Day two practice photos

…and a bonus interview photo.

(Photos by AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Graham Hughes and REUTERS/Christinne Muschi)

Also, video and more photos from yesterday’s practice (as well as a gloom and doom report) can be found here.

13 Responses

  1. johanne says:

    Great pics! Love seeing that buggy-whip forehand! And the shirtlessness, of course. ;)

    • Diane says:

      Right on! Oddly enough, I was out trying to duplicate that forehand, with far less success and grace, though.
      The shirtlessness made my day, for sure.

      • Delta says:

        And what a sight to behold!!!! Seize the moment……….

      • An says:

        Me to, i’ve bin trying to hit Rafa’s forehands too…
        untill the trainer aksed me : ‘what are you doing???’

        Guess mine where’nt as good and gracefull as his either, no?

        The shirtlessness pics are……….. if he was signing autographs shirtless when i was near … well i think i would faint at his feeth!!

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    He doesnt look happy… awww… its ok Rafa… u cant expect to train ur bext aftr 2 and a half months… take it easy…

  3. Suzanne says:

    Wooohooo! Look at the bicep in that autograph signing pic! Our Rafi is never happy with anything less than perfection from himself in practice or matches. Let’s hang in there with him!

  4. mary says:

    Looking scrumptious as always. Enjoy your tennis Rafa and let em have it!!!! :)

  5. ally says:

    looks like he is nowhere near his level.Montreal will be tough for him

  6. mary says:

    have also seen other pics with him using another babolat racket at Montreal. His usual is for top spin, the other is an all rounder (better for 1st serves). What this means I don’t know.
    Rafa will gain confidence by winning a match with little or no pain. Then watch him fly. Its good that he is nervous. This will force him to focus and keep on edge. If any of you have played competitive sport you’ll know what I am saying.

  7. sha says:

    happy to watch nadal in action again

  8. nic says:

    love the pic where rafa’s roaring again! looks hot when he’s angry :)

  9. faecoleman says:

    Good points Mary, on the nervousness, your absolutely right, I used to run before I got ill,(recovering also now!), and being nervous really gives you that intense energy and concentration necessary for sport! Here’s to Rafa staying focused and intense on court then! without having to think of those damn knees!!! Love the shirtless pic and the interview one, just love him in taupe, reminds me of his lucky,it would seem colour, that he wore with the green for his F/0 and Queens wins 2008′ classy colours for a gorgeous guy like Rafa! he looks awsome anyway best of luck to him..

  10. Arabelle says:

    Good day humans. . . It’s been a while since I made a quote on the site. Fully trusting every and each one is ok with the weather and what not.
    I do have to admit it landed a great shock the ‘manu’ has made a return to the events. Congratulations Rafael though I sincerely wish you find the means of securing the availabilities or the games and that you exceed to triumph the same like before. I also trust you enjoyed the holiday, and everyone doing well. Chat soon and the very bestest lucks….Take care all,.