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Wooffie sent in these Tenis Pro vids…you’ll see why if you watch. My personal theory is that they were playing strip PlayStation and Rafa was losing.

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  1. johanne says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA I love that you just posted these!! Rafa: tempermental in his whitey tighties?! With Ferrer & Pico?! YES PLEASE!!!!! ;)


  2. CC says:

    Ohhh, yeeeaaahhh… I love these clips. That’s the closest we’ll get to hang out with the players in the locker room and with Rafa in his hotel room. ;)

    My favourite part is when Rafa rests his controller on his…ahem, undies. It looks comfortable, no?

    The fact that he once denied playing playstation in his underpants, saying they were shorts, to me says that they’re definitely playing strip play station! And yes, that he’s losing. ;)

  3. Suzanne says:

    How the heck did this happen? “Mr. Shy Guy” allowing himself to be videoed in his gruns? Have they all just gotten so used to being followed around with a camera that they’d let a camera get these shots? If I didn’t know better I’d think that our boy was full of mucho sangrias. Temper, temper young man! It’s so funny how he is so “colm” on the tennis court when so much is at stake, but he loses his cookies over playstation. I remember him talking once about how one of the guys broke one set of controls for his playstation and he was pretty ticked and said he’d have to replace it for him (for Rafa). After seeing this video and the other one from a couple of years ago (when Charly Moya made him do trunk flexions in the hotel room for losing) I just wonder who really broke it! What a cute little pumpkin head. Boys being boys…just too fun. Still don’t get why he’s the only one down to one article of clothing. Why the heck would they play strip anything with only guys there? By the way, is this the famous “basement”? Rafa having fun lightens my heart and probably those of all of you out there as well. Come back to us, “El Matador del tenis”, and show us that you can win it all!!!

    • CC says:

      “Why the heck would they play strip anything with only guys there?”

      Heh, why not? If you’ve got friends as cute as Daviiid, then… I’m sure they play all sorts of games together, when it gets a bit lonely on the road. ;)

      • sheisblessed says:


      • Maru says:

        LOL you’re funny CC

        On a more “serious” note, I think he’s the only one on his undies because they were playing at his hotel room, so probably dude got confortable and then the other came and.. the rest it’s history recorded (thank God for that!) by the LOVELY Pro Tennis guys =P

    • Debbie says:

      This is in Rafa’s hotel room in Madrid (?) last year, I believe. I love Ferru who obviously likes being video taped! Very funny in the 3rd one where they “tour” Rafa’s room a bit. LOL.

      Great Friday fun stuff Miri. Thanks!

      • CC says:

        Yes, David seems to love the camera being there, whereas Rafa does look worringly over his shoulder a couple of times.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Okay, so apologies ahead of time as this is a little off subject since it’s a Patrick Rafter vid (he was my fave until Rafi came along…another super tennis player with a great acktitude) but it’s hilarious and I thought you all might get a kick out of it as it’s funny as well as tennis (and underwear) related. I think that if they’d played in the same era (Pat retired when Rafi was first playing challenger tourneys and a few ATP matches) they’d have been great pals. Hope it’s okay, Miri. Lighthearted and fun. Enjoy!

    • Suzanne says:

      P.S. (I’ve heard Rafter say how much he loves watching Rafi play and he really admires him as a person…Another thing to like about him. He occasionally plays on the Outback Champions circuit now;[the one that Jim Courier created for the “older guys”] an option in case you’d like to have an option on Tennis Channel when our boy isn’t playing and nothing else is on tv. It’s kinda fun and yet still they are competitive.)

    • mary says:

      Talking about Pat Rafter, Rafi and underpants. Rafi should buy Pat’s compfy undies.

      • Suzanne says:

        I’m so glad someone watched that vid. I have been a huge Pat Rafter fan and never thought I’d be able to replace him when he retired. Oh my goodness!!! “Never underestimate Rafi” is my new mottow. I still love Pat (a great man and unbelievably hunky), but Rafi is the epitomy of what I admire in a person. I’d love to be as genuinely kind and at the same time motivated to win as he is. I don’t care if Rafi has to tug on his pants or not. I would rather see him “comfy” in his undies, but however he is, he’s the best! By the way, I remember hearing an interview with Andy Murray (or is that “Mooray”?) a few years ago when he and Rafi were to play in the Quarters at the AO and he said that one of the things he loves about him is that he’s always been the same; yelling vamos after a good shot, messing with his socks, and (you guessed it) pulling on his shorts! Also, Murray’s mom said that he gave a lot of credit to Rafa for his success as Rafa was the one to encourage him to go to Spain to train (this was when they were in a junior tournament and playing racquetball together after a doubles match they’d played against each other.). Evidently Andy was rather upset with the fact that he was practicing with his “mum” while Rafa had an uncle who was training him in a tough and professional manner and thus most of Rafi’s time was to be spent in the challengers rather than in juniors. Sorry, folks, another long post, but it’s fun to share as I recall things…One last thing, I’d love to see Rafi get in touch with Rafter and get a little extra help with his volley, as that might be just the thing to shorten his matches and take a little less toll on his knees. Pat had the best volley in the game in his time!!!

        • miri says:

          From what I understand, Rafa did not encourage Andy to play in Spain. Andy had asked what it was like there and when Rafa talked about how many tournaments he got to play and who he got to hit with in practice, Andy went to his mom and said, “All I have is you and my brother.” So, off to Spain they went.

          But, all of this is very much off topic.

        • mary says:

          He could do with a bit of Pat mentoring.

  5. Wooffie says:

    Not even the sight of Rafa in his undies can distract me from the fact that he is playing as my team – Manchester United – and is LOSING !!!!!!!!!

  6. Carol says:

    Cute x1000! “Boys being boys…just too fun.” You’re right there Suzanne.So love seeing the natural Rafa letting his hair down. I really don’t get the Playstation / XBox thing (showing my age here…)but could watch Rafa doing anything, (blushes) well, OK, not quite anything. Oh dear, shut up girl…

  7. Carol says:

    Just had a sniggery thought… Can you imaging R-Fed getting his kecks off (chosen by Nuclear Wintour I daresay) and playing Playstation with his mates ;-)))

  8. Atch2 says:

    Maybe it’s Rafa’s hotel room and he was going into or coming out of the shower when his mates arrived for a game. Rafa’s place always seems to be the ‘it’ handout on tour for playstation and live football match. Juan Monaco looks so sweet!

    Guys are so indifferent to doing things in their underwear. I can’t imagin my friends and I in our underwear cooking or chatting around the living room reading mags.

    Anyone know who the guy showing us thru Rafa’s stuff and sleeping in Rafa’a bed was?

    • Maru says:

      The guy was saying: you’ll be the first argentinian to get into Rafa’s bed (in spanish that is like equivalent to say: get into someone’s pants =P)
      I think he’s one of the crew of that Tennis Pro show.

  9. faecoleman says:

    Rafa doesn’t seem to have any problem being filmed in his boxers, love his chilled, laid back acktitude!

  10. An says:

    Rafa is deffintly losing yes, and David is rubbing it in as much as he can!! I got this of it:

    When Rafa is 3-0 down they offer one more game double or nothing and David is totaly cracking himself saying something like… how do you mean double or nothing, how can it be double or nothing when youre already 3-0 down.. And it turns out to be a 4-0 victory for David!

    If they play strip play station… well yes you could think so, at the end of the 2nd vid Rafa is thanking his mate verry enthousiastic when they score a goal saying something like: “yes, no stripping for the panter!”
    But watching the 3rd vid wich actually belongs to be the 2nd he calls a player the panter, so there goes my illusion of maybe seeing him take off his undies too..

    Rafa deffinitly loves competition and i think he hates losing more than we could imagine! He’s deffintly the most passionate play station player i have ever seen!
    So cute!

    • mary says:

      No I think there would be a big competition to see who out of Rafa and I that could show the most passion. My kids won’t even stay in the same room when I play.

  11. Maru says:

    I know I’m late for this, but this is the most awesome thing ever.
    That Tennis Pro thing is really funny, I’ve seem Marat and Djokovic’s pieces and those are quite funny as well.

    LOVE Rafa on his underware, I cannot believe he let them record like that!!