And, he’s off!

Coverage of Rafa and his posse leaving for Montreal on iB3:

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  1. loverafa4ever says:

    His daddy is traveling with him, and no private jet this time Rafa? Hopefully we will get to see a lot of pics from his practice…

  2. Atch2 says:

    Rafa and his posse getting on the plane. NOW it’s even more offical that Rafa’s playing Montreal. And the posse includes Papa Nadal and Xisca (also acting as photographer at the beginning). Man I wish I could join this posse.

  3. nic says:

    So excited so excited!!!!!!

    Oh Rafa, how calm and gorgeous do you look!!

    Love them shorts. Love the way he was with the fans.
    Warm and patient. Even patting the guy on the shoulder.

    Aaww, and Xisca there with him, I like to see that.
    So sweet.

    Wow, this just makes my day now :)

    Good night all. Happy Rafa dreams. I’m so happy!

  4. mary says:

    Oh I wish I could be there. Enjoy miri! Hope he proves even better than he expects to fair. Love to see him playing with little or no pain and giving them hell and winning. Yeah Winning! Wouldn’t that be a shocker!!!!!!!!

    • nic says:

      hey mary, yeah, btw i’m in sydney. you? just about to go to bed. you’re up late yourself? night night. sweet rafa dreams :D

      • mary says:

        Same to you. We aussielanders have to keep the midnight hours burning to keep up with the news. Btw if you have foxtel Montreal is on live. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Except it is like 1am. I might be just tooooo sick to go to work. He, he

        • Clare says:

          This is why I love working from home, late nights are all fine!!! It’s also interesting to see that Fox Sports is almost exclusively using Rafa as their advertising tool to get people to watch Montreal. Late nights in Sydney here we come!!!

          • Suzanne says:

            What better draw to tennis than Rafi? If someone had no idea what tennis was and saw that commercial, they might just tune in and find out about it just to see him!!! Wouldn’t you? Mmmmmmmm…

          • mary says:

            Good to meet Rafanatics from every corner of the world, yet comforting to know that there are a few of us here in auss making us not so isolated. Btw I live in brisbane.

            • aRafaelite says:

              And here’s to some late nights with my TennisTV subscription in Cairns too! Can’t wait to see him on court again! Vamos Rafa, eh? Give ’em hell mate!

          • nic says:

            oh man, i have not seen the promos with rafa yet!!! it’s killing me, i want to see!!! just not on the sports channels of late because obviously there’s no tennis to watch….man, maybe i should sit through some afl, nrl, anything, to catch a slice of rafa on fox!

            • mary says:

              That’s when I caught the add, watching afl. I’ve seen another add on fox 1 or 2 last night. Can’t wait!!! :) :D

              • Clare says:

                Yep the ad is all good with the slow motion, and then it’s back to the bevy of beautiful AFL fellas ;) !!!

                • mary says:

                  Thats why we want our Rafa sleeveless again. When you see 36 plus afl hunks running around with sleeveless tops, all with height and incredible biceps, you imagine its 36 plus Rafa’s. And bugger my team lost.

                  • mary says:

                    Btw when the time says 4.53pm in my last post above the time here in auss is actually 7.53am. We’re exactly 15 hours in front.

  5. mary says:

    Also I floved how he signed that autograph and then gave a little endearing pat on that strangers arm. Who does that except our Rafa!!

    • Clare says:

      I noticed that immediately as well Mary, it is a very personal, friendly and endearing move from an obviously kind young man!!!

  6. sia says:

    So a tornado raged through the province of Quebec (just north of Montreal) yesterday … a little unusual … probably clearing the air and any bad spirits in preparation for Rafa’s arrival. Miri the weather looks ok from now on though, a little cool at the beginning of the week and then it gets hot and steamy as the week progresses (just like our boy … one hopes).

    • miri says:

      I was hoping for much cooler weather! True, it will still be about 20 degrees cooler than it is here (predicted high today: 104F/40C), but I was hoping for non-sweaty days. Instead, with highs in the 80s and a lot of humidity, it will be a damp and sweaty vacation for me.

      The main thing is that it looks like there are pretty good chances for rain on a few days. I hope the players (and fans!) don’t have to deal with a lot of rain delays.

      • Carol says:

        Yeah, see your point. Dubai was hot, but(from friends who work there) it’s not so humid. Is hot and humid the current prediction, as clearly, it will influence how the balls behave?

  7. Carol says:

    Hey you pilot & co-pilot & cabin staff, take 100% care of that precious treasure. OK?

    Hope they will be showing some decent films on the flight or our boy will be getting so twitchy on an 8?, 9? hour flight. ;-) Also hope there’s some decent food.(I Loathe long haul flights and don’t start me on the airline pigswill, I mean food, served in economy class…)

    Expect he’s got his iPod with him anyway as well – wonder if he’ll start singing along with it!!! *random mumblings of the totally besotted*

    So glad he’s got the added psychological boost of Papa & Xisca being present – we want him to have every advantage he can have, as I think there surely must be a bit of a mountain to climb for him here on his first time back.

    Come on all of you, all together now (one, two, three)- VAMOS & ALL THE BEST OF LUCK RAFA!!

    *bouncing up and down on chair* *high five*

  8. serene says:

    Those people at the airport who happen to be there when Rafa is there are so lucky. Bet they must be so thrilled.

    Rafa looks great. Wish him all the best of luck in Montreal. Will be cheering for him with all my heart and soul.

  9. patzin says:

    Nice to see him traveling with his Dad and GF. Vamos Rafa!

  10. An says:

    I like it that Xisca is comming with him, optimal suppport for Rafa!

  11. faecoleman says:

    Nice to see Xisca with him! didn’t she attend last year too? or was it at Cincy? and his Papa, nice.. Good luck in Montreal Miri, I am soo jealous! hoping to see him in London myself in November!

  12. miri says:

    More coverage of Rafa and posse in the airport:

    I want to know what his luggage overage fees run…

  13. Suzanne says:

    Anyone else notice the huge poster of Rafa in the airport that they filmed him in front of? Our “normal” guy must have such a tough time being normal right now. I love his gentle pat on the arm of his fan, too. A sweetheart to young and old. Oooooooooooo what else is there to say? So glad that Xicsa is there for him. She does seem to travel to Canada with him each year, whether Toronto or Montreal. She must be on school break at this time. Is she cute or what??? Taking the photo of Rafa with his fan. A seeminly perfect match for our guy!!!

  14. sia says:

    I bet they give him a break on his overage fees … I wonder what time his flight arrives.

  15. Debs says:

    OOOOOH Im so excited now its actually happening Rafa is on his way to Montreal looking happy and relaxed and with the support of Xisca and his Dad which is excellent he needs all the support he can get in the coming weeks, 5 more sleeps until Rafa is back in action its like Christmas coming early.

  16. Suzanne says:

    Actually I think Rafa has some kind of sponsorship with Iberian Air, doesn’t he? Maybe they got him comp’d! He deserves it! 5 more sleeps…good one, Deb!

  17. Atch2 says:

    What must it be like to be the centre of attention in everythg u do. I hate the whole airport procedures, bags, check-ins, boarding gates etc … and Rafa has to do all of this while being filmed, stared at and fans asking for autographs and pictures. And also being watched by a poster of urself in the bkground.

    And if I wore shorts and short sleeves on a plane, I’d freeze to death. But then again Rafa has Xisca.

    Welcome back!

  18. killian says:

    So great to know he is on the road with Dad and Xisca and playing again soon. He looks wonderful and I hope and pray he is feeling wonderful, too. !VAMOS, dear Rafa! We love you!

  19. Suzanne says:

    Miri, are you going to bring chocolate chip cookies to Montreal just in case you get to see him? Hee hee. Have a blast and blow kisses to him for all of us, please!!! I hope and pray that everyone’s hopes and expectations don’t get to him. I want to think of him like Rocky Balboa in Rocky III when Adrian tells him not to do it for her or the fans or his coach, but just for himself…”Appollo thinks you can do it, so do I. But you’ve gotta do it for the right reasons…” He has his head on straight and it sounds like, from the interview, that he’s come to terms with the family things (as much as can be done at this point) and he has a wonderful posse with him. I would not be surprized to see Tio Toni show up partway through Montreal or maybe Cincy. I’m so glad he has so many loved ones since he’s afraid to be alone in the dark!!! If his knees start to hurt, Xicsa can kiss away the boo boos!

  20. Carol says:

    Well, Rafa’ll be there now… (it’s currently about 5 am in the morning there according to my diary’s time zone map) – hope he’s having a good sleep (with the lights on?)before preparing to go and paste the hell out of some tennis balls!

  21. AnaR says:

    Mallorca’s airport and at the moment (August is the busiest for the holidays) has 25 million users per year and most of them during the summer. Have given this year’s prize for the best airport in Europe and the opportunity to meet with Rafa Nadal is virtually non-existent .. but some passengers were fortunate and especially the airport workers if he is currently coming and going. What are lucky!.