here .. and super handsome .. Incidentally, today I shall see in a tournament Feli near my house (10 km.) That Feli is headlist 1. During the last days I was two times in the matches of Feli and Marcel Granollers. And in these tournaments in small tracks .. is very easy to talk with them .. Rafa and Feli both really are two very wonderful.

  10. AnaR says:


    Of course Spain is a small country when compared with the United States .. but not by its history and current situation (8th economy of the world) but it is best that you can come here to see all these handsome men that we have … ja, ja .. but to me I like the american man.. also ..in NY there are a very handsome man OMG, in LA ..in Washington .. I have seen so many handsome men super there.I think the beauty sometimes here is by the mixture between all peoples who have passed by Spain.. all different cultures have passed for Spain and for this reason is that we have a lot of exotic people also.

    • Suzanne says:

      Hi AnaR. I didn’t mean to intimate that Spain was small in any way other than numbers of population. I guess I was saying that per capita Spain must have one of the highest percentage of hunky guys!!!

  11. AnaR says:

    Suzanne, yes I know it..I know… is a small country.. with only 50 millions of people..and I have a news.. today on the afternoon I saw to Feli win on semis of tournament of El Espinar.. and tomorrow I’ll be on the final with Feli and Adrian Mannarino a young player from France. It was a great match between Feli and Nicolas Mahut. And after this, we were (a group of people) talking to Feli about Rafa’s injury and his recovering. I have sent to Rafa many regards and best luck from all of you. I hope tomorrow will win Feli on this tournament that is on hard track and that serves for training to Montreal because after this tournament.. Feli goes directly to Montreal. He is really adorable. Handsome and nice and very very gentleman.

    • mary says:

      Hey AnaR & Suzanne, We aussies number around 21 million & we’ve produced a no. of honeys. But hell, all you hunks from spain and america are welcomed here anyday, especially you Rafi, you’d fit right in here, jeans, T shirt & thongs(we invented them) all the norm here

  12. sia says:

    AnaR nice to hear that Feli is in the final (this hasn’t been his best year … although he has been good at the last few Davis cup ties), he IS awfully cute … send him regards from Canada. He has fans here.

  13. AnaR says:

    And also in recent days have seen the Davis Cup that is in an exposure of this tournament .. is really great .. very very beautiful. There were many people and we must use to see it because we do not know when will be here in Spain again. I had never seen it..

  14. AnaR says:

    sia, you do not know that nice and handsome person he is.. Feli is an special man for people of Madrid. Very very tall and blonde..with blue eyes OMG! People yesterday were fascinated with him.

  15. sia says:

    Hope Feli does well at El Espinar AnaR, I can understand why people would be fascinated … Then he’ll come to Canada :)
    I also think Spain has a very good chance of winning the Davis Cup again this year … so perhaps the Davis Cup will make another appearance.

  16. AnaR says:

    sia, and Feli finally has won the tournament and he goes to Montreal.. after his training here.. this is the picture of the moment… It was exciting..because Feli don’t win too much tournaments and because I was there..


  17. sia says:

    Thanks AnaR, I used my Spanish dictionary and was able to read the article … was there a storm (tormenta), I guess a rain delay perhaps … hope you didn’t get wet.
    Congratulación a Feliciano!

  18. Mariska says:

    Oh this is such a cute video! Wow, never seen it before. You know, Feli is my favourite player of all, and I was so happy he won the challenger of Segovia! It was too expensive to go last minute, but otherwise I would have travelled to Segovia for the weekend… I love him so much, have seen him lots and lots of times and I am going to Davis cup too in september… He’s just too great.

    Haha, sorry, I can talk for hours, Ana, you are so lucky to speak with him that easy… It’s my dream to have a chance like that. I am learning spanish, so probably he’ll laugh of me, but I keep hoping :)