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More fast:

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Signing a bra:

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  1. mary says:

    Both extremely funny. Silly woman, she didn’t hang around to see his reaction. If ya gunna have that much bravado & give him your bra to sign, you may as well hang around for the response. Mind you he’d have a lot of space to sign on my double D bra!!!!LOL

  2. Carol says:

    LOL!! Lovely clips – the bra one is new to me (not sure I’d have the chutzpah to offer a bra for an autograph…). This must be one of the weirdest things he’s autographed.

    It almost seemed as if Rafa didn’t know what “book” meant. I get the impression that he’s not much of a reader – more of a visual person with all the DVDs (they’re faster!! how cute)and Playstation.

  3. rafafan1 says:

    Ladies, sorry but may I ask a technical question? I’ve downloaded a couple video clips from youtube using youtubedownloader but the picture quality is not the same as the posted clip and the screen is smaller too. Is there a better downloading program that anyone can suggest for downloading? Thanks a million.

    • nic says:

      real player is pretty awesome for that. you can download most video formats i think. i use it all the time. if you mouse over the video, on the top right hand corner a real player icon usually pops up prompting you if you want to download it. just make sure when you download real player to your computer you allow it to record videos online. or just don’t mess around with its standard settings and you should be fine :)

  4. Atch2 says:

    “now he’s checking her out” LOL Rafa. U should know by now that women adore the heck out of u Rafa.

    And a link to tennis player’s favourite books (Rafa is about 1.24):

  5. rafafan1 says:

    thanks alot Nic. I’ll give that a try

  6. faecoleman says:

    Rafa does read, I remember him saying he read a book on Andy Murray was it last year? can’t remember. I think Rafa wasn’t too impressed with the bra thing, he’s quite a grounded traditional type of guy and this kind of stuff just wouldn’t impress him I feel. Funny to see his reaction though!*laughs*

    • Suzanne says:

      I guess I’m just glad she didn’t try to get him to sign it while she was still in it. He does have a pretty good sense of humor, though, and he probably chuckled over it when he got back to the hotel with his posse. BTW, the book he mentions in “favorites” seems rather interesting. I googled it and it’s some kind of fantasy (like a “Chronicles of Narnia” type). No matter what he does/doesn’t read, he seems like a pretty bright fellow. I’d love to sit and chat with him sometime…

      • Kimber B says:

        It’s a pretty good series, more along the lines of a Harry Potter than a Chronicles; they’re categorized as Young Adult Fiction. I’ve read the first 2 books, and once the kiddies head back to school, maybe I’ll have time to get to #3.

  7. CC says:

    He can sign what’s inside my bra, any day. With his tongue.