Practice photos

Photos from today’s practice session in Montreal.

(Photos by AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Paul Chiasson)

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  1. Marla says:

    I am too excited to sleep. Need to pack, but can’t focus. Don’t know if these photo’s help or make matters worse???
    Of course they help, thanks, Miri.

  2. sia says:

    There is an article in today’s Montreal Gazette that talks about Rafa’s practice session … it didn’t sound very positive. :(

    • Atch2 says:

      There are also some shots of smiling Rafa too, and one with Maymo. It’ll feel like home again soon Rafa. Have patience.

  3. johanne says:

    Man, isn’t he jetlagged at all?? He’s gotta be so tired…

    P.S. love the tummy shot

  4. miri says:

    A gloom and doom report on the practice session: here.

    • johanne says:

      Geez. I’m going with a combo of jetlag and nerves.

    • Atch2 says:

      Could the reporter have written anything more pessimistic?

    • nik says:

      Ugh. Way to buzzkill, Ms. Reporter. Going back for another look at photos to ease my anxiety.

    • Carol says:

      “A couple of times, he grabbed those sore knees” how in hell does this journo Ms Myles know this? This whole article makes me think of the old saying “if you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything at all” The lady seems rather biased to me.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Okay, I’m a bit steamed…Someone can get his fingers slapped by the ATP for not playing a “required” tournament, even to protect his health, but King Federer can torture a poor tournament director by not communicating with him about whether or not he’ll show? That truly stinks. I hope he shows and gets blasted off the court by a qualifier in the first round. Maybe then he’ll think of someone other than himself. I know that in my last post I was rather congenial of Fed, and I am NOT a Fed-hater, but I’m just miffed at him after reading this article. Rafi is toughing this out and he deserves more than some doom and gloomer prognosticating on how bad he’s looking and that we won’t see what we are used to out of him. Rafi, my dear, you go out there and show ’em!!! Prove them all wrong!!! Xicsa, give your sweetie a kiss and hug and a big VAMOS!

  6. patzin says:

    He looks quite stressed in these photos. Heaven help him. This feels premature to me – but what do I know? Nothing.

    • Carol says:

      Same text as in Miri’s post, except syndicated to the Ottawa Citizen there.

      I feel the need to pump the arms and shout a few Vamos’s to get rid of this negativity…

  7. Thorfrost says:

    I am so pleased to see these photos, I don’t care what reporters are writing, they’re doom-mongerers, they want him to show he’s in pain or not up to par – it goes against everything they believe in to show some support and encouragement towards someone who deserves it.
    All i’ll say is he’s smiling…genuinely smiling and we’ve not had that for a LONG time, that smile shows that even if he’s not 100% he’s happy, he’s determind and he’s ready to come back.


    • An says:

      Yeah, let the reporters do theire thing…. they heave no clue, as Rafa didn’t talk to the press, how he was feeling so they have to write something… then why not write what lets room for more writing… i mean starting negative to be able to report that its going better later on, selling more story’s then now a report about that he’s back and things looks ok.

      It sounds verry logical that he starts with a training in wich not push it to much, build up the pushing slowly looks the smart thing to do. After all he has a couple off more days!

      I noticed the different rackets too. Thats intresting!

      I’m happy he’s back and will remaine praying for his feeling good and sending him all my positive!


  8. mary says:

    OK I’ve seen the pics and heard the reactions to pessimistic press blogs (not bothering to read them, expected as much). I wish someone could pass on to Rafa that he has to let go of any mental stress he has & just bloody well go out and ENJOY himself. I’m listening to Mr.Mister, Broken Wings as I post this. Learn to fly again Rafa and set yourself free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Debbie says:

    Great photos! The tummy shot…*dies*

    As for the party pooper journalist who said OMG-Rafa is rusty…Rafa is in pain! Meh. Rafa seems positive:


    August 7, 2009
    Rafa Nadal arrived in Montreal this Thursday morning and as it was expected, the champ didn’t waste a second of his time before heading to the Rogers Cup tournament venue where he had a very light hit (to get used to the courts mainly) for more than 2 hours with his temporary coach, Francis Roig.
    Rafa said yesterday that he feels “very happy to be back training and playing at a competitive level.”
    In spite of spending two and a half months of very “difficult” training (that would usually take up to 5 hours of his day), Rafa said he’s determined to make his return to tennis playing with the same will as always, but on top of everything, his main objective is to be back feeling better because he has to start from scratch again.
    “I will do the best I can to get a good result,” said Rafa at the airport in his home town in Manacor. “When you play, you always try to give a 100%,” however, given the circumstances, “I’m prepared to lose as well.”
    The idea is to gain confidence and be ready for the U.S Open, (the last Grand Slam of the season), which begins at the end of August.
    In Montreal, Rafa will count with the support of Francis Roig as his coach, and will be joined by uncle Toni later down the track at the US Open.

  10. alik says:

    “Prophet of Doom” that is what those reporters are like sometimes.
    Rafa don’t read that junk and he has a strong will and determination.
    he will slowly work his way back into shape.

  11. mary says:

    He’s practising with two different rackets. Each responds differently. Interesting or is this normal for our Rafa as I haven’t noticed it before. In his pics he just looks very focused and a little stressed. That last pic cracked me up! That racket is certainly not his best friend. Quick while Uncle Toni is not looking you can throw it, stomp on it and chew it to pieces if it will help (not). At least your bottle has been strategically place to keep you cool.LOL :) :{) No label showing on that one. He, he!!!

  12. sia says:

    Not much Nadal news ‘O Canada’ today … it is all about Roger arriving. Sponsors happy. They have numero one and two plus many others … should be a great tournament Miri.

    • Carol says:

      Oh, Rog has made up his mind at last, has he? Am I being cynical if I suggest this smells of PR? BTW, Suzanne made some good points earlier.

      Nothing against him as a player, watching him is technically great and yes few can touch him – but… For a Formula 1 analogy, just look at Michael Schumacher.

  13. nic says:

    rafa’s looking mighty fine. that tan. mmmhhhmm.
    so exciting to see him back at a tourney practising.
    can’t imagine what it must feel like for him after leaving the wimbledon grounds for what seems like an age ago.
    vamos rafa, take it easy, no pressure. you’ll be fine. more than fine!

  14. faecoleman says:

    Was really happy to see the photo’s, tummy one’s hot! but like No.8 the best. Then that horrible article, pff I suppose we got to expect Rafa to take some time to get back to form, ‘spraying shots all over the place’ just like in Miami! its gonna be tough for us fans to watch Rafa but we gotta have faith in Rafa haven’t we? Vamos Rafa! you can do this, we’re behind you sweetest!

  15. faecoleman says:

    Was really happy to see the photo’s, tummy one’s hot! but like No.8 the best. Then that horrible article, pff I suppose we got to expect Rafa to take some time to get back to form, ‘spraying shots all over the place’ just like in Miami! its gonna be tough for us fans to watch Rafa but we gotta have faith in Rafa haven’t we? Vamos Rafa! we’re behind you sweetest!

  16. Suzanne says:

    Well, RF did go through a pretty poopy 2008, so our Rafi has had his little slump and now will start his comeback. We are all behind you (what a behind to be behind!!!) and are full of positive aktitudes for you!!! Keep away from the newspapers (as is your norm) and come take a peek at this site. You’ll know how much you are loved and how much we believe you can come back and even exceed your past!!!