TVE interview preview

If they are putting make-up on him, couldn’t they have dried his hair too? Sheesh.

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  1. johanne says:

    Holy shit he looks really HOT! Like seriously sexy. LOVE the clothes. And I have zero problem with the wet hair, miri! ;)

    I can’t wait to read the translations of this interview. Let’s hope Google Translator isn’t on major crack for this one, huh? LOL.

    *curses self for not learning Spanish*

    • miri says:

      I don’t know if we’ll ever get a text version of the interview, so google translations might not factor into it.

      And…I…dunno. I don’t really mind the wet hair, I just get a bit tired of it.

      • CC says:

        The hair… Five minutes into the interview (the way he normally fiddles with it) and the hair will have dried in soft curls around his beautiful face. Yum.

        “Holy shit he looks really HOT! Like seriously sexy. LOVE the clothes. And I have zero problem with the wet hair, miri! ;)”

        Couldn’t have said it better myself, Johanne!

        • Atch2 says:

          mmmm ‘Soft curls’ that sounds nice.

        • nic says:

          Hubba hubba is it me or is Rafa looking sexier than ever!! Omg he’s so bloody gorgeous here. I’m loving the dark shirt, chinos and loafers to the max. Yes he looks so chill. Oh my. Can’t wait to see him back big time. Think all the longing has made Rafa even hotter day by day if that’s possible. So hot, so hot! Can’t help myself.

  2. Atch2 says:

    He does look extremely cool and relaxed in his black and khakis. And his offical website said the interview is being done at his summer house in Porto Cristo. And it’s so beautiful. No wonder he luvs going back to his island.

  3. faecoleman says:

    Rafa doesn’t need make up, he has beautiful skin! find this kind of daft really.. Rafa does scrub up well though, nice clip but a little short.. (I’m not being ungrateful, promise*) and Rafa’s worth watching!

  4. Debbie says:

    Can’t wait for the interview! (hopefully some kind soul will translate). HATE the wet hair. Why Rafa? Nevermind- I know why-cuz you really don’t care and that is one of the things I love about you. HATE the loafers too, but well, it is Rafa, so all the fashion faux pas are forgiven. He is still HOT -wet hair and loafers included. (mom a.k.a. fashion advisor must be letting her boy fly on his own this time-lol)

    • CC says:

      But the loafers feel very mediterranean in style, no? So, fine on Rafa when he’s in Mallorca, I think.

      • Atch2 says:

        I like em. Very relaxed. Wonder if they’re Campers. (I’m obsessed by Campers).

        • Debbie says:

          Will take a closer look tonight. Maybe I am missing something. He had them on last week too so they are probably really comfy.

        • Debbie says:

          Ooooh. Just looked up Campers on line. Those ARE cute shoes. I think I have seen Rafa wear some of their lace up styles too.

    • Carol says:

      Nah, don’t think the loafers are a faux pas with that shirt and chinos – he just looks so chilled and sexy.
      But, big question Debbie – did he choose that kit, did Mama Nadal or was he styled?? ;-)

      • Debbie says:

        Good question! I am guessing Mama has his clothes sort of color coordinated and grouped. :)

  5. An says:

    I think he’s yummy!!

    And the house looks to be at a beautifull spot! Rafa i wouldnt mind spending my hollidays there, will you invite me to?

    • Carol says:

      Never mind the holidays, one afternoon would do for me, An! I really want to use that lovely swimming pool(and of course I don’t have to add that Rafa should preferably be in it too…)

      • An says:

        of course! i always want the maximum…
        come to think off it, i can ask him if i could live there..

        • Carol says:

          (comment now in right place): lol he he he- my God, I think I’ll come and join you… OMG…

  6. tiemyshoe says:

    I propose this interview include a few shirt changes just for old time’s sake. I miss Rafa + tennis match changeovers like whaaaat.

    Also, he wouldn’t give an interview on TVE unless he wants to say something like ‘I’ma be back, better than ever, bitchez!!!” (or something) would he?

  7. AnaR says:

    I can try translate it.. if all of you want

    • An says:

      And if we want that..
      So sweet Ana, thanks in advance!

    • Debbie says:

      Yes, please! That would be great!!!

    • Carol says:

      lol he he he- my God, I think I’ll come and join you… OMG…

      • Carol says:

        Sorry this comment has been posted in the wrong place ;-((

        Yes please to a translation AnaR.
        I can just about distinguish the odd word apart from Yo, Soy and numbers (need to find a Spanish course soon… but has to be Castillian I suppose [as most of my German teachers told me off because I first learned German from a lady wirh a strong Bavarian accent])

  8. sia says:

    Yes please AnaR. :)

  9. AnaR says:

    According with all they are saying in this TV channel (RTVE), the interview will be long .. OMG! I can not wait … What is going to tell about their knees, how is his morale at the moment? .. For at least a week they are announcing the interview and of course they have given it much importance. I think today we are all fans of Rafael Nadal.

  10. AnaR says:

    Yes, Miri it is correct at 21:30 and I do not know what time it is going to be on.. I am sorry but we all here are thinking that the interview will be long..due the importance that this TV has give to the interview.

  11. faecoleman says:

    Looking forward to the translation thanx AnaR.x