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After two months of break, Rafa Nadal and thinks its return to the slopes. The tennis player has granted an exclusive interview with Spanish television, which sought to dispel rumors that point to family problems (separation of parents) as the cause of his physical decline. “I’m human and it is difficult to digest, but not what I was concerned, the real problem was the knee,” he said.

Nadal said it has “almost totally” and wanted to clarify that “this happened several months ago and I won at Indian Wells, Barcelona and Rome. Frankly, my knees are the real problem.”

Okay. Got that out of the way.

After being two months away from the competition, the uncertainty facing manacorense his return. “The respect I have for my rival has made many more questions before you start a tournament. I’m now a sea of doubts.”

Nooo! No doopts, Rafa. No doopts.

Although his goal is to compete in the tournament in Montreal, which starts next August 8, Nadal wants to “be sure to be well back into a track.” They do not dare to set a date for his return. “I do not know me nor, I would be in Montreal in a week and a half. I’m going to try to force before.” “I am mentally prepared, well when I am going back to give everything,” he said.


Their main concern is to recover the number one, now in possession of Federer, but “be well, be happy playing tennis and improve, and for that I must be okay for your knees.”

I think they left a “not” out of that first clause.

The tennis player Rafa Nadal, who has been stopped two months and returned to training just a few weeks ago is said that, although “we have to see how it evolved when the force of truth knees to be in the following days, and hopefully that the trend is good. “

I’m telling you, he’s turning into a major tease.

Nadal said how his physical problems started. “He had several months with pain. When I came back from Miami I started to hurt his right knee, was a different pain. I took off the bandages and the entire world thought he was perfect, but the problem is no longer hurt me down, hurt me the top of the kneecap.”

Nadal confesses that since then “everything started to get worse, they put the pain patch” until she said enough. “I decided it was best to stop and recover” because there comes a time when “you lose the illusion, you are not with the same energy, we will destroy.”

Accepts that the tennis came to play for a long time with pain. “I’ve been playing almost every day with anti-infiltration and one day at Roland Garros,” why it was “too breaking the two most important tournaments: Roland Garros and Wimbledon.”

Nadal acknowledges he has learned to live with suffering. “Suffered too much at one time, I like experience, personally. I have learned to enjoy suffering. I think it is a virtue I have. When you train every day worse, when each game becomes a story that you do not know how to, a head full of doubts.”

“I did not know when to stop”


The Mallorcan has been stopped two months, acknowledging that two months have been very difficult. “At first, without much hope of doing, was mentally touched, felt that he had not done things as they should.”

And Nadal acknowledged that he had stopped earlier and should not compete in the Madrid Masters. “It was a mistake of mine. The head of myself is me. The problem is mine for not knowing when to stop evaluating when to rest,” “I wanted to play in Madrid last bull and I think it was a mistake.”

Again. Done. Got that out of the way, let’s move on.

In these two months of break, the manacorense has been focused on their recovery, working more than five hours a day with machines, although it has also had time to rest. “I have more hours on the couch in these two months than in the past four years,” he joked.

Mmm…couch time with Rafa.

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