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vamosrafelnadal has posted an iB3 interview with Toni:

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Okay, here Uncle Toni seems a bit more relaxed and ready to me. I don’t understand Espanol, but what little I did get seemed cautiously optimistic (but what do I know?). I love the way Toni and Rafi pronounce Mooray!!! Also, I remember that point shown at the beginning so well; I watched it over and over again…2-2 and 40-40…what a crushing thing it must have been for Keifer to see coming at him! BTW Toni does look thinner, but let’s hope it is on purpose and he wanted to lose weight.

    • Suzanne says:

      What a scattered post!!! Sorry, my mind is all aflutter at the thought of a Rafi-return!!!

  2. johanne says:

    Toni seems to be his usual “no expectations” self. He’s probably just as curious as the rest of us to see how Rafa will do when he returns.

    I would also like to say that I’m loving all the shirtless trainings. Keep up the hot work, Rafa. ;)

  3. faecoleman says:

    I thought that Johanne, nice to see so many shirtless clips of Rafa lately. Hope everything is going to go well! I pray!

  4. lynney62 says:

    Toni really looks so thin…Lord I hope his health is ok….a little worried here.

    • cookie says:

      Likewise– especially because it also seems out of the ordinary that Francis Roig will act as Rafa’s coach in Montreal until Toni comes on duty later, according to the official website. Please be well, Toni!

  5. nic says:

    rafa’s shorts are mighty…short, no? :D

  6. Atch2 says:

    Rafa’s probably shirtless often bec of the heat in Spain right now, with the fires.

    • mary says:

      Not to get off topic but what fires? And yeah Toni looks thinner but seems healthy. Rafa for that matter looks thinner as well. Maybe they all lost weight in sympathy with Rafa’s knees & Rafa has as well to alleviate the weight on his knees. What can I say about the shirtless Rafa? Nothing. *faints*

      • Carol says:

        Interesting point Mary. Perhaps with not being so active as usual, he’s just not been eating so much (ice cream, chocolate, cookies.)

        • mary says:

          He must of been missing out then, poor Rafa I’ll send some sweets straight away. Where are you staying in montreal? LOL :)

          • Carol says:

            You mean you aren’t going to deliver them in person, Mary? ;-)) LOL

            • mary says:

              Well just trying to butter him up so he’ll get hooked on my sweets. Then when AO comes around, I can personally give him as much sweets as he wants! LOL ;)

              • Carol says:

                But not so much that he loses. Remember Uncle Toni’s tough love attitude (quite a long time ago, I think) over the 3 chocolate croissants that Rafa snuffled… then lost his match.

      • Atch2 says:

        Bush fires are raging across southern Europe right now with long spells of hot weather and Spain has been worst hit, especially in the southern areas.

        • Carol says:

          Pretty grim for the folks whose lives depend on on agriculture (what about those ancient olive trees which give such great olives and oils?) Rafa, support your countrymen: hell,maybe he’s doing so behind the scenes anyway ?? That would be so Rafa.

  7. Carol says:

    Does the caption translate as “the first tournament (match?) will be difficult”? As always, Toni appears to be a realist and from what I can make out from the subtitles is never underestimating the psychological as well as the physical aspects of tennis. Must go and buy a Spanish – English dictionary.

    Well, Rafa really looks to be moving easily and seems pretty relaxed, and as hot, hot hot as ever. I want to go and hide all his tops *sigh* ;-))

  8. AnaR says:

    Translation of the vid:

    Toni Nadal knows that phisical is important but also the psychological aspect. Two months have been very hard but now we must look ahead.

    The return of Rafael Nadal is a fact. The manacorí party tomorrow to play the first tournament, the first real test after two months and a half away from the competition.

    Toni spoke. I guess the first tournament will be complicated because it does not practicing enough. But I am confident that everything will be fine.

    The lesion is water under the bridge (the announcer said)

    Toni: As we have been recovering gradually from the injury, we have not had enough time for training .. Physically better but is not one hundred percent.

    The journalist say that the target is secured for the United States Open

    Toni: So what he wants is to play matches and try to be good especially in the U.S. Open .. that is the main objective.

    Toni: Time to be about he has. The problem is that others also have it, Federer, Djokovic and Murray. I think this time there are up to the U.S. Open and Rafa has lead time to be in form but also there is an element of luck in the draw, if you have a good day, if the other does not have .. Well, we have to wait.

    Journalist. We no longer have to wait long, next week in Montreal is the Rafa return.

  9. AnaR says:

    I am practising my english a lot.. I am happy because when I travel to Toronto in October, I will be more sure of my english..and for me it would be great if you tell me what I do so horrible in my translations the worst.. because sometimes when I realize of a mistake I have already sent the message with the translation.

  10. sia says:

    AnaR, I found your English translation of the video to be concise and clear. Good work.
    Here are some very (and really very ) small corrections:

    “Toni: So what he wants is to play matches and TO try to be good especially in the U.S. Open .. that is the main objective.” (you could use AT the US Open)

    “The manacorí party (LEAVES?) tomorrow to play the first tournament, the first real test after two months and a half away from (the) competition.”
    (Although it is really only Rafa who PLAYS the tournament.)
    You don’t need to have the article THE in front of competition, which is different in Spanish (ex: la esperanza … in English hope … not the hope).

    “… next week in Montreal is the Rafa return.” Although I love the way this sentence reads and probably when you say it aloud with your Spanish accent it would be so charming but a little strange in English.
    I imagine it being said with wonderful Spanish rolling Rrrr’s.
    Perhaps some other English speaker would like to recreate this sentence … obviously we are all excited by the actual meaning!!

  11. sia says:

    AnaR, sorry about the long English lesson … and not to confuse you, but, sometimes you do use ‘the competition’ just not in this case, if it were more specific, referring to an actual opponent for instance …his competition or the competition, fine; but here (above in the translation), it is the general notion of competition.
    Speaking of competition … I am delighted we will be seeing some of Rafa’s competitive action very soon!

  12. AnaR says:


    many many thanks.. The worst thing about this is that all errors have been by the speed in write and not by don’t know how translate… about everything that I do not know is, expressions and phrases translated from Spanish to the English and that I know on the U.S. had no sense but here if … That is what I want, with these corrections I will make a better English .. Thank you..

    • Suzanne says:

      AnaR, you are doing so well. English is a very difficult language with rules broken all over the place. We Rafans are in your debt!

  13. sia says:

    you are very welcome. It seems such a small repayment for all of the translations you have done for us. :)
    más importante es ser entendido, no? (I have have no idea if this sentence is in any way correct.)

  14. AnaR says:

    sia, the sentence is very correct.. and I am totally agree..

    • mary says:

      AnaR, thanks.
      By the time I learn spanish I’ll need a walking stick. Thank god someone like you is here to help us hapless english speaking persons.