It must be luff

Thank to Suzanne for pointing out that they finally posted Rafa’s USO Series promo clip on the official site.

USOPEN has posted the video to YouTube.

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  1. Debbie says:

    O.M.G. That look and then the smile when he points his pole (err, fishing pole) at the camera? *dies*

  2. faecoleman says:

    Rafa looking really fresh here! just love his ruby lips… longing for healthy return from Rafa! VAMOS INDEED!

  3. mary says:

    OMFG. You are such a honey. Your smile your hair everything just too much. I need some “colm”. He, he! Rafa I just got some new fishing lines. You wanna come fish with me? :) :D

  4. mary says:

    that smile could melt ice!!!!!!!!

    • Suzanne says:

      That smile could melt a glacier!!! Oh how glad I am that I have you guys to “chat” with. Most of my pals here and my sister think I’m rather bonkers to care so much about our Rafi. What do they know?

      • mary says:

        I think we are all in the same boat. No one understands the zealot type nature we have towards Rafi (I hate saying Rafa) i’d rather say Rafael(I always thought that was an Italian name).He just becomes more adorable as he gets older.

        • Delta says:

          His smile is insane, just like his tennis! Loved hearing him on the court with his “gutteral
          sound”. In same boat as you Suzanne & Mary with people not understanding this Natural
          Instinct to be consumed with “everything Rafa!” I always referred to him as Rafael as well
          Mary, until “Rafa” became a household name.

      • Carol says:

        Me too – my husband is amused by it all (but he was trained by his Mum who had a thing about Clark Gable & Errol Flynn!!)What winds me up is when he refers to Rafa as “Noodles” *steam comes out of ears*…

        Ooh. That gorgeous lazy smile just turns my heart over…

      • faecoleman says:

        I have the same problem Suzanne, I don’t have a friend in the world that understands my Rafa mania! My Mum is a Rafa fan but still thinks I am ott with it.

        • mary says:

          Hey they just advertised montreal here in aussieland & they got it right as they basically just showed our incredible Rafi. I went almost hysterical with excitement. My son’s just stared at me with awe, shock and horror all in one look. They think I’m nuts. Wait till Montreal starts, then they’ll really will see what nuts is all about. Vamos Rafa! El rey de la pista………. :) :D

          • nic says:

            omg mary, really!!! i haven’t seen it yet!! i shall look out for it now. so they’re positioning it as the return of rafa?? awesome!!! yeah, i’m so gonna go nuts when i see it too i’m sure. been trying to check out the tv schedule to no avail yet.

            • mary says:

              nic it was on foxtel here in aus, not the commercial channels. Are you from the land of aus?

  5. mary says:

    I rather think our Rafa has been missing his fishing. He was a little tongue twisted when describing how he prefers his tennis. I think I downloaded it twice now. He is simply so coy, masculine, sexy, edible, handsome and no acting, just natural. ‘sigh’ I think I need a chill pill. :D

  6. johanne says:

    Oye. I miss this boy. I’m in luff. :D

  7. An says:

    Hell yes Rafa! It is luff!!

    For you and for all you do…

  8. Thorfrost says:!

  9. Atch2 says:

    U can tell when Rafa is being his natural, playful self and not posing bec the smile is so sweet and his whole face lights up. Luff u Rafa. Luff watching u work at ur hobby.

  10. Gwen Lam says:

    Can someone please post this video on youtube so I can download? This video is such a slice of heaven. Thanks a bunch.

  11. Manahil says:

    This is seriously 1 one of his most adorable vids to date!! hav watched it tons of times n still cant get enuff! Thank God Montreals on, ive had enuff of da RAFA FAST!

  12. nic says:

    This video is a slice of heaven indeed. GORGEOUS. TO DIE FOR. HOTNESS.

    That look at the camera and the fishing pole, the cheekiness and the warmth of that smile! So relaxed, so sexy.

    This has got to be THE best “must be love” piece on the US Open site, by a mile!!!

  13. mariajessica says:

    Oh my God! That smile is criminal. Thank you for posting this.

  14. Suzanne says:

    I hope our Rafi is gearing up for the fan reaction because I think it’s gonna be huge! The last time he was in Montreal they even cheered for him when he was playing a Frenchman (they are mostly French Canadian so have allegiance to the French players). They are, however, much more “down to earth” than the French and seem to have embraced him as most of the rest of the world has…A bit off subject, but did you all know that during the Olympics last year the one person Michael Phelps said he wanted to meet (and did) was Rafa Nadal? So many endering stories came from that time…like Rafa wanting to live in the Olympic Village (where so many of the “elite” athletes feel they are “above” staying) and doing his own laundry (mixing the whites in with the colors as all little boys would!). One AO story that was told; when the commentators asked the drivers what players they liked to drive to and from the event, without a doubt they universally favored Rafa. They all said he was so polite and nice and actually interested in them! The sports reporters might drool over Fed and his records, but they truly seem to enjoy telling these wonderful stories about our wonderful guy! Yes, I think that the place will go nuts when he steps on court and the same will happen in Cincy and especially in Flushing Meadows!!! Let’s all get our hankies ready!!!

    • mary says:

      Thats an awesome post Suzanne. My hanky is already out(nope a box of tissues is required). My emotions are all over the place. Just looking forward to seeing our sensitive mucho man back on court.

  15. faecoleman says:

    Thats what I’m looking forward to Suzanne, the crowds reaction, the one and only Rafael Nadal, he is a sensation, can’t wait! I’m not expecting too much in the way of sublime tennis, but just to see him oh, such a fine specimen of a man. I watched tonight all the clips from the US open series, and Rafa just wins ya over doesn’t he? that smile is like no other, he’s goooooorgeous here. Sorry to keep repeating it, can’t help myself!

    • Suzanne says:

      I’m actually looking forward to the commentator’s reaction too. I know that they’ll probably be “naysayers” to a degree, afraid of the injury factor, but they truly do love him so much! The thing that got me to this site in the first place was something Miri posted a few months ago about Mac and his “love” of our boy. Both of the Macs gush over him as do Mary Carillo, Dick Enberg, Jim Courier, and many others as well as the guys on Tennis Channel from the UK. Oh he is our little pumpkin head and I can’t wait to see him. Thanks girls for being my “compadras” in this Rafa-licious site!!!