More airport footage, Rafa at a Plácido Domingo concert and more training footage.


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  1. Suzanne says:

    Our boy is so balanced…an old soul, going to a Placado Domingo concert (opera?) and yet when training (jumping through what looks like a flat ladder lying on the ground for footword) it looks like he’s playing hop-scotch. I sure hope the reports are cautiously playing down his practice and he comes out and surprizes the heck out of everyone, like he did in winning AO when no one gave him a chance!

    • Suzanne says:

      oops, meant footwork!

      • Delta says:

        Correcto, then again was introduced at a precocious age seeing his Grandfather; Rafael. Talent in every area in that famaila. Appears he’s been getting ready w/all the PT & Physio, and regardless of some of the pessimistic reports I as well hope they’re “playing down” his ability to compete as with Rafa even with recurring injury, ie; previous ankle injury, tendonitis of which all were unaware of during Roland Garros still gave it his all & don’t expect anything less! Has 110% & more in work ethic!!! BTW- after ankle injury, blisters,ect. came back!! Keep the Faith………….

  2. Carol says:

    Corazon means heart I think? Rafa definitely gets mine going whatever he’s doing.

  3. mary says:

    Yep Carol “Corazon” does mean heart & every decent woman out there has lost hers to Rafa.
    Blow it!!! Rafa just oozes sex appeal in those sleeveless tops. Bugger Nike they have got it wrong with the sleeves. Rafa looks sooooo much older with his new look. Please bring back the biceps!!!!! Believe It Nike when I say I’m not alone on this.

  4. Carol says:

    Believe this has been a hot topic on other sites El Toro de Rafa? Those gorgeous arms hidden? He looks as though he can’t move freely enough in those polo tops.

    Suggestion, ladies: we go and form a couple of SWAT teams armed with scissors to storm the locker room and Rafa’s hotel room and cut off all those damned sleeves ;-))) Yeah, the “deconstructed” look, I’m liking it more and more…

    Any rate, nothing can be worse than Roger’s cardigans, they crack me up. He looks like the grampy in the Werther’s Original ads. (BTW, these are buttery caramel sweets (candies)that appeared in an ad on a UK TV channel and featured a moustached grampy in a beige cardie sharing his Werther’s with a young grandson. Very cheesy.)

  5. miri says:

    Sleeve talk makes me go batty. Seriously batty. Totally freaking apeshit. They are sleeves. They matter not. What matters is happy healthy Rafa playing kick-ass tennis.

    • Carol says:

      Ok miri, see your point and agree with Rafa pelting down the balls and kicking brown stuff out of his oppos, along with his sheer skill and guts as being the main thing, but there IS that other je ne sais quois, that can’t be calculated and yes, I do say the upper arms and the kit are visually,intrinsically part of that. They surely do offer a subliminal message of physical superiority – no?

      Although he could play in a monk’s habit and still be as brilliant.

    • mary says:

      Yep It’s playing his best with no pain, enjoying himself and winning. Sleeveless is a bonus. I’ll have to settle for the honey’s that play with sleeveless shirts in afl and have done so for 150 years now. I don’t hear anyone complaining.

  6. sia says:

    whispers … sometimes it is nice when Rafa plays kick-ass tennis in NO shirt.

  7. faecoleman says:

    I smiled when I read these comments, I knew you would freak out Miri! I felt the same when he changed to his new attire, more to do with the pirates though, I loved him in his tight pants! no need to explain why! but as somebody else pointed out on here, with his new shirts you get to see more of Rafa’s neck line, sexy also and they are quite tight fitted showing off his beautiful muscle definition! But yes, I am more concerned in seeing Rafa play sublime tennis again with maximum concentration! to hell with what his wearing at this point! its the wins that count….

    • Delta says:

      Rather think the attire is a moot point; ( considering all he’s had to endure physically as well as mentally. Sure it’s appealing , then again his demonstrative play is enough in itself!! A healthy
      Rafa is all we should care about! ; (
      Sorry faecoleman pretty much reiterated your post; ( Miri as well.

      PS. Re; new attire, as many prefer the “pirate look”, have to admit the new look leaves much to the imagination? no? Think of it in those terms……………

      • Suzanne says:

        I’ll reiterate that Rafa would look fabulous in a burlap sack covered in mud! As long as he’s out there playing and doing well, I couldn’t care less what he wears…The Nike outfits he’s had for the past four years or so have all been pretty nice. He is growing up and wanting to reflect a more mature self, thus the new clothes, shorter hair, etc. I always seem to go back to Agassi, but think of the evolution his look went through, and he turned out pretty well. The best part of our Rafi is what is on the inside; that’s what makes him a man we love to watch and cheer. The rest is merely window dressing and bonus material!!!