A new house for Rafa

Rafa has purchased a house in the residential complex of Playa Nueva Romana, in the Dominican Republic.

The residential complex, located in one of the most exclusive areas of the Caribbean, will have 1,200 luxury homes, a marina, a five-star hotel, and an 18-hole golf course. This new development represents an investment of more than US$180 million and covers an area of 620 acres of coconut groves, just 45 minutes from Santo Domingo’s international airport.

Island, boats, golf course and promoted by a Spanish company – no wonder he bought there.

Photos via prnewswire.com:

And a video:

29 Responses

  1. loverafa4ever says:

    Awesome… he mst b also a part of the promotion of this new development.

  2. johanne says:

    Cool! I wonder if he’ll stop there inbetween IW & Miami next year…you know, get some R&R before the Miami tourney starts up. He always talks about that time stretch being a bit long.

    • Debbie says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! I have heard him say that too. That would be so great for him.

  3. miri says:

    He’s not wearing his product-placement-watch in the videos. I think they Photoshopped it into the still photos. ;)

    • Dawn says:

      LOL..your right it looks like they did.

    • Mim says:

      Hehehe, you are absolutely right! That’s hilarious :D

      How gorgeous does Rafa look in those photos? I love how he’s making serious business connections dressed in a casual (and slightly wrinkled) Nike outfit. It’s not even an ATTEMPT to dress up with a Nike jacket or something. That’s why we love him! And boy can he pull of pastel pink! Fantastic! But with his beautiful completion, he can pull anything off (focus ladies!)

      There’s something just so cool about him. It’s just so effortless. The way he carries himself, he’s purposely awesome by accident. And his personality and charisma even shines through in still photos. He makes the clothes come off as being absolutely acceptable to wear to a business meeting/promotion. Hehehe, anyone else would get thrown out. Love the sneakers on him. Ha! What a smile.

    • nic says:

      hahahahaha omg that is amazing that they do that!! haha. good spot miri. haha, can’t get over that.

  4. CC says:

    I really don’t understand why he does this and I don’t like it. Why does he have to promote a house that he buys? He did the same with his Ibiza house.
    Surely he can afford it anyway and for someone who seems to be so careful with his privacy, why do this?

  5. faecoleman says:

    I agree, its definately for business and we know how obliging Rafa is.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Hey, if I could get a discount or premium or commission on the things I buy just for promoting them, I surely would. The balance has to be if you take everything and give nothing back. We all know how generous Rafi is and that he loves his foundation and has supported many other charitable causes. The more they give him the more he can share. What goes around comes around…By the way, how did you see his shoes? I didn’t see anything below waist level.

    • Mim says:

      *grins* Great comment Suzanne.

      As for his shoes, I just took a look at the picture posted to the left above the provided video (where he is standing up and shaking the suit’s hand). Just click on it to see a full size.

      • Suzanne says:

        Oh poor me, when I click on those photos I get a blackened screen and an error message. Oh well, tennis shoes, golf shoes, flip flops or bare nekkit his feet are just fine with me.

        • Mim says:

          Hmm, an error message?
          Is it possible that you have it blocked? Look to the bottom right corner of your screen. Is there something there indicating that you have a pop-up blocker active? If so, you can right-click the icon (a small blue ‘S’ for example) and then “allow” the specific scripts that you are blocking. That should allow you to view the photos.

          • Suzanne says:

            I got it figured out. Thanks, Mim. If they are golf shoes that might be kinda wierd as they usually have spikes on the soles. But they don’t look like regular tennis shoes.

  7. serene says:

    Maybe these business organizations donate to his foundation so he feels obliged to do some promotions for them if they request him to. Business organizations have more money to support charitable causes so it works both ways.

    Anyway, Rafa looks great and it’s so nice to see him again.

  8. Atch2 says:

    Rafa’s dad and rest of family have many business investments, and that includes property. Rafa’s dad wants him to be financially secure for the future, so this is probably part of that.
    I think sacrificing some time doing publicity here and there for the future is time well spent.

    • Carol says:

      True, it’s easy to forget that he needs to think of his financial security going forwards, but as with the Ibiza house, do so hope this is an investment and isn’t the start of his leaving Mallorca.

      As has been commented by Johanne it would of course make sense for him to have a place in that part of the world to make the hop to the US and Australasian venues easier.

      Ah well, it’s Rafa’s business (no pun intended) and I’m sure he knows what he’s doing and is well advised.

  9. mary says:

    Hey maybe Rafa’s trying to build up a very healthy portfolio(he does have a foundation to run). Besides I’d hate to think how much he is photographed and filmed & receives nothing for it. As they say “make hay while the sun shines” & hopefully that is just what he is doing.

  10. nic says:

    Rafa’s looking so laidback and chilled here. And yes so crumply in his outfit. Can’t believe he went to do this photo op in such casual clothes. Still a hottie though. Gorgeous smile as always.

    • aRafaelite says:

      The truly beautiful and successful have no need to show off their assets or hide behind fancy clothes. Rafa doesn’t need bling to make him look good. He very simply, is.

  11. mary says:

    Pink shirt, grey shorts. Mmmm I’m liking this outfit(suits look good for the average) but Rafa looks hot with whatever. (trying to contain oneself or maybe not) :) :)